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  1. A couple more ink and watercolour works for you. I might well do more with both.
  2. So have they called it a season then, or is it another year like foot and mouth with games in the autumn ?
  3. Sidewaysbob

    NFL 2019!

    I think it's more that they couldn't put a pocket around him that would last long enough for him these days. The Bucs have a solid wall ready and waiting for him.
  4. Hello. I've been working on this for a couple of weeks now and tonight was supposed to be the grand unveiling. But because everywhere is now closed down, there's no exhibition to exhibit at But I've done the work and put a lot of effort into it so I don't want to waste it. Firstly the quote in the centre picture is by Virgil and says "Oh you who are born of the Gods, easy is the descent into hell. The door of darkness stands open day and night. But to retrace your steps and come back out into the brightness above, that is the work, that is the Labour" The images represents the two sides of my personality. The painful and wounded vulnerable side. And the angry self destructive shouting side that wants to beat me down. Fun and jolly I know. But part of art therapy is to confront these things and try to understand then break the cycles. The pictures are watercolor with ink outlining. And damn it I think these are great. I'm really happy with the result. Maybe one day they'll be in an exhibition.
  5. In other news, I did this last night at my art class. I just straight up did it off the bat, no prep just boom done thank you goodnight. I felt like a drawing GOD all the way home. I love it when it all just works and the image in your head just appears and you don't fuck it up.
  6. Looks excellent, bought
  7. Sebring has been canceled now. Both the IMSA and WEC races. Which is a shame, despite it looking like a ploughed field they're racing on, I do kind of like the race. ho hum
  8. This would be a perfect opportunity to introduce E racing to everyone. How quick do you think they could set up an F1 series ? Each team could have a set up in the factory and all the simulators linked up. We could take bets on how long it takes Redbull to complain everyone else is cheating
  9. Not as good as the first by a long chalk. Hints at deeper mystical things and just ends up guns blazing and running around shouting like a child hyped up on sherbet dip dabs. Fun to begin with, then betrays its low rent roots. they spent all the money on the skyfire special effects Poe was still the best thing in it.
  10. 6 Underground. If i had known it was a Michael Bay movie before hand, i would have avoided it like a room full of Corvid-19 victims. Jesus fucking christ is awful. Turid, dull, pointless, full of plot holes, mind bendingly stupid and it makes no sense from start to finish. Also, having spent a week in Florence, the jump cuts around the city annoyed the hell out of me, tracking in car shots with a background of sweeping grass plains, then cut to driving past the Uffizi gallery and continuing the conversation. Gathering the team makes no sense, the premise makes no sense, the plot twist is stupid, and the mother in the old folks home is there for the weakest joke ever committed to celluloid Utter tosh -6 out of 5
  11. How did they handle the MCU so well and make such a mess of the Star wars universe ?
  12. Emma When one is in the middle of full on depression they can do far worse than to take the afternoon off work and head to the cinema for a classic british costume drama. Misunderstood intentions, heaving bosoms, simpering looks and cutting wit. Beautiful costumes , dashing men and Bill Nighy in full Bill Nighy mode Anya Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn are delightful as Emma and Knightly. 4 Gentlemen out of 5
  13. Check out Mr Big balls. If that was supposed to be funny, it isn't. If it was supposed to be insulting consider it a hit. Whatever, carry on being a dick in here all you like. Life's too short for this shit.
  14. Working on my Spider Gwen itch. I was trying to use inks with soft pastels, in the style of Degas. But I think he uses an oil paint base, because inks are too smooth. Anyway, I like the result so I want to share it with you
  15. Oh right. Sorry I didn't realise we weren't allowed to talk about stuff already mentioned. My bad. I'll fuck off then.
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