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  1. What video or feature is this? I haven't kept up with GB the last few weeks except for the podcasts
  2. Yeah, I'm in the Netherlands. Sorry. If it's any consolation, like I said - you ain't missing nothing right now.
  3. Yeah, exactly this. Unless you're desperate for a legal way to rewatch the original DuckTales, Disney+ is a waste of money without the upcoming new content.
  4. Started the Dutch free trial and TBH, it's a bit disappointing really. I don't know what I was expecting in hindsight, but what's there now just isn't worth the money for me personally. I've already seen all the MCU stuff and all the Star Wars and Pixar stuff. Can't be arsed watching it again. So that just leaves a bunch of Disney cartoons, but most of them are terrible, ugly cheaply made modern stuff. The classic Donald and Mickey short cartoons are timeless and still great, but it's just a handful of them - there's a bigger selection on YouTube. Or maybe there is more and the app just isn't surfacing that stuff efficiently. If it also had all the Fox content, it would have been worth it probably. (My wife was immediately disappointed that there was no Deadpool - when I explained that the adult rated stuff was never going to be added, she was less than impressed.) Oh and just like the Prime app, the Disney app isn't able to track viewing progress if you're using a Chromecast. A small annoyance, but you'd expect better from a company with literally all the money and resources in the world. I think that I'm going to occasionally activate a month to watch some of the new shows, but other than that it's not worth keeping as a regular streaming service.
  5. The oldest I remember is Final Fantasy 8, some j-pop ditty which I remember making that romantic scene corny as hell
  6. Oh god. Oh god. So the tv show writers have to think up all the characterization and dialogue themselves?! Jesus. Edit: to clarify that I'm not just being negative for the sake of it - the tv show writers having only a few big events to go on and being forced to actually write decent dialogue and convincing characterization entirely by themselves, was exactly what went wrong will the main show. I hope this is not shit, but for now we have zero evidence pointing to the contrary. We shall see.
  7. Okay, as someone who hasn't read the books but suffered through the last few seasons of the original tv show, I gotta ask: is that an actually finished book that is really finished for real with a proper ending and everything?
  8. @matt0 ah, that's interesting to know. It's something that really shouldn't be an issue in this day and age, that sucks.
  9. Wasn't that only ever an issue on PS4?
  10. Indeed. You don't need to buy a new game for the next few years really. And there's new stuff being added all the time, with every single Microsoft published game appearing on day one on Game Pass. That will of course also be the case on the next Xbox, so you basically just bought every next gen Xbox game that will appear in the first year, for a quid it's the best bargain in gaming ever, I can't see anything ever topping this. If you have an Xbox and you have Gold anyway, it would be madness not to invest that singlequid.
  11. Look up how many months of gold you have left. Extend that amount to as close as the maximum of 36 months (3 years) as you can by buying the cheapest Live Gold codes you can find. Then, and only then, buy the month Ultimate for a quid and presto, 3 years of Ultimate - which of course also includes PC and the next-gen Xbox @christaylor literally just bought the 1 quid deal in the post right above yours, so it's still up.
  12. I agree and I'm not biased because I'm not from the UK
  13. I know I've complained about Ben a few times before, but listening to this week's Bombcast I'm still astounded what a huge difference his absence makes. After the usual random intro banter, Jeff and Brad are having an informative, insightful, and entertaining chat about Gears 5 with Rorie occasionally asking a useful question. There's nobody interrupting every ten seconds to make a forced pun, the conversation isn't completely derailed every time Jeff tries to explain something, no constant incessant hurring throughout the talk. Breath of fresh air.
  14. Ok, serious answer: Rorie may be weird and ramble on, but he's himself. He's not desperately trying to be funny all the time, which would otherwise make everything he says seem really forced and cringy. If Ben would just be himself on the Bombcast and not so desperately try-hard, he would be perfectly fine also. Still not a good hire because even after all this time he still can't describe even the most basic games in a somewhat coherent manner, but he wouldn't be actively annoying to so many people.
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