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  1. Neither did XB1 or the 360, I thought?
  2. Hell no. Unless you want to exclusively play downgraded first party Microsoft games, that's a terrible way to go about this. People like us are always going on and on about TEH EXCLUSIV3Z but let's be honest - the vast majority of what we play in a generation is multiplatform. Look at the yearly GotY lists, multiplatforms as far as the eye can see. And I'm willing to bet whatever bollocks @PeteBrant has left that Microsoft has ZERO say in third-party publishers deciding whether they want to bother supporting last-gen hardware.
  3. Maybe I'm misremembering but one of the times the ridiculous costs of living in SF came up, I recall something about him really glad that he got in while it was still affordable and in his flat they can't increase the rent if you're already living there or something along those lines. Otherwise he'd have to move to Petaluma where Jeff lives. Maybe I imagined this!
  4. Didn't he mention having a roommate because otherwise he couldn't afford it?
  5. The handholding is about to come to an abrupt stop
  6. And definitely don't suggest that your Stadia purchases won't carry over to the new thing.
  7. Exactly what I'm thinking. March was way too long to fucking wait, but even if the XSX launches in October or November, I'll be able to wait.
  8. Did you reach the expansions back then? If not , you're in for a treat. The main game is brilliant but the expansions are :chef's kiss:
  9. Quoting you again, because it's also worth noting the original release date was right at the end of the fiscal year, usually a sign that they need to get a game out right then whatever the cost. But now they've got more financial wiggle room because of the things I mentioned in my earlier post, so decided to give the game the time it actually needs. This is a good thing. I think your guess was right on the money, so to speak.
  10. Indeed, and in further fairness they put a lot of work into it post-release beyond just fixing shit and added a lot of free stuff before moving onto the expansions. My expectations for Cyberpunk are absurd, but I have faith they'll come close.
  11. Mr. Gerbik


    It's fantastic! Leisurely browsing ALL the games, seeing how many bloody duplicates I have without realizing it, seeing who is online on whatever. Brilliant. It's exactly that! It's so tedious. Have fun finding out for yourself Edit: ah, I remember enjoying Far Cry 3 a lot right up until the halfway point when they ditched the interesting villain in favour of shitty and uninteresting one. The game had been incredibly repetitive so I stopped playing right then, but at the time I thought it was great fun nonetheless and had a lot of potential if they could expand and build on the good ideas in 3. Instead they decided to keep reskinning 3.
  12. Note that Witcher 3 also popped up on Game Pass very recently, so they at the very least got some of that Microsoft money*. On top of that you get everyone jumping onboard because of the TV show, and by all accounts the Switch version did very well. So you could be right. *next-gen version of Cyberpunk to be Xbox exclusive confirmed!!11!
  13. I always assumed they would also do a next-gen version also. I'd be very surprised if they didn't, given that PC is their main platform. That's why I wasn't really happy about the original release date - too close to next-gen for me not to want to play the pretty version instead, but too far for me to be able to wait. September 17th is perfect, either one of those next-gen consoles launches on that same date or at the very least the Xbox Series X will be so close that I'll be able to wait (atm it looks like the Xbox will be the most powerful, in that case I'll be playing it on that, or else PS5) But Mr. Gerbik I can hear some ask, if you care about shinies and performance that much why don't you simply buy the PC version? Because even if both next-gen consoles cost 500 quid a piece, getting both is still far cheaper than buying a fancy GPU to do this justice! (and I would need a new motherboard and CPU too on top of that)
  14. Plague Tale! Excellent, that one has been near the top of my steam wishlist for a long time.
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