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  1. FozZ

    Finally completed my latest game character

    Cheers for taking a look It's not test data as such, it's the high poly version that the normal maps are created from. I actually quite liked her bald and considered sticking with it, but a big part of the learning for me on this project was making decent looking hair, so it's best I didn't. Especially for you though, here's a render minus hair to full-fill your baldy fetish EDIT: I'm not taking her lashes and eyebrows off though, it starts to get a bit creepy!
  2. Hope people don't mind me posting this but it's been so much work I want to share it as much as I can. I've been working in the games industry for over a decade now but finally pushed myself to pursue character art, and in doing so I joined the Game Artist 360 course at GameArtInstitute. Once we'd finished a prop we could choose to go the environment or character route, and you can see my efforts here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJREvK There are loads of images via the link along with details on the software I used. If you're an Artstation member I'd really appreciate a like/follow if my work interests you.
  3. FozZ

    Darksiders 3 - Fury's Road

    Just finished this after getting it for Xmas. Took me a while to get into and I feel like the start would put a lot of people off, but thoroughly enjoyed it by the end. Shame they took the path they chose which meant the riding mechanics of the previous games were absent. I still think the original was the best of the bunch, but I really hope we do get the 4th game (and presumably 5th with them all in, following on from the end of War's story). Stick it in spoilers, but who was the character in the post credits scene? I'm sure I recognise them but can't place which game.
  4. The list isn't ordered in any way. That's a game where finished for me will mean platinum. I was up to the last world when I left off I think.
  5. I've always been bad for this but recently put together a list of things I actually wanted to finish, rather than the hundred plus list of shite I have on steam, ps plus, etc. Some of the games I've had for years and always intended to go back, but something new would overshadow it. It's working quite well so far and I've probly finished more games since I started this than I have the rest of the year Also, you have to decide what you want "finished" to mean. For example, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I finished the main story, did all the tombs and shrines (I think they call them), but everything else? Fuck "collecting" all that shit, it doesn't amount to anything more than going somewhere you've been and pressing X
  6. Also picked up Titanfall 2 the other day for £4 and have since polished off the campaign. I very rarely play shooters these days but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I might even give multilayer a go at some point (I never play MP games). Recently I also picked up Dishonored 2 for a fiver, Prey for £6 and the WipEout Omega Collection for £14. In fact it was the day RDR2 came out and I didn't want to give in to spending fifty quid on an open world game I'd likely abandon, so I grabbed some bargains from CeX. Only had a few hours on each but would recommend them all based on that limited play time.
  7. FozZ

    Darksiders 3 - Fury's Road

    Adored the first two games, and even before the reviews/impressions surfaced I stuck it on my Xmas wish list, so really hoping one of the family members treats me to it. If not it'll be a purchase in the new year. Jealous of you buggers experiencing it already.
  8. FozZ

    Black Mesa Source

    Checked a video playthrough of the original Xen today and they were through it in 20mins. According to Kotaku they've made this new version almost entirely new content lasting around 6hrs which I guess explains the delay. Given how long it's been since Black Mesa was released, and based on that video, I can see it being really jarring visually if you play through the whole thing; Black Mesa looked good for the time as a remake, but this looks to take it up several notches.
  9. FozZ

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Anyone playing the Forge DLC from this? I'm not far enough into the main game to see what the other part of the DLC is, but have been hammering the Forge of Destiny additional tomb. Score attack doesn't interest me all that much, but I've had a lot of fun (and anger) in trying to get a good Time Attack time.
  10. @Ianos I used the option on the website to get a number of free copies sent to the studio I work at but they've yet to arrive. Wondering if it's because I used my personal email address rather than my work one?
  11. FozZ

    Little Nightmares

    https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0700-CUSA05952_00-LITTLESEASONPASS £3.29 for all 3 DLCs until the 2nd Nov
  12. FozZ

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    @Darwock Back of the box just says 1 Player sadly.
  13. FozZ

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

  14. FozZ

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

    About halfway through the game and loving it. Don't normally bother with photo modes but this game looks too good not to.

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