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  1. Getting this old-school tape recorder inspired me to sit in bed last night and design the top belonging to the surveillance guy from the Lives of Others. My wife was baffled.
  2. Loving this thread as much as the game. I’m playing with my daughter being the main Islander, but if anyone fancies adding me up I’m on SW-0474-2520-6820
  3. Thanks, both. That's exactly what I feared. I'm really shocked - only had it a year.
  4. Anyone else had drift on their controller? My right stick seems to be registering an upward push that I can't correct. Never had that with a MS controller before.
  5. I have so enjoyed playing this game and while I have a bit of a mixed view about Gamepass in some ways, this is a brilliant example of it at its best. I wouldn't have played this otherwise and I'm really, really glad I have. It's such a rich and distinct world, something that's really lacking in the gaming landscape. It reminds me of The Witch or the Lighthouse because it's so bracingly different. I loved the relationship between the kids and the way it makes you feel protective of others - something that's again quite rare and often accompanied by irritating gameplay. I'd also recommend switching to the French audio.
  6. Picked this up in the Xbox sale and am only a few hours in but it’s really dragging me out of a gaming slump. Struggled to enjoy much this year and it’s giving me really pleasant Psi-Ops vibes combined with a really memorable location and a story that respects my time.
  7. Hewson

    Unable to kill

    This is such an interesting topic. I think a huge amount of it is about context and tone. There's no doubt that I've become less inclined to enjoy outright violence in games as I've got older, and there are some games I'd love to share with my kids that I just can't - Assassin's Creed stands out here, though they did a brilliant thing with the educational mode. But it's also true to say that one of my most enjoyed games of the last few years was Sniper Elite 4. In contrast, Tomb Raider has really stuck in my craw this gen and I think the issue there is that those games paint Lara Croft as having some kind of moral high ground which really jars with the extreme violence.
  8. I'm really struggling to get started with making levels. Is there a good guide somewhere? Found the pigeon videos fine but I feel like I don't fully understand the tools. Should I just jump in and blunder my way through?
  9. I also think it looks ropey - particularly the animation and the wookies - but I'm also getting a slight Psi-Ops vibe off it which is making me surprisingly optimistic.
  10. Hewson

    Xbox One X

    Just seen the new sale and noticed that Bioshock 360 and the Collection are both on there. But reading conflicting things about the best option on the X. I'm mainly interested in the first game. Would love some advice from anyone that's tried both!
  11. @CrashedAlex Just wanted to say that i’ve really not enjoyed driving games since the original Burnouts and playing Dangerous Driving has been a complete joy. The clarity and focus is such a refreshing aspect after recently trying Forza Horizon 4 which is admirable in so many respects but wrapped up in a huge amount of chaff. It’s also lovely to hear that you’ve done it while looking after yourselves and making time for your families. Many congratulations and I really hope it gets the success it deserves.
  12. Nice Eurogamer write up here. I'm genuinely excited for this having found the evolution of driving games going in a quite different direction to what I always loved about them for some years now.
  13. Also why the hell do they think repeatedly having to click the right stick to activate a cool-down detective vision is fun?
  14. Yep. It’s a game lavished with real detail and effort in almost all the wrong places. It’s totally forgettable and someone seems to think that Tomb Raider games should be about wandering around, clicking on boring NPCs and carrying out idiotic tasks. And the whole white saviour thing is rancid. Lara Croft comes off as a tedious, selfish psychopath. It’s bizarre.
  15. Hewson

    Gaming Limericks

    There once was a mascot named Blinx Who attracted my gamer instincts. But on loading the game I was riddled with shame. Even Bubsy is better, methinks.
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