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  1. Excited but I just hope it's not as difficult as Sekiro
  2. Mr. Gerbik

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Or create a counter thread: "increasing sales. WTF is going on??"
  3. Mr. Gerbik

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I loved going to comic shops in the late eighties and during the nineties, and browsing their selection of old Hulk comics. Looking for a bargain, or for those few hard to find ones. Whenever I found myself in a different city for whatever reason, I always looked for the local comic shop to see what hidden gems they might have. Internet has spoiled that, apart from reading digitally I can simply order everything online. Browsing an online webshop and placing and order doesn't have any of the charm of digging through dusty cardboard boxes and stumbling across the first appearance of The Leader. I miss that. Most of my Hulk collection I can tell you where I bought that particular issue. Aaah, nostalgia. See also: music. /oldman
  4. Mr. Gerbik

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Like I said, I have no space for physical comics nowadays so I got rid of everything years back. Only thing I kept is my near complete collection of the second volume of The Incredible Hulk, that ran from Incredible Hulk 102 (1968) to Incredible Hulk 474 (1999). At a guess it's about 80/90% complete. I also have a few issues of Tales to Astonish that have the Hulk as its regular feature before the series was renamed to Incredible Hulk with issue 102. Tales to Astonish 62 from 1964 is the oldest comic I have. I started collecting Hulk comics when I was around 8, switched from Dutch translations to the originals when I was 12 or 13. I was willing to give everything else away, but I couldn't part with my Hulk collection. So, to answer @womblingfree's question - these are all bagged and carded inside cardboard boxes. Like Charlie says, paperbacks - especially hardcovers - are a lot handier, nicer, and tidier. If I had the space (and didn't go 100% digital) I would stick to paperbacks too, single issues have a lot of charm but they're just not practical. I love the paperback collections @cassidy and @Charliemouse posted on the previous page. That has a charm that digital will never have, although digital is a life saver for people like me who just want to read and enjoy without sacrificing space.
  5. Mr. Gerbik

    Is the summer drought here already?

    Yes!! From the makers of Yakuza Zero, should be GotY 2019 easy
  6. Mr. Gerbik

    PlayStation Classic

    Modding isn't piracy, is it? As long as those instructions don't tell you to download games from somewhere - or worse, where to download them from exactly - shouldn't it be fine?
  7. Whatever they choose to do, however long all the other Fox stuff takes to integrate, just bring in Dr. Doom asap and I'm happy. Can you imagine Dr. Doom finally done right on the big screen? But I also think that on the one hand multiverse stuff can seem like a handy fresh new start, but on the other hand I suspect the concept of multiverses could cause way more confusion among the wider audience than having a long running established continuity. As lots of comics have proven, a good writer only needs a few words to establish what the reader needs to know to enjoy the current story.
  8. Mr. Gerbik

    Is the summer drought here already?

    We're also in the run-up to the next generation of consoles, so that probably doesn't help either. On the bright side: time to clear dat massive backlog! I got games for decades
  9. Mr. Gerbik

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Huh, that's interesting. Avalanche went from trademark floaty but serviceable sandbox combat to id Software level combat in one game. Must have been some real good consulting! At the moment Trails in the Sky occupies all my gaming attention, but I do love me q good in-game shotgun so I'll definitely return to this. Only played a few hours, but I had fun with it - no shotgun yet tho.
  10. Mr. Gerbik

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I think Immortal Hulk is my actual real kryptonite. I switched to digital completely because of real life practical reasons (wife + small apartment + kid = no space) but I find myself buying every Immortal Hulk paperback. And I already know that I'm going to ask for the hardcover version for my birthday Long way of saying that the postie popped by just to now to give me my shiny new Immortal Hulk volume 3: Hulk in Hell
  11. Why oh why isn't the writing in big budget big name JRPGs anywhere close to what I'm seeing here in Trails in the Sky? It feels like every NPC has its own place in the world and a simple yet believable personality, and with the dialogue constantly reflecting the story progress, the entire game world feels far more alive than is usually the case in this genre. I'm genuinely impressed and, most importantly, I'm having ever more fun playing this the further I get. Edit: another Japanese JRPG studio that seemingly effortlessly outdoes the rest, is the Ryu ga Gotoku /Yakuza Studio. Makes you wonder what the hell Square was going for with their low budget Saturday morning anime writing in FFXV. Anyway, Trials in the Sky is lots of fun so far!
  12. Mr. Gerbik

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    It's so incredibly average and by the numbers. But it's also solid and a fun way to kill some time. It makes me think about Avalanche - except for Just Cause 2, Avalanche have never managed to make anything truly special. JC2 is still by far their best game, and they haven't managed to live up to it since. I think Bethesda would have been better off either letting id Software have another go at Rage, or simply not bother at all. The best thing about Rage 2 - the combat - clearly comes from id, while the Avalanche sandbox bits drag it all down to mediocre. Fun, solid, but oh so average - I'd wait for a sale.
  13. Continuing the epic saga of my love affair with Falcom, I actually ended up buying the PS4 version of Ys VIII shortly after the above post during a sale While the characters don't look as bad as the horrendous poly monsters of Ys SEVEN, it's still pretty disappointing compared to the lovely and charming sprite characters of the earlier games I will give VIII a fair shot someday. After loving Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim long time (wel, not that long really but I did really enjoy it), Sekiro ended up kicking my ass. As a palate cleanser I ran back to good ol' Falcom and ended up starting my very first Legend of Heroes game! Trials in the Sky FC to be exact, featuring lovely 2D sprites thank god. I've heard a lot of praise about this series but never got round to it. 14 hours in and I've just finished the prologue and am about the set foot in the direction of Bose. But oh my, this is a bit good, isn't it? I'm having a blast with this game and since the prologue took 14 hours I suspect I will really love long time this time around! Are all the Trails games good? Are the Cold Steel games even better? Edit: turns out @Mr.Jeff's very informative opening post is still very informative! Far more so than the incoherent writings you tend to come across when trying to google this stuff. Thanks Mr.Jeff, wherever you are now
  14. Mr. Gerbik

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I knew it would never happen but I was really hoping that both Mary and Danny would switch over to Giant Bomb. Imagine how GB west would have been then! In some interview Jeff did say he was already telling people he wanted to hire Danny right before the NoClip thing started happening and that was the end of that.
  15. Mr. Gerbik

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Probably also a factor - but it's more that she's entertaining and fits in well with the crew. Have you seen those board/table games streams with her and Danny and Dan and a few others? She's great, far better at this GB lark (the in front of the camera bit specifically) than - say - Ben, or Brad, or Jason. Note that I like both Brad and Jason, it's just that Mary is better at this presenting thing. Between her, Vinny, Drew, and Jan there's definitely a pattern emerging that the video producers are often far better in front of the camera than a lot of the people they hire to specifically be in front of the camera

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