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  1. £120 on Japanese Pokemon Gold/Silver back when Nintendo games took ages to come over here. I saved up for it with my paper-round money, took them school on the last day - first Silver got nicked by someone "borrowing it" and then disappearing from School, then we went to Water World and they didn't provide us with lockers so my GBC + everything else got nicked... I think I had my first panic attack wondering what my mum would say when I got home.
  2. Something pretty big I've realised is the structure of the 3D world stuff is like an addition to the WiiU theme that you can select separately. So when changing themes everything will transfer over from the original 4 unless you go to the "Extra themes" menu and select 3D. Theme-s. I'm 99 percent sure there will be another theme there and I'm gonna call it: Mario Bros 2. Left testicle.
  3. I see the poster as a statement against commercialization, here's something; a sensitive and serious subject advertised and exploited to the extreme.
  4. I've had the same conversation with my Mrs many times over random Rllmuk things that I wasn't sure where I landed... Rllmuk's definitely in the top Left 5% - not quite in the 1%; where you challenge Chinese people on cultural appropriation as you pick up your Chowmein (but probably not too far off).
  5. Confirmed, man wastes time to entertain forum, probably fails. .
  6. Psst, do they know you can just change your machine time to skip the grind and get to the sweet* porns? *20 minutes of my life wasted.
  7. This is worth watching, it's actually a decent showcase and a nice interview. I'm so used to edgey cringe that this actually left me feeling a *little* bit warm inside. I love Tezuka.
  8. I love Nintendo and dislike Microsoft but MS definitely won this year, Nintendo really didn't do anything unexpected or extra really.
  9. It seems to snap without animation to grinds which seem to be at a set speed. Personally; I get the posssibilities of being able combo all the moves because of the bird's wings and it's adorable; but boiled down it's a slow and basic skater.
  10. VR might be a factor when I think about it, having a console that can give you that 8k vr resolution might be pretty ace.
  11. Oop they changed it to 720p now, the PEEEECEEEEE show!
  12. On the Youtube Steam I saw them change the stream quality at the beginning of the show, they're screen recording a Twitch stream lol.
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