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  1. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    I have that problem too. I swear the little graphic that's supposed to say which way you got shot from lies. Or maybe it's just not supposed to show which way you got shot from...? Few more games tonight, and yet more deaths thanks to switching to building mode, throwing up a wall or two, and then switching to the damn pickaxe instead of back to a gun. This just sends me flailing as I randomly press buttons just trying to get a bloody gun out, and usually end up aggressively drinking a mini-shield at the bad guy instead. Dead. @Chu Chu Chris Friend request sent...
  2. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Yay! Finally got a win tonight, thanks to some lucky sniper shots, fairly clever positioning within the last couple of storm circles (which meant I could keep an eye on the other players and let them duke it out between themselves for a bit), and getting the last kill despite some truly terrible aiming, look:
  3. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    There’s s free skin and glider thingie for PS Plus users. Does anyone know if you can get it for sub accounts? I thought having my PS4 set as the primary on my account would let my son get it too, but apparently not... (And have you any idea how important this crap is to 9 year olds?!)
  4. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Just carry on spectating the guy that kills you (and the guy that kills him and so on) till you end up watching the eventual winner - some of the endgame building is, as mentioned upthread, like ballet. Meanwhile I generally get shot before getting my first wall down, or at least shortly after whilst I’m wrestling with the controls to just give me a bloody gun! The number of times I’ve died whilst furiously medkitting at someone is hilarious. @Shimmyhill yep - ps4. I’m “Fretnoise”. Do feel free to add me if you want to witness my incompetence first hand
  5. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Interesting session last night. I realised that although I'm getting a fair few solo top 5s, I'm essentially rubbish when it comes to one-on-one combat in cases where I don't get a good couple of shots off before they realise I'm there. So... I took some random YouTuber's advice and just started dropping into the first major place the bus flew over, and went looking for fights. ...and I died - lots. But I also got my first kill with a pistol, and a fair few shotgun kills, and a particularly satisfying Boogie Bomb / Pump Shotgun headshot combo. Don't get me wrong, it's still 50/50 at best, but I definitely felt I was getting a bit better, even after only an hour or so. I was checking how much health my killers had left after dispatching me, and apart from the odd case where they'd arrive in my face with full shields I was usually one shot away, which is not so bad. It's much, much less frustrating when you get mown down when you're just looking for fights. It's usually pretty early on so you've not invested as much, and you feel much more part of the action. @Shimmyhill is that squads with mates or randoms? I’ve had a couple of good games with randoms but it’s the exception rather than the rule. If they’re not hell bent on jumping into Tilted Towers (and dieing really quickly) they just tend to head off on their own, with very little reviving or loot sharing going on
  6. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    I regularly get freaked out by my own footsteps and just as frequently ignore other footsteps that blatantly aren’t mine (like, for example, when I’m stood stock still opening a chest...) And I wonder why I die so much.
  7. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    I got distracted and caught in the storm last night - made it out with 3 health, but luckily had a Chug Jug (the aforementioned distraction) so made for the nearest bush and spent 15 seconds saying “please don’t see me, please don’t see me” as someone jumped around on the hill opposite. To my amazement, another player wandered along, also distracted by the guy jumping around, just in time for me to eventually get the right gun out and shoot him in the head. That felt good, mainly cos it’s usually me getting murdered by blindly walking in front of someone’s shotgun
  8. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    I like his brummie mate iTemp - He’s a lot less shouty and does his best to explain his thinking as he goes, which I find really useful. They both seem pretty unreal in one on ones (I’m aware they spend all day playing to get a decent 20 minute video, but they regularly string 15-20 kills together whilst I’m happy if I get more than 2). I had 2 consecutive deaths last night where the other guy was left with ONE health and where I think I did everything right except getting the damn shots on target. You live (well, die) and learn. Must aim better... It can be really frustrating if you get a run of bad luck with your initial landing spot and (lack of) loot, but then you get times where you snipe someone as they crack open a supply drop, steal their RPG and then kill the next guy with a rocket to the face. (And then die cos you’re too busy saving a video clip ) @Pistol (or anyone else for that matter) feel free to add me (fretnoise) if you’re on PS4 - I’d like some friendly duo or squad action too. Might even break out the headset
  9. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Been playing this a bit today with some “coaching” from my 9 year old. He “gets” the game much more than I do, but when he’s barking instructions at me I stop thinking for myself and inevitably stumble into the wrong end of a shotgun blast, to cries of “Well I thought you knew he was there - it was obvious!” Yeah, thanks, kid. Got a few kills though, including one incredibly lucky headshot kill from what felt like miles away, which had the pair of us whooping like idiots. Which was nice Oh and he picked up his first Chug Jug after nonchalantly killing about the 4th person in a row. He was happy with that. Feel free to add me on PSN if anyone fancies being the vastly superior half of a duo I’ve only played with randoms so far and was predictably yelled at for sucking by some kid earlier, despite being last to die...
  10. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    It just means the entire eastern half of the map is going to be empty as everyone flocks west to check out the new stuff.
  11. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Yep - clever decision by Epic on the cartoony-ness style of it. No qualms letting the boy loose on it. The “crouching in a bush and getting shot by the first guy you see” tactic bagged me my 6th place Like all games at the mo, my boy’s as happy (or even happier, sometimes) watching other people play on YouTube. It’s a brave new world...
  12. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Been watching my 9 year old play this with his mates for a while, and finally had a few goes myself. Like most shooters, I lose nearly all 50:50 encounters (with me shooting like that guy who tries to kill Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction), but have managed a couple of top 10s including a 6th. If I could combine my tactics with my boy’s reactions we’d be really good Havent heard any abuse either, and even had a good match teamed up with randoms, with team work and cooperation and everything (though we still lost...)
  13. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    No qualy times for me either, and it’s a different story starting from the back with a lowly B SR rating. Bumped off every time you’re alongside someone (with the associated SR ding), and used as a substitute brake at the last chicane every lap. Ho hum. Anyway, what’s with all the Gr3 Beetles? Last race at Suzuka was literally 50% of the damn things.
  14. Recommendations like The Elder Scrolls: Legends

    Thanks guys. I’ll certainly check both out (though Shadowverse is digital only, is that right?) I might just bite the bullet and break out some MtG cards and see how we go. I kinda wanted something the boy and I could “discover” together, but maybe Magic’s changed enough in the last (eek) 20 years for it to be a voyage of discovery again, anyway.
  15. I’m rather enjoying the freemium iOS/Steam game “The Elder Scrolls: Legends”. It’s a bit like MtG without the mana / land management, but full deck building with creatures, buffs, nerfs, support cards and so on. Quite fun and quite deep for a freebie. Any recommendations for something like it in the real world? Ideally, someone would come along and say “Oh yeah, that’s just the such-and-such game with a Skyrim theme”. I’d like to foist something upon my 9 year old as an alternative to staring at a screen...

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