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  1. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

  2. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Anyone at the U18 game at New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (New White Hart Lane)? The videos and pictures from today look amazing! Is there anyone going to the Legends game next weekend? Is there any tickets left? Seems you need to be a One Hotspur member, and... I'm not one (yet) so was wondering if I sign up now if there'll be any tickets available?
  3. Smoothy

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    I think I got to level 20something back in the day. I wonder where my BBC Micro emulator is. Might have to try again...
  4. Smoothy

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    This was my favourite game on the BBC (Master), as a clone called Mr. Ee that is (YouTube).
  5. Smoothy

    3-2-1 is the greatest TV show in history

    Why has no one mentioned the 3-2-1 hand signal that Ted Rogers could easily do but no one could copy reasonably?!
  6. Smoothy

    Is "Game" finished?

  7. Smoothy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, for me the best platformer ever (I haven't played the sequels, nor Super Mario Maker/Maker 2 yet). Played this with my little cousins years ago, it was the most fun we had ever.
  8. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    So... definitely April 6th home to Brighton is next target. And it may be the final target too, because: The Premier League wants Spurs to play at least 5 home games at the new stadium if we're to actually move there this season There's only 5 home games left after the Arsenal game We need to pass the safety tests this week because... ...it'll take at least a month to arrange and do the two test events Source
  9. Sending junk lines to others is the same as in Game boy Tetris with the link cable, right?
  10. Smoothy

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    They might not even have them, or it's too hard to retrieve them. When I was working at Dennis Publishing, the PDFs were archived on disc and stuck in a cupboard somewhere. Now I'm sure they've moved on but it wouldn't surprise me that the old stuff are still probably still stuck on disc and sat in a cupboard somewhere.
  11. Smoothy

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    @deKay - THANK YOU! I threw away my Mean Machines collection when I moved flats back in 2004 - what a total idiot!
  12. Smoothy

    Shaft (2019)

    This follows on from the 2000 movie and the original series (i.e. no reboot) right? Looks good. I liked the 2000 movie, got it on DVD still. Christian Bale as the racist rich white bloke - worked for me!
  13. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    New Stadium update - definitely no derby at the New Stadium Tottenham Hotspur statement BBC Sport article You can also infer from that that the April 6th home game against Brighton may be the next target if Crystal Palace beat Doncaster away in the 5th round of the FA Cup in a week and a half's time (FA Cup quarter finals are on the same weekend as the Spurs v Crystal Palace home game).
  14. Smoothy

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    Never watched this on cinema. Then it came on VHS... and I never watched it then, cos the VHS tape was expensive. Then it came out on DVD and that too was expensive (IIRC £25, when brand new releases were up to £19.99). It was only when it was suitably ancient and came down to around £10 when I bought it. Was mindblown!
  15. Smoothy

    First film seen at the cinema

    For me it was The Karate Kid with my uncle. Watched that in the Odeon in Croydon - the one in North End (loooooong gone now). Quite possibly one of my favourite films ever!

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