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  1. I'm amazed that they're making a sequel to Beyond a Steel Sky after all this time. I'm fascinated to see how it turns out but I have zero interest in it myself, it doesn't look promising at all. It's a very weird 'get' for Apple, but I suppose it's the only real get they have?
  2. Mr. Gerbik

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    @El Geet around that age I read whatever I could get my hands on. One of my first issues was Secret Wars 4, the one wherere the Hulk lifts a mountain. 4 of a 9 issue limited series and I loved it. It would be years before I had 1 - 8 complete, and a few more years after that before I finally found 9 somewhere. At least your son is lucky enough to have access to complete runs! But the point is, it doesn't matter. He's enjoying them and you're looking at it with old man sensibilities.
  3. Mr. Gerbik

    State of Play - Video added to 1st post.

    This. And throw in a Tenchu remastered to make it extra special
  4. I already had the firecrackers by that point. Don't remember where exactly I found them, somewhere before Jeru the Damaja, but I used them on horsey.
  5. LB = parry B with a direction = dodge B neutral = counter red kanji thrust attacks - destroys pole guys Note that it's impossible to LB parry red kanji thrusts anyway, so your only options are dodge or counter once you have that Mirikiri move unlocked. The timing on Mirikuri counters is incredibly lenient and easy. Practice the move with the trainer zombie.
  6. Skill points are permanent, you only lose the little bit of progress towards the next one skill point. Unlike Dark Souls, there's barely any penalty for dying in Sekiro, mostly you lose half your cash but you can buy coin purses to counter thst.
  7. When a boss resets, ie you run away and he goes back to his default starting state, his health resets. Including the dots. So you can get one deathblow in maximum.
  8. Mr. Gerbik

    Edge #331

    Also worth noting that it came out after Crackdown 1.
  9. @df0 don't forget that the game taught you about shuriken being able to interrupt certain attacks and airborne enemies being particularly susceptible.
  10. Oh man I just encountered that old lady you mentioned and I see exactly what you mean! Jesus!
  11. On the other hand, this has now clicked hard for me. Mind blowing stuff Worth noting I bounced off Demon's countless times. And then I bounced off Dark Souls. Until Dark Souls finally clicked. Went back to Demon's and now I fucking loved it. Sekiro is different enough from Souls and uncompromising enough in its approach that the same may happen with this for some people who aren't feeling it right now. Just a thought, maybe I'm wrong Also worth noting I'm playing it completely differently from Souls, I suspect if you're falling back on Souls or Nioh muscle memory the game gets significantly harder. For my part, I'm still fucking pressing the equivalent of the Dual Shock square button to perform a stealth kill (as it is in Tenchu) every once in a while - and each time there's a few seconds where I'm wondering why it's not working!
  12. Small spoiler for what makes dragon rot even less impactful a bit later on:
  13. @Dave White from what I've played so far, dragon rot is even less meaningful in Sekiro than running around hollow in Souls. It seems to not matter at all. So unlike Souls, there is no real significant punishment fot dying since you keep your skill points and you can bank your cash. The game tries to make it seem like it's a big deal, but it's all in your mind
  14. No! More details please Also: top tip for anyone struggling with the ledge grab. Something which I only now figured out. When you jump up to grab a ledge, don't try to time the button press to grab it. Instead press and hold the X/Square button immediately after jumping and keep holding it. Mr. Sekiro will auto grab the ledge the moment the button prompt appears Maybe I was the only one struggling with this, but I thought I'd share just in case.

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