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  1. Nah, Liverpool last season were playing in two competitions at the same time, and again in their case they couldn't move the League Cup game to any other date (because if they could they would have). That's not the issue here, again the League Cup match can't be moved to another date but the issue is that Orient can't play on the date assigned, at all. It doesn't matter whose "fault" it is, or who is being "punished". That's the only outcome (forfeit). But again part of the issue is that the Football League don't do normal testing (and they scheduled all rounds to be a week apart), so when
  2. Nah you couldn't postpone the Chelsea game cos then you'd be postponing the following round's game too, seeing as they're weekly now and Premier League teams has midweek games already. What rearranged game? What date could Spurs play on? Like I mentioned already Spurs were already playing every 2-3 days for the near future. Also the council were the ones that prohibited Leyton from playing in their ground at all, so they might not even have been able to play next week either (2 weeks period, remember?). The only real issue here is the Football League scheduling the cup
  3. So how would Spurs play Chelsea when they wouldn't have qualified to play them yet? I think the issue is not that we could field two teams, but that Spurs had a game yesterday (Thurs), have a game Sunday, and the 4th round is on next Tuesday, so considering no other competition is going to move their game (and UEFA especially aren't going to, even if it is a qualifier), then the game can only have been played last Tuesday, and the fact that the council prohibited the game from being played at all. I'm not sure why Leyton Orient couldn't have played with the players left but app
  4. Now West Ham has covid-19 (source).
  5. Spurs have regular tests, but teams in the EFL don't, and the one test Orient did off their own backs saw their team identified as having covid-19. Spurs, because they are regularly tested, are fine for the game on Thursday, especially as they also have to get tested in order to leave the country for games abroad, via UEFA's Return to Play Protocol. Besides, Spurs haven't come into contact with the Orient players, but the teams they played recently have and they are the the ones who will need regular testing to ensure that it hasn't spread, or if it has, the spread is limited.
  6. I got 105 in the end, which has put me 4th in the RLLMUK league.
  7. 84 this week... and I still have 3 players... and hoping one of them doesn't play so that my sub, who has 16 points, comes on
  8. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    He is heeeeeeeere! EDIT:
  9. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Not him yet... but watch the last few seconds...
  10. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    I think it's way too soon, even if he was fit, surely he can't be registered for that game?
  11. Spurs' 3rd kit, came out on Monday For some reason, Nike have decided to resurrect that "fade" template from two years ago (with a slight modification).
  12. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    So... is he back yet?
  13. DEADLINE HAS PASSED Soon I'll get to see all your pathetic Gameweek 1 teams
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