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  1. Still falling short on numbers for these challenges, come on peeps give them a go
  2. Watch my drift video and keep trying dude Sometimes just turning the car starts the drift, no handbrake required, then you have to balance it and retain speed coming out of the drift.
  3. Will do buddy, sorry about the car I thought these would be fine!
  4. Starts at about 1.20.
  5. Challenges picking up pace now, bring it on on the drift Neil!! I'll post up a drift video soon in case it helps anyone
  6. New challenges sent, let me know if anyone didn't receive them , it's a long process ticking everyone off a huge list so I might have missed someone. Good luck!
  7. Cool beans I will probably send them out tomorrow at some point, a TT and drift challenge
  8. Happy to organise a few challenges if peeps want to keep going? Anyone mind a TT and a drift?
  9. I finally beat Spatular in a challenge, I doubt he tried particularly hard on this one but it still means a lot to me!! Well done everyone, great to be back playing Driveclub these last few weeks.
  10. Loving the track on this one, awesome challenge, doing all I can to get under 50 seconds. I will get there! EDIT - Didn't get there but I did knock .025 off my time. Well done everyone
  11. Had a fair crack at this now and got a decent idea of where I'm losing time, managed a 1.41.6 and thought I'd post up the lap. While it's not the quickest time, only 5th at the mo, it might help someone
  12. Post 1 has the leaderboard. I should be on tomorrow, been away the last week but well done to all involved
  13. Sub 18 is definitely possible, just did a 1:18.444 to grab second, for the time being at least!
  14. Had my first run earlier and up to fifth with more still possible, definitely planning to have a good shot at it later. I've not played DC for a long time but it's still so good, especially now the ghosts appear to be far more stable and of course there's the nostalgia from going up against some of the old crew from the original challenges on here, damn you spatular, my wife still remembers your name and laughed when she saw you were top! Great to see plenty of new faces mixing it up too. Definitely up for a drift challenge, that was always my speciality! edit - oh man, just read the name Refago and shuddered a little, he came out of nowhere to dominate everyone when the previous challenges phased out!

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