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  1. One of EDGE's best editoral runs under @Nate Dogg III. Best of luck for future endeavours and thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Thanks, left some bells by your home!
  3. Closing up in 5 mins. Thanks to those who dropped by!
  4. DH84C Island back open: Turnips at 533 Bells. Be open for just over hour at the moment.
  5. Was hoping I could set it and forget it. Will post back later once I’m done working.
  6. Thanks! It’s a friend of mine who’s bringing the connection down. Will throw up a dodo code later when I can baby-sit the Switch more.
  7. 533 Bells this afternoon. Have opened up to friends list while I'm mostly afk (may have some connection issues while working from home). Reply to thread if my gates close. Will throw up a dodo code later this afternoon/evening too.
  8. Grabbed a cherry, thanks! Left a little fruit by your place. Nice statue of liberty by the rocks
  9. Added a bunch of you just over the last few pages! SW-7538-7440-0610 Finsbury Island, with peaches! Feel free to nab some! Also have turnips at 105 right now.
  10. Console update rolling out this Monday!
  11. “Kara throw?!” Peak SSFIV thread
  12. Got this game a few months ago, but only played it once or twice before it went into the backlog. Returned to it last week and have been playing it most nights now - I'm completely in it's grip! The balance is so good, although I do run into the newbie problem of running into a boss and not being able to survive big hits a lot of times. I've been using the Ironclad exclusively to learn enemy fight patterns and unlock all his stuff. Unlocked it all this evening, but after 20 runs I've still not bagged a win. So, I thought I'd give The Silent a go. There's still so much to learn and experience in this game. Loving this!
  13. My vanilla PS4’s fans were definitely ramped up. It’s the loudest I’ve heard them go since I opened the system up and cleaned the fans/replaced thermal paste. Think it was mainly the cutscenes triggering it.
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