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  1. There are reports out there about one or two journos having been crushed to death when their boxed PS5s fell on top of them while trying to take a picture. Something we should be concerned about you think?
  2. My English teacher always said that whenever you learn a new word, immediately start using it as much as possible to permanently add it to your vocabulary
  3. Goes well with your Captain Haddock avatar
  4. Luckily I was able to find a suitable replacement.
  5. Yes. I think I've had this same avatar ever since joining in 2005
  6. Oh shit! It didn't even occur to me even though I had read the news. Aw shit, I've had since forever
  7. It' most likely a false rumour that the douchebag latched onto for attention. But we don't know for absolutely sure right now.
  8. In other news, I was finally able to buy Demon's Souls and Miles tMorales digitally now that the new PS Store went live in the Netherlands. Though it varies per device or browser whether you see the old store (sans PS5) or the new one. Exciting!!
  9. Friend of mine bought Miles Morales vanilla version. Today he saw some comparison video of Spider-Man on PS4 versus remaster on PS5. Decided he wanted it after all. No way to upgrade. No way to cancel. Support will get back to him when they have time, which may or may not be before November 19th. I lol'ed I have to admit.
  10. As soon as Pob posted that, the sound of furious thunder was heard in the distance. An apoplectic raging storm was fast approaching!
  11. Yeah, zero expectations now. This whole project started because Mitsoda and his team had worked on a pitch when the news broke that Paradox had acquired the ip. They pitched it, Paradox was convinced and that's how it got started ib the first place. Shame, because Bloodlines 1 is one of my all-time favorites.
  12. After everything you said, I would be justifiably apoplectic if you didn't reinstall it.
  13. When you unlock group stasis as a mage, you basically unlock god mode Spamming magic missile fills up your adrenaline bar and group stasis uses adrenaline rather than magic. So you simply stasis the whole lot, spam one unlucky enemy with magic missile which also happens to stagger. Then hit group stasis again. Calmly drink a magic potion, spam magic missile again. oh and group stasis also makes enemies more vulnerable to magic when you level it up for additional lols Finished the arena quest this way no sweat, despite all the latter enemies having hella r
  14. I'm playing Greedfall right now which has somehow made me want to check out Skyrim again. First thought was buying it on Xbox during a sale, but then I realized all of them will be freely available soon enough. Excellent.
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