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  1. New Obsidian game
  2. As someone who bought and played Rage 2, I feel like I should warn you not to get excited about Rage 2.
  3. Told ya it was going to be a remake of the fantastic 60s Batman movie! Can't wait
  4. It doesn't really matter if there are similar story elements with Two-Face. Or any other character for that matter. It's a different take on the same characters after all, some elements will always recur - dark alley, parents dead, guy who looks like a penguin waggling about, etcetera. So if this one ends up borrowing the same story elements from the same comic as the Nolan ones, it doesn't really matter as long as they do it well.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2: now with even more input lag!
  6. Le pain du chef But I know immediately which version you played, and it's fun to think that a lot of gamers back then remember playing Halo 2 in French for the first time If I recall correctly, it appeared like two or three weeks early or something crazy like that. Great times.
  7. Editor Wil Moss confirmed that Bennett is back with issue 29. I'm surprised that he only took one issue off, but as a fan I'm glad he's back.
  8. Wait until a few of these shows are out. Get a free month trial, cancel it, and binge it all in one month.
  9. Fwiw, in the Dutch two month pre-release trial all those titles are available except Enchanted. Might indeed just a USA thing, so hopefully it will all be available in the UK just like it is in the Netherrealms.
  10. Joffo maybe? Can't imagine anyone else
  11. If Avernum 3 is still available, I'd be very happy with it @CovisGod
  12. The reactions to that are fantastic Dan still living in his magical world
  13. Terrible news. That's way too young, my condolences @Napole0n. Rest in peace Boutros
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