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  1. I almost get the impression that it works a lot worse on Apple devices. Yes, the Stadia tech is definitely superior but on my Android devices over WiFi Xcloud is fine - very playable, with just the loading times testing my patience.
  2. Imagine paying attention to the story in a Clancy game. I love me some Splinter Cell but the story and dialogue is always blah blah blah political military tensions weapons and my brain immediately checks out. It always feels like an AI-generated story based on specific Tom Clancy words and concepts.
  3. And a final Alex drum live stream now
  4. This is big news, shouldn't you post it in the actual Judgment thread?
  5. Ah yes, that could be it. It was an area I'd been to earlier and since I had done a bunch of sidequests on the way there, I was desperate for a save - so I took a detour during a story bit to where I knew I could find a save point.
  6. I was enjoying the game until just now when I hit this bug. Lost hours of progress and obviously there's no sense in trying to do it all again. Any word on a patch? Have they acknowledged this bug?
  7. It does feel like it would be best suited on a handheld tbh.
  8. I got a secondhand Elite v1 (hence why it was free, a friend of mine upgraded to v2) and it's still fine! I haven't used it since getting an Series X controller but up until that point it was in daily use almost. Just lucky I guess and I hope I haven't jinxed it by posting this.
  9. They could do a Capcom and simply keep releasing updated versions - Mario Kart 8 Champion Edition, Marip Kart 8 Turbo etcetera. Add new modes or new characters each time and watch the maximum profit roll in.
  10. At the price point I got it for, I have no complaints! But yeah for the absurd amount of money they're asking, it should be of a high quality build.
  11. I think that there's a good chance that whatever Vinny does next, will be behind the camera and not in front - video production seems to be his passion, ending up in front of the camera and microphone on GB was simply how things played out. I hope not, but could be the last we see of him.
  12. I'm really glad I didn't buy it on PS4 now. I'll give it another hour or two, see if it grabs me - but it does look like it's not for me either. Perfect game to cure insomnia with though.
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