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  1. Amiga vs consoles LOLZ consoles obv I might as well go waaaay back. I got a Commodore Vic-20 when I was 5. Loved it, programmed stuff on it ("10 PRINT "CECIL" 20 GOTO 10 RUN LOL" stuff.... well maybe a bit more advanced), got cartridges like Lunar Lander, Serpentine (my fave) and Sargon II Chess (which I actually beat twice!). Later on, I got a BBC Master 128 after nearly getting a Master Compact (thank God we missed that one, if the Master 128 was just a little bit incompatible with BBC games, the Master Compact was way less compatible just cos of its 3.5" floppy discs!) - king of all BBCs as far as I'm concerned. That stayed with me for years, but did also get a Super NES from Dixons (me: "Do you have the Super NES with Super Mario 4 pack?" Minimumwageguy: "Sorry we don't have Super Mario 4" me: (rephrasing) "Do you have the Super NES with Super Mario World pack?" Minimumwageguy: "Oh yes we do" *facepalm*). Then in Uni late 90s I got a PlayStation, then got a PlayStation 2 on launch, Gamecube (around that time when NIntendo decided to temporarily stop manufacturing them and dropped the price of the ones in stock to £75), PlayStation 3, Wii then the PlayStation 4. At school though, obviously the... fightsdiscussions were over which was better, the Super NES and Smegadrive. Clearly the Super NES was superior with it's 32,768 colour pallete of which 256 can be displayed at any one time, Mode 7 parallax scrolling, 16-bit architecture, etc. the Smegadrive was... OK. Admittedly I always desired the Sonic games, which is why I snapped them up when they came out on the PlayStation later on! Anyway, Street Fighter II was the king of all games, even if it was £65 but at the time of release I didn't have a Super NES, but I remember the demo units in the shops being swamped by loads of kids playing it. When Turbo came out, I had one and I specifically went to HMV in Croydon to ask just before release day when the bloke there said it was exclusively being sold in HMV Oxford Street that day so I went all the way into London to get it. (Still) love that game. Still remember the hype for it on both Super NES and Smegadrive i.e. the Smegadrive's rough screenshots of Champion Edition, followed by NMS' screenshots of Turbo with a caption of "who needs Champion Edition now?" and then SEGA asking Capcom to put in Turbo instead, but supposedly SEGA getting into a little bit of legal issue which delayed the release of Turbo for a month (turns out that Nintendo had an exclusive on Turbo, which SEGA got round by releasing it as "Special Champion Edition" which defaulted to Champion Edition unless you put in a "secret" code LOLZ. Super was a weird one, it didn't look like it was going to come out in the UK so I got the US version (with converter) from a local importer instead... only for Nintendo to finally release it months (maybe a year) after the release everywhere else (via distributors "THE Games", who around the same time took over from Bandai I think). I could go on about specifics but that's a very quick short summary on a small bit of my gaming life way back when. I could add that my sister got a NES and we got all three Super Mario games and played it to death, especially the KING OF ALL GAMES Super Mario Bros 3 (still one of the most amazing games ever as far as I'm concerned), I'll elaborate if anyone wants to hear more.
  2. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Funnily enough...
  3. Can't believe this. This should have been a golden ticket to greatness.
  4. New Asterix book incoming (source). Starring a rebellious teenager called Adrenaline. Written by Jean-Yves Ferri and drawn by Didier Conrad (no Uderzo still, yay!)
  5. Re wrong frame - saw that in another game recently. If they are going to use VAR I feel that they really need to be capturing the action at a higher frame rate than what is broadcast - maybe twice the framerate (100-120Hz). Or is the issue that the cameras used is the exact same as the ones used for broadcast? I'd be fascinated to see details of how a typical camera setup is used to get video for VAR, broadcast, big screen, archival, etc.
  6. My Samsung TV came with a wired composite adapter - for phono component (audio L, audio R and video) to some sort of 3.5mm jack. A bit like this: Worked fine when I used it for my PS2, although I forgot to set the display input as "Game Mode" so there definitely seemed to be lag when playing Dancing STage Euromix. Or maybe it's cos I was awful. Nope, it was definitely the lack of "Game Mode".
  7. Any chance of posting the full text here? Paywall.
  8. Hmmm... sounds like it, thought it was a Channel 4 programme.
  9. There was a programme on Channel 4 in the 90s, where a woman won a court case to be allowed to play for a top-level team. She did, it worked out well to begin with, then went sour after all the abuse she got from all sides, and she ultimately retired. The programme finished with a girl doing keepy-uppy for the entirety of the credits. Anyone remember the name?
  10. How does this partnership work? I was imagining that the past partnership was a proper 50%/50% split with regards to strategy for engine, whereas merely supplying a team is pretty much "here you go you make it work". Or am I wrong?
  11. Does anyone else get notifications from the official app on Android? Despite me setting the usual I get nothing
  12. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    THE CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS! 0-2 to Spurs so far - Kane and Lucas #COYS Oh, 1-2 now.
  13. I'm certain that Spurs' kits are discounted a lot more than this when it's mid-late spring - probably only on the club site though. You've made the mistake of looking at Sports Direct - they're £39.99 on ProSport right now
  14. I think so. Prices should be the same as Spurs' kit so I think it's £65 for the standard version and £90 for the "stadium somethingorother" posh version.
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