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  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    I think you're right to say that not everyone working at Warhorse should be assumed to agree with or be aware of Vavra's views, but I would be surprised if the studio culture was that healthy. If people sympathetic to Vavra's views are in charge of hiring, are they going to make diverse hires? In general there's a bias for studios hiring people similar to themselves, I would be surprised if the problem isn't quite a bit worse at a studio with White Power Bill acting as their public figurehead.
  2. Analogue Super Nt

    I think it would be a bit daft to pony up for a PS4Pro, Xbox One X, ninja bastard PC and/or a 4K screen (over the bog standard alternatives) and not care about performance comparisons, but each to their own. I think people have a dated idea of what DF's output is these days, when there's massive differences between how games run on different kit (or even after a patch), and not every game takes advantage of better hardware by default.
  3. Head says Odyssey, heart says Galaxy. Galaxy was probably the biggest single leap forward. In terms of polish and figuring out that they should just zoom the camera right out, and give Mario a variety of different interfaces (which was then evolved again in SMO). There are lots of bits in Odyssey that surprised and delighted me, but nothing that really made me go 'wow' in the way the cleverest bits of Galaxy did. I think it's in part that there's just so much content now that some of it feels like it must have been farmed out to third party art houses. The New Donk City residents looking like generic background characters from an early 2000s game is an intentional joke, but the NPCs in lots of the other levels felt a bit... flat as well. Like a team was given the Piantas from Sunshine and told to crank out a dozen more varieties.
  4. Your dream game

    So, my lifelong dream game, the obvious endpoint for games as far as I'm concerned as a player, would be a single-sharded cyberpunk MMO. No magic. No respawning. Veteran players a patchwork of cybernetic augmentations and/or cloned bodies. Cities getting constantly razed and rebuilt as factions vie for power. Armies of robot NPCs. A mix of Syndicate, GITS and the It's A Crime PBM game, essentially. The nearest I've seen a game come to being a 'dream game' I've had at a given time is Enemy Territory Quake Wars, which is a literal and extensive implementation of what everyone who was playing Quake 2 and RTCW multiplayer imagined games would be like in the future. Battlefield quickly superseded it, but it was amazing for a while to play a game that was such a love letter to the Quake 1 and 2 communities. I'd also quite like to see an XCOM/Jagged Alliance type turn based tactical game using the Wolfenstein IP. A bit like Silent Storm if anyone has played that (full 3D line of sight, stealth and destructible environments), but with the massively diverse ability set of BJ and the rest of the Kreisau Circle/rebels. And much bigger levels. Waging guerrilla warfare on entire Nazi-occupied towns. Something in the realms of near-future possibility would be Metroid Prime 4 to be at the same scale/quality level of SMO and BOTW. That would blow my mind. I fear that it'll be Other M/Federation Force pish though :<
  5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    Increasingly untempted to play this
  6. The Last Guardian

    No negative review of TLG discusses the way the experience slowly changes, the attention to detail, or the incredible pivotal story reveal. It's kind of amazing that there are critics so ill-equipped to deal with games that require you to pay attention. It's not like the game is cryptically hard to get, they're just looking right through the whole point of it. "Why does this control even fractionally differently to Uncharted? Why aren't I being showered with rewards?" It's like a voight-kampff test for entitled gits. (Apologies, I will rant about how this game got a raw deal critically forever)
  7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    That's a fair assessment I think. Fully expecting this to be very ambitious but technically shonky. I'm torn over Daniel Vavra's involvement. He has shitty politics but is a talented writer and designer.
  8. I spent a fun evening or two making 'concrete channels' with cuboid rooms then using the terrain gun to fill them, to make castle battlements around my base. Like building sandcastles... Annoyingly I didn't get a good picture, and they eventually got wiped after I spent ages trying to fix the mess I'd made learning to use the terrain manipulator - I think there's a limit to the number of terrain edits you can make in an area (that will actually persist).
  9. Tip for building domes: if you build them on top of a cylindrical room (with a ladder through the floor to access) you don't lose the planting slots that would otherwise be taken up by a side door. I would be very surprised if we don't see at least one more game with the NMS tech, even if not a straight sequel. I wouldn't rule a sequel out entirely though, for all the negativity NMS got at launch, it made a load of money.
  10. The iOS gaming thread

    There are loads of full PC/console games on iOS now at sensible prices though? Aspyr (the publisher) come from the Mac games world where people are just happy to have any games at all. I think they're about to learn a painful lesson.
  11. The Last Guardian

    When you have to cling on to Trico when he makes a big jump, you really feel like you're clinging on for your life. It's like riding a horse and it breaking into a trot for the first time. Just looking at some moving light on a screen. How did they do this? It's fucking magic. If Trico just slavishly followed your orders it wouldn't feel alive. Ueda us a genius and the critics who whined about the 'old fashioned controls', and Phillip "if it's too difficult, I can't understand it" Kollar of Polygon in particular, can eat a barrel of luminescent blue dicks. You know it uses the microphone right
  12. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    This scene is SO well done. I liked BJ's line in one of the briefings about "computing...machines", poking fun at the absurdity of a guy who's been pretty much isolated from the world since 1946 not batting an eyelid at all the ridiculous space age tech the series throws around. I talked about it upthread, but I think trying to react to how Doom changed player expectations hurts Wolf2 a bit. It seems very, very hard if not impossible to make a game that can balance proper stealth and Doom-like mayhem as viable options. Also the changes between id Tech 5 and 6 (dynamic lighting and speed at the expense of environment detail) play to Doom's strengths but result in some of Wolf2's levels feeling pretty small and/or repetitive and featureless. I'm confident that for 3 they'll find a better balance (on all these issues) though.
  13. The iOS gaming thread

    Gorogoa, Fez and Inside are all now out on iOS.
  14. Witchfire

    What VN1X said. Their creative director comes across as a real sleazeball who tries to blame his shitty politics on having grown up behind the iron curtain. Regardless, Painkiller was pretty weak beer even at the time. These days decent FPS and action/adventure games arrive frequently enough that we don't have to make do with cheesy B-games in the fallow periods.
  15. Hnng, I spent ages (and 10m credits) last night upgrading a new exotic ship and it has the same maximum jump range as my old ship. One extra inventory slot though. Still, I also managed to net five Hot Ice from a five minute repair mission, putting me nearer to cranking out all the Stasis Devices I need to sell to afford a new warp-capable freighter I've got my eye on.

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