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  1. hellcock junior

    Mario Tennis Aces

    Have to wait until Pay day but this looks really special!
  2. hellcock junior


    This season has had more happen in it than the last 2 combined - I was pretty sure it was the at the end but we're not even half-way through!
  3. hellcock junior

    Missing, presumed lost (from E3 that is...ah ha!)

    That name sounds like it should be the most racist thing ever.
  4. hellcock junior


  5. hellcock junior

    E3 2018: Nintendo E3 Direct - We Hope You Like Smash

    WIthout being harsh here, you can't really combine the 3 and have any form of rip-off. Art-style wise it's similar to Arms/Splatoon which popularised that style granted but the studio is Japanese and has always made games with distinctly Japanese graphics. Gameplay actually looks pretty novel, can't really tell what's going on but blowing bubbles seems to be some risk/reward mechanic where you can fire it but get caught it sticks you in place instead. It might be decent - but it's pretty difficult to get open melee combat to be actually fun. These people also brought you this btw which is anti-cashgrab if anything.
  6. hellcock junior


    I'm feeling it a bit more today, had a hair-raising moment where I landed on Snobby Shores and just couldn't find a ruddy starting gun! I think half the game had landed here so I had to play it so stealthy. I found some grenades and hid under a stairwell, I could see a gun outside but there were bullets flying past that area - someone got close and died; then a guy came to get the legendary Shotgun that dropped, I threw a grenade in advance and it got him perfectly! Ran out, looted and got sniped losing most of my health. Scampered back under the stairwell and used up a big Medkit, I saw the dude go past searching the place for me, I waited patiently and Shotgunned him in the back as he left, a legendary Sniper-rifle dropped outside the door and I saw this as an opportunity! He'd also dropped some C4 to so I placed it around the area waiting for a person I could hear in the distance. The fucker must have known his shit though as by the time I actually saw him he was perfectly placed in-between all the traps and I right clicked disappointingly to see him unharmed, he attacks and chases me in the house, I'm almost dead and in a last ditch attempt to save face I throw a grenade at my feet and take him down with me. 70th.
  7. hellcock junior


    Tore this Fort (and the owner) to shreds with a legendary Minigun and a shed load of bullets, very satisfying.
  8. hellcock junior


    What's the reward for coming first? Is there a random loot drop or something? I came 5th and got FA.
  9. hellcock junior


  10. hellcock junior

    Dumbo live-action remake by Tim Burton

    To be honest I think this looks like the best case scenario, I mean he's not fighting evil Dumbo and his emo army or some other shite.
  11. hellcock junior

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    I thought the same - but then it hit me that there's actually a ton of walking and landscape admiring in MGSV inbetween areas; so I reckon there's still a lot more to this. I think they chose the nature and beauty gameplay shots because the assets are probably nowhere near finalised for the built up, action-centric areas.
  12. hellcock junior

    Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red next masterpiece)

    Best not be anything like the critically acclaimed, mass award-winning cash mega-cow GTAV!
  13. hellcock junior

    E3 2018: Nintendo E3 Direct - We Hope You Like Smash

    I just hope it's not Smash 4 with all characters, 4 was the least fun to play IMO, everything was weak and uneventful, moves just felt so limp like there was an obsession with balance which ended with nobody having anything of worth. Yeah, it had no slip mechanic and it was a little faster - but it just didn't feel fun. Also had the worst Single Player, and least amount of unlocks of value - granted Smash Run on the DS was amazing but I could only cripple my fingers for so long. I only hope they realised their mistakes.

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