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  1. That game pass ultimate deal is the best thing ever. Way more games than you'll ever need, including brand new ones on launch day. You won't have to buy anything else for the next three years, and you will have access to more than you could realistically complete in that time.
  2. I'm not following the more tech side of this stuff at all, but wasn't that fancy Azure network supposed to prevent this sort of stuff. You know, employing additional servers as needed.
  3. I have that on both cd and vinyl* actually, bought around release. I know about it! It's the second album of this nutcase trio, the first being under the name KHM: ^the title track. Not quite the same line-up, but featuring all of Clayborne thanks to two Jacky Japsper guest appearances, the best thing Keith ever did as a member of a group is the album Pimp to Eat, by the Analog Brothers. (You'd understandably assume that Ultramagnetic is the best Keith group, but nah it's a good runner-up to Analog Brothers). Maybe you already know that one, but since you didn't know Clayborne or KHM either, just making sure. This is my shit. It's timeless. *Though I admittedly don't exactly know where they are atm, stashed somewhere alongside the rest of my physical music collection from the good old days.
  4. Blue Hulk is probably in palette swap pack 2, I take it? What a bargain. If you love GaaS, this is the Gaasiest of GaaS!
  5. The yellow costume is not even what he wore in the 90s tho, that decade was all about the orange/black design.
  6. I saw a tweet today in which they unveiled the Joe Fixit (aka the original grey Hulk) costume for the Hulk. Always a welcome addition and a fan favourite, but what did they do? Slap the FIxit costume onto the green Hulk. They didn't even bother with a simple palette swap. It's a small thing which only the nerdiest of nerds will get up in arms about, but aside from that it's emblematic of this whole project. I can't imagine that they're too lazy to apply a simple one-two click palette swap, which suggests it simply didn't even occur to anyone involved in making this game. Which nicely encapsulates how passionless this entire project seems to be, as if nobody has any kind of interest or passion for the subject matter. Therefore they're stuck reading wikipedia entries to figure out what people want to see so that they can monetize it. If that's the case, it's no big mystery why the entire reveal at E3 was a big mess that seemed to only want to take stuff from the films while apparently not having that particular license, why there isn't any kind of interesting style or flair to the visual design, why the reveal showed nothing of the game itself, and why they instead launched immediately into a big spiel about DLC and how players are going to be able to to buy lots and lots of additional stuff.
  7. And fair play, while I wasn't really interested in subscribing before, after getting 2 something years for a quid I find that it's the best thing ever. Seriously considering re-upping after the current sub ends if it stays this good. I'm also expecting that there will be a few more Ultimate bargains in the meantime which will allow extending my current sub.
  8. It's serviceable. It's not as good as the Android app but it works.
  9. Had some time to kill, so I fired up the GB app on Xbox... spotted a recent UPF which had a thumbnail that featured a bunch of the staff without Ben. Great! I hit play and the first thing I hear is "HURRRRRR"
  10. I thought it was shit. And I really enjoyed 3. The game has its fans though
  11. Big massive spoiler alert. Immortal Hulk 21 is out today, but the solicitation for issue 25 just went up. And if you thought the series had reached peak craziness, well, apparently what we've seen so far is pretty tame. Goddamn, Ewing you wonderful crazy bastard And what about dat Ross cover, eh?
  12. Of course But anyway, the cover headline would have been accurate if it had said "The studio that brought us Titanfall..." but it's an understandable error. In this case more unfortunate than you'd think because seeing how incredible the campaign in TF2 is, claiming that it's from the same team creates certain expectations.
  13. Is the HD backdrop mod finished then? And do these mods work with the Steam version or do you need the disc version?
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