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  1. I just remembered that this game has already been out in Japan for ages abd given the initial controversial reception - how was it received in the end? According to wikipedia: So in the end everyone loved it after all?
  2. If you ever buy a PS5 and if you were playing the digital version on PS4 (edit: oh maybe not I guess you could use the PS4 disc in your PS5 - maybe) and if you made sure to upload your save to the cloud, there's a chance you could continue via BC on PS5. 6 is the Kiwami engine so I always assumed it would turn up on PC at some point, which in turn indicates an imminent Xbox release. So far nothing, but who knows after 7 is out. It would be great to also have the 3,4,5 remasters and 6 available on PC and Xbox. The entire saga on each platform.
  3. Well, we're only up to issue 37 out of 50. I'm sure they're writing and drawing as fast as they can that's another thing which makes this so great: unlike most hyped up relaunches in Marvel comics, Immortal Hulk has a writer-artist team who actually want to stick around for more than 4 to 6 issues. A writer with a clear plan for an epic story with a proper ending and an artist who not only fits his writing perfectly, but who's also in it for the entire run. You don't see that often nowadays.
  4. It's completely standalone. There are a few separate one-shots featuring the character that aren't related to or necessary for the main 50 issue series. And the main 50 issue series has no crossovers at all, those 50 issues do indeed contain the entire series with zero references to crossovers or the like. I hope that clears up your immortal confusion
  5. @Arn IronjawIronjaw if you liked those Immortal Hulk one-shots, I would also recommend checking out the Defenders: Best Defense mini-series which features Immortal Hulk written by Ewing. Available in collected paperback form. If I recall correctly it takes place around Immortal Hulk issue 6 or 7. And also Absolute Carnage: Immortal Hulk. You can ignore the rest of Absolute Carnage, but do check out the Immortal Hulk issue. It's again written by Ewing himself and features all the Hulk personas arguing inside Banner's mindscape about what to do about their guest: a venom symbiote. W
  6. I'm glad I kept up with the series since the first one on PS2 I'm ready to go day one gimme dat new Yakuza
  7. Yes, and streaming on Android fwiw. Edit: a deal so nice we had to confirm trice!
  8. Also, Microsoft seem to be doing everything they can to look good in comparison to Sony - them being the ones trying to catch up to the market leader of the pack after all - so I can see them thinking of this as another easy small 'win' simply by *not* raising their prices. We shall see.
  9. I already bought Cyberpunk and Yakuza on Xbox in anticipation of the XsX arriving. With that whole smart delivery thing, you can only say that I bought the Xbox version though - it says both XB1 and Xbox Series in the store description. And those games cost the same as every other current-gen new release. Going by the above, due to Microsoft blurring the lines between generations, for now their prices are going to stay the same. Because there is no separate store page for the next-gen versions of those games. There's just the one store page which is the same whether you access it t
  10. I'm sure it is, I love the story bits before all sandbox hell broke loose. I'm definitely sticking to main as much as possible but iirc there were a few moments where you're forced to sandbox before main opened up again. It's been awhile. It's a perfect example of creators listening to fans when sometimes it's better not to - people asked for sandbox stuff like in every other sandbox game of which there are hundreds coming out each year, and the end result is a far weaker game. From what I've played, it would have easily been way up there with 1 and 2 if it just used the open world
  11. If it's a first party play anywhere title, the save is tied to your account. No matter where you log in, even on Android through Xcloud, or PC, old box, new box, the save is just magically there. Come over to Amsterdam, log in on my Xbox and your save is just there. I agree that Microsoft getting this right is what's making Sony look bad. And that this generational transition is different in regards to digital continuation compared to all generations before, which also makes it look bad for them. And on top of that, the first year of both consoles are going to be fill
  12. As in, out of your mind with excitement? Going cray cray wid da hype to play play?*
  13. Couldn't resist immediately firing up Mafia 3 afterwards. Man, it's so easy to forget how this game has such a great start. The atmosphere is amazing, you're immediately convinced and intrigued by the characters - it all feels like a more than worthy successor - until the sandbox bit kicks off and it goes to shit. I had so much fun playing through 2 and then especially 1, that I'm determined to power through this time just to see the story. Glad you're enjoying it now!
  14. To me it looked the same as the PC version I played in 2010. It's probably just that version ported over with a lot of bonus bugs.
  15. Just finished it. Fantastic experience, loved the atmosphere, the characters, the story... It has some fantastic set-pieces and the missions are nice and snappy. Zero filler and I really like that. Such a shame the publisher cheaped on the remasters of 2 and 3, it would have been such a fantastic trilogy to have all on one console. I'm going to give 3 another go. Hopefully they'll make a Mafia 4 and it's more like this remake of the first one. @Doctor Shark I feel obligated to say something since I'm posting directly after you, but I really have no idea. I did it first
  16. To be brutally honest, as an RPG fan - not me. They're far far below many other RPG studios in terms of making quality RPGs with solid writing and depth. The only thing I need with Bethesda is the output of their daughter studios: Arkane, id Software, and MachineGames make amazing games imo. I emphasize: imo. But of course, apart from Larian and CDPR, Microsoft also bought all the good wRPG devs
  17. Well, I went googling to help you and apparently THERE'S A FUCKING GOTHIC REMAKE IN THE WORKS FOR PS5???? WHY WASN'T I INFORMED Edit: @Cosmic_Guru gothic remake!!!1
  18. In an unskippable tutorial dialogue dump and you're so busy hammering A to get on with it that you accidentally select "I want to hear that again" cue gamer rage
  19. The only thing Gold is good for nowadays is as a cheap way to extend your game pass subscription beforehand.
  20. Man, Brutal Legend still is the undefeated king of misleadingly brilliant demos followed by a completely different full game experience.
  21. There's no XB1 version at this point or announced afaik, so it's probably the 360 version and probably maybe Enhanced because it's a first-party game...
  22. Of course strictly speaking you're right. But my gaming expenditure had gone down so so much ever since getting game pass, to me it feels 'free'. Also, since I already had gold all I paid was 1 quid for 3 years... So in my specific case: 1 quid is indeed not free, it's still 1 quid
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