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  1. MK-1601

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    I've been saying for over a decade that all console manufacturers should stop blocking crossplatform multiplayer. There are no insurmountable technical reasons stopping it, but I expect there will be some legal entanglements to sort out before Sony can change their policy (if indeed they do). The purchases thing is the biggest pain and Epic will have to be negotiating that separately with each linked platform. There are a bunch of reasons this isn't easy to solve, and they're not all unilaterally controlled by any one party: 1. You're buying the same thing under different contract terms via each store. 2. The paper trail for dealing with refunds and tax is more complicated. 3. The kicker (and the reason the other console platforms versus mobile or PC are the issue): Sony's legal/finance guys will likely need assurance that Nintendo/MS aren't able to undercut them or offer drastically game changing/appealing exclusive items. If you play on one platform but jump to another just to use the store for them that's worse than not hosting that player at all. It made sense to block Minecraft because MS were demanding players open an XBL account. It was (shitty but) understandable to block Rocket League because it wasn't a big enough hit to justify making an exception. You would think Fortnite would be the straw that broke the camel's back, but bear in mind that Rockstar weren't able to force the issue at the height of GTA hype. Although that was a few years back. I don't believe anyone (except US journalists who get sent free hardware) is going to switch their main home console platform on the basis of this. But it's the start of a trend, more and more games are going to be platform agnostic. Also (because, hey, it's me ): MS spent the entire last two last console gens enforcing the same policy, as well as making developers build extra content if they wanted to port their games to Xbox after launching elsewhere. Look at the insane situation with Modern Warfare multiplayer on PC (where Windows Store and Steam versions are incompatible) to see how committed they are to a happy clappy crossplatform utopia when there isn't easy PR capital to be gained.
  2. I loved DX:MD's Prague, but it was very very obvious that spending five years at a time building tiny theme park-sized 'cities' in a creaking engine is not a sustainable way to make a modern action/adventure game. I'm hoping this has a decently sized, varied city. (Well, really I'm hoping it has a *realistically* sized city, but no game afaik ever has and it would probably be tedious to travel around, but still!)
  3. MK-1601

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Well, steady on. Old Blood is a bit bargain basement in hindsight. The lead pipe and the castle are good but the pared down story and zombies not so much. I think Wolf2 achieves what it was going for with story stuff (the escalation of craziness in the middle of the game works so well and there are some awesome performances), but the combat/level design is pretty weak compared to TNO. I've not been able to motivate myself to go back and complete it with Wyatt.
  4. MK-1601

    TotalBiscuit died.

    Well this is a good way to counter accusations of YouTubers being a massively toxic influence
  5. I think a PS5 is still years off. Sony eked over seven years of serviceable life from the PS1 and PS2, without the benefits of digital distribution or mid-generation hardware refreshes*. I think the 'current' PS4 platform (targeting 4K devices and counting the Pro as the hardware baseline) could go at least that long. I strongly suspect another hardware refresh (Pro II) before then. Will be interesting to see E3 announcements. I don't see any reason why compatibility with PS4 bought content would be broken next gen. Architecturally consoles are basically PCs now, and the industry is getting used to the idea of games having longer tails (PC retail found this out first with things like Worms and Rollercoaster Tycoon still selling 10+ years after release). *Although the tail of their lives was mostly casual games like Just Dance and Buzz, which don't really exist in the same way as the super-casual audience moved to iOS/Android. I guess they'll keep cranking out PS4 Slims (in an even cheaper revision) as budget Minecraft/Fortnite/GTAO whatever the next craze kids are into machines for years and years after new hardware is announced.
  6. MK-1601

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Fair point. I guess I should say, has killed my hope of this being a direct sequel to Rage in any meaningful sense. (But then Rage was a massively expensive flop so that's to be expected.)
  7. MK-1601

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Well that's killed my interest. I've no problem with the long tradition of farming out Id IP to B-studios but at least you knew they'd be working on a top class engine. I see little from Avalanche's back catalogue that makes me think they're not just going to stamp out their 7/10 mid-budget open world formula again.
  8. MK-1601

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Gameplay trailer not quite doing it for me. :/ Rage wasn't really an open world game any more than something like Hexen 2 or the original Stalker was. It was mostly close up fighting in crazily lavish indoor environments, with the driving and towns as flavour. I guess they've at least sorted out the vehicles though(!). This looks a bit too much like a reskin of Mad Max and all the other similar WB games from around that period. Sparse empty world and lots of identical goons. No "wow" moments like the original Rage reveal, over 10 years ago. The glimpsed shot of a giant mutant in a city at night got a twitch. I wonder if they're going to address the fiction of the first game making absolutely no sense. (The asteroid supposedly hit in 2029 but there's crazily advanced sci fi technology; food, gas, medicine and electricity are available in abundance, etc.) The shots they've released indicate characters from 1 are returning. Obviously I'm going to buy this, would be a bit lame if it's the first Id 'franchise' game that doesn't use idTech though. (BTW I recommend the Rage 1 DLC (The Scorchers), which doesn't really fix the ending but does have a nice climactic boss fight.)
  9. MK-1601

    You're saying it wrong!

    Pronouncing Sega as "Seeee-ger" was a common thing even after those Master System ads iirc. You can see old games mags making puns around it ("Sega Beavers" etc.). I remember people calling Dhalsim Dah-ha-slim too. "Zangeef" has really stuck, though. I just realise I used it pronounced that way in a song, shit. It's quite funny when some of these stick into adulthood (when it's a game you don't say aloud often). Someone I work with one day refered to Shinobi as Shy Nobby.
  10. I can appreciate that Cliff does something successfully, even if it's not to my taste. A bit like Michael Bay. Also I think enough time has passed now to admit that the original Unreal Tournament was a direct attempt to reimplement Quake 2's multiplayer in the Unreal engine, with a load of gimmicks cribbed from other games/mods crammed on top, pushed out the door to try to beat id to market. It's okay to like it, but Q3A was a generation ahead on the day it came out, and still plays just as well today.
  11. A lot of publishers passed on this. I think Cliff could still have some good games in him, but it's embarrassing seeing him trying to relive the glory days of having Epic's tech and MS's megabudgets behind him. Like a 1980s athlete wheezing around the local park. Just go and kickstart some small, low tech passion projects, it's not like you need the money! There's a whole strata of US devs who got massive in the cocaine and bullshit fuelled late 90s-early 2000s games industry who have struggled to reinvent themselves. The "look we're hanging out with Hideo Kojima for some reason" gang, led by Geoff Keighley.
  12. MK-1601

    The Last Guardian

    I didn't find the controls or camera anywhere near as bad as some apparently did. I'm used to slow, deliberate 3D controls from the early days of PC third person games, and (for the most part) accepted that the camera sometimes didn't have a lot of space to move because it never clips through scenery, the boy or Trico, for the sake of maintaining the illusion.
  13. One for the poster there.
  14. Yeah... unlikely. It chugs on busy scenes on the PS4. I expect it'll be downrezzed (like basically every xbone game is now as a matter of course), at the very least. Not much point straining to optimise a version that only exists because MS requires it to be supported.
  15. I'm sorry you bought a bad GPU. Imagine how badly it's going to run on a non-X Xbone though... ... My hope for Next is that it's viable on PS4Pro+PSVR, and the VR mode takes advantage of VR controllers for base building. Not sure 4K will add much unless it's getting another massive visual overhaul.

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