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  1. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    My save game is finally fixed! I've started settling into the new NEXT way of doing things, although I've not even started on Frigates yet. I'm stuck in the Calypso galaxy which has higher than average probability of extreme planetary conditions. It took me ages to find a jungle planet that's not constantly battered by storms, but I've found one, and located a portal, and started building my volcano lair. Once I've decorated a bit I'll stick the portal coords up here. The community events don't seem to be working for me on PS4 :/ I thought you were supposed to get hailed by Polo and then started on the community quest line, but I've either not had the call or ignored it. I can see the Quicksilver trade bot on the Anomaly station but talking to Nada and Polo just gets their standard conversations. Hmm.
  2. I think this is going to be a PC led, crossgen release unless CDPR let it slip into lengthy (5+ year from now) development hell. Assuming that all current gen games will have to meaningfully support the base PS4 / XBO forever more is perhaps naive. There's going to be a big push to make PS4Pro / Xbox One X the baseline models soon as manufacturing costs fall. I would speculate that certain games shown at E3 this year will have either heavily disclaimered or non-existent support for the base machines out of the box.
  3. Watching this at the moment. The writing is really variable. I noticed one episode is credited to Rich Fulcher which had some funny ideas in it at least. Berry & Fulcher's involvement mainly makes we wish were getting more Snuff Box though. Almost every joke is in the format "plot driving cliche" / "absurd juxtaposition". Revolutionary in Airplane, funny in moderation in The Simpsons ("Man alive!"), predictable here. The continuous feeble 'funny' signs just serve to remind you that stuff like Bojack Horseman is on a complete other level to this. And the sound mix is really weird. Simpsons/Futurama are basically done like a radio comedy with punchy delivery and lots of music stings, this... isn't.
  4. https://jp.itch.io/mr-friendly ... I'm obviously going to buy/play Doom Eternal but it doesn't look like a massive leap forward from the gameplay vids. Just more of the same but with a few extra toys. A bit like Doom > Doom 2 I suppose. Doom 2016 benefited from being a massive gob-bumming out of nowhere. The glory kills, the speed, and the soundtrack are all familiar now and I worry that unless they really pull something special/unexpected out of the bag this is going to feel a bit like a big late DLC campaign rather than a distinct sequel. And I still think idTech 6/7's direction of trading off world detail and interactivity for shiny lighting and speed is going to increasingly limit them. Nobody noticed in Doom 2016 because the combat was so amazing, then they started to notice in Wolf2, where most of the environments that weren't corridor world were suddenly relegated to cutscenes. And the map / big open arena bit of gameplay they showed yesterday suggests we're in for another trip to SnapMap world again here.
  5. MK-1601

    We Happy Few

    I've never understood the hype for this. Studio with very threadbare past form, charmless and derivative (mostly of Bioshock) aesthetic, changing direction constantly in development before running out of cash and being bought/rescued by MS. Hardly a recipe for a convincing AAA action/adventure effort.
  6. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    Still broken for me, ho hum. At least from the notes it sounds like there's more rolling patches coming.
  7. I like both of those things! And am not going to ask for a Switch version! Although other PC stores than Steam is always welcome. I love the art style except for the Wind Waker explosions which (imho) have been done to death in indie games and look out of place with the rest of the style here.
  8. See also: Akklaim
  9. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    FFS, my save game is still borked in 1.53. Have submitted a (hopefully detailed enough) bug report. I suppose it's not very zen to want to cling on to my material possessions but otoh sod grinding away for all those blueprints again.
  10. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    Creatures could be a lot better without adding a great deal of simulation complexity I think. The simplest thing: sitting animation. It's weird that you get creatures trotting around in deserts and tundra instead of hiding in shade or huddling around food sources/water. Would make encounters more interesting as well if you don't know if they're going to scatter, ignore you or defend themselves. Realistically creatures are always going to be local/random like GTA peds, but a teensy bit more situational awareness and varied behaviour wouldn't go amiss.
  11. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    Hnnng, PS4 branch is still waiting for the save game fix. They should make the right hand side of the Dual Shock touchpad a hotkey for photo mode. The galaxy map couldn't work like E:Ds because it's procedurally unpacking stuff as you scroll around. It was designed at a time when there was very rarely any need to hyperjump back to a previously visited system, which doesn't excuse how bad it is but explains why it's not been a priority. I don't mind that NMS is basically a terrain generator first and foremost with everything else being pretty much the bare minimum needed to support hopping between planets. Considering the size of the team and the complexity of what it has to do, I'm glad they focused on getting that key part of the game solid instead of spreading themselves too thin.
  12. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    Do beacons not exist any more?
  13. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    Seems not.
  14. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    This is definitely not fixed on PS4, as I've spent a frustrating evening discovering. I hope another patch is in the pipeline. Getting the NO FUEL bug when trying to hyperspace in freighter as well. And a crash when trying to reload from an autosave. ... It's stupid that the frame limiter isn't switched off for the galactic map. I want the game to run at a steady framerate but don't want plotting a course to be like wading through treacle. (Scrolling the map is actually at least 2x as fast at 60fps, weirdly.)
  15. MK-1601

    No Man's Sky

    You can sometimes find people selling pugneum now too, which might be easier than killing sentinels with the weedy starting multitool. Started a new game last night. I'm as far as the base building tutorial. Locking the framerate seems to have helped some of the issues I was having (ps4pro). The new forests are amazing.

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