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  1. Day 24 - dig "Ninja Cow had a 2 for 1 deal with the local grave diggers"
  2. I love the sound of the GT3 mercs proper grunty engine note
  3. But they've had numerous races there this year already, maybe replacing the track surface has dislodged quite a few.
  4. OK hands up. It was late and I was quite drunk. My post is pretty stupid. My wife has now explained to me in simple terms how wrong I am, sorry. I still don't think he deserves to be banned for the weekend. But you're right, you can't really say that sort of thing and not expect it to be picked up on.
  5. Well now. Max is talking on his radio to his pit crew and expressing his frustration at the predicament. The FIA then chose to broadcast the communications and release the transcript. It's not like max stood in the racing point garage and called stroll a cunt in front of prime time TV. Or got out of the car and tried to lamp Andrea De Cesaris in the face with his helmet. So really I suspect there is a lot of faux outrage being wheeled out here because there is very little else to get worked up about. 2 cars crash, one driver says something terrible insens
  6. Is mongrel a racial slur to Canadians?
  7. Day 23 - rip "To his great shame, Hokusai missed Ninja Cow catching the perfect rip curl off Kanagawa"
  8. Day 22 - chef "never again would young farmer Timothy send the filet mignon's back for "another five minutes luv". "
  9. If you hang around after the qualifying tomorrow, Sky F1 are showing the Spa 24 hour GT race, not quite all of it, there's a bit of dull indy car qualifying in there too. But the bit in the dark will be live and that's the best bit of 24 hour racing. The Spa 24 is usually carnage as there are too many cars with gentlemen drivers pounding around in the dark, being lapped by big old grunty GT3 cars with pro drivers giving it the beans. Throw in the cold and the rain and someone will smear something expensive up the wall at least once an hour. Settle back with a beer and
  10. Whilst its not on a par with Josh tattooing Gregs name on his foot, i think the joy of this series so far has been how awful the first round objects have been. They appear to have deliberately set out to bring the most shit thing they can find. Daisy's bottle of wine week one and then a crumpet are genius.
  11. On the grounds Hass has all but put an add on ebay to sell his team, i'd be really surprised if Shumi ends up there rather than Alfa Romeo. I was under the impression it was all a done deal, but then I thought Magnussen had done enough to keep his seat to mentor Ilot.
  12. How is Giovinazzi keeping his seat, he's even worse the Grosjean !!!
  13. Inktober Day 21 - Sleep. "Good night sweet farmer Pete and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest"
  14. Day 20 - coral "One summer Ninja Cow hid out with the Ama ladies of Mikitomo pearl Island. It was the only time she ever made friends."
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