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  1. The Minotaur actually being a stranded Pred that they tricked into a maze? Yeah, I'll have that.
  2. I had a good time with this. Logical enough, and a good blend of action, violence and thoughtful ideas. I'd happily see them go all Assassin's Creed and show predators taking on different groups throughout world history.
  3. Alas, wouldn't have been me. I was only part time at both, and only Game in Leeds. Would've still been in Newcastle around that time. The old, old Gamestation in Leeds (the second in the country, I believe?) was pretty great. I bought my first Saturn from there second hand for (I think) £150. New Generation Consoles on Mill Hill was always an exciting place to see brand new import shit too.
  4. Ok, so I've seen Prey (Indigenous survival) and The Old Ways (Indigenous witchery), and I'm planning to watching History of the Occult next, which is... surviving indigenous witchery? I think it works. Love the party game idea.
  5. Our fake loyalty silo was under the name Darth Vader.
  6. Install the app from the Oculus store, install the server on the Windows PC and run your games out of Steam once you're connected. Just make sure you're on the the same WiFi network and, ideally, on 5GHz. It's immensely easy. https://www.vrdesktop.net/
  7. 100% agree with this. It's my setup and I have no reason to use anything else. Plus, I can do it in a different room to the computer, without having some preposterous 18m USB C cable.
  8. I had a great time working for both Gamestation and Game. Had an entertaining colleague who used to swear at me through the CCTV camera speaker over my shoulder and I was dealing with customers. We had a kickabout with Champ Man promotional balls that wrecked the shop's merchandising as was shown to us on CCTV the following day. Back when I drank slightly too much, and as a result had to recover too much, the hero of a manager would ask if I fancied being in the back for some shrink wrapping instead of public facing. Though that was for her benefit as much as mine, and I'm not sure the confined plastic fumes helped. But man, if I couldn't wrap a Master System 1, 6 games and the little arcade stick nobody could. Obviously there were plentiful creatures on both sides of the counter, myself included, but it's all fondly remembered. Even met a partner of 4 years working there. Shout out to the Newcastle and Leeds dirtbags.
  9. This approach is clearly divisive and I want to love it more, but I'm just waiting for the end now. I know that they're doing an excellent job of conveying Gene's descent into the mundane, but that feels like they're throwing it in our faces too. Ultimately, I think one of the bigger problems for me is that, in contrast to the high stakes chaos of the past, none of his modern day hijinks feel stressful or tense to me. We've been blasting down the motorway for too long, and now pootling around on a B road doesn't feel fast.
  10. Yeah, this one's been in the public consciousness for a long time but, just like booze, tobacco, fried foods etc, we're all setting our own personal boundaries of acceptability. Fuck, I have some Prague Powder/curing salt in my kitchen. I think you're on the money with the fatalistic approach to getting cancer. There's plenty of it in my family, and I'm not planning on having kids, so I want to make sure I enjoy what I enjoy. Though that will no doubt change as I age and stare mortality more closely in the eye. Bearing in mind that the main reason I have my CostCo card seems to be buying their beef hotdogs, I'm probably not quite a neutral take on this.
  11. Couldn't you just map the pedal to the grip button on a single controller? Might take a minute to get used to, but feels like it could be pretty elegant.
  12. The Old Ways Exorcism horror based in unnamed rural Mexico, but with a very blasé approach to whether they're speaking in Spanish or Nahuatl. It's almost fine. One or two good moments, but generally the actors are sweatless and polished, with immaculate makeup. Like Jurassic World 3. It's something stupid like 94% on RT, but an absolute waste of fascinating subject matter. 1.5/5
  13. Rift S is discontinued, so you might get it cheap. But I suspect you'd regret not just getting the Quest 2 in terms of versatility.
  14. A lot of the puzzle and narrative driven games have a Myst-like quality. Though none so much as this one.
  15. Oh absolutely not what I had in mind. We're talking 360 degree, fully immersive Point Blank stages. Similarly, Time Crisis that you can play like Crisis VRigade, leaping behind cover and laying on the floor shooting over barriers. Playing the arcade machines in 2D is cool, but massively underexplores the potential.
  16. The Room is absolutely one of the best ones, and you'd hope that a sequel is due any time now. Other interesting ones include Red Matter, Floor Plan 2, Extreme Escape, I Expect You To Die 2, Time Stall just about fits. There are more on PCVR, but many are very janky.
  17. Monkey Island, Call of the Sea, Escape Room Simulator, Worms, King of Monsters. The middle two are recent games that I'm keen to play, but am waiting on patches because they just seem made for VR. Also basically any First Person Puzzler that won't make me vomit.
  18. I had exactly the same response. There was some fun stuff, but I didn't really fancy getting pulled around by the dick by writers who think that enigma and obfuscation are the same thing. I'd probably be more inclined to go back if I'd heard it was all wrapped up in one season. Though I do like Harold Perrineau.
  19. I use mine almost every day. Particularly when working from home. If I'm at a sticking point with work, a quick 9 holes on Walkabout or a couple of songs on Beat Saber absolutely resets my brain. It's the most convenient brain-scrubbing getaway for mental block.
  20. One annoyance with the Quest 2 is that it's not easy to read from USB drives. In an ideal world, I'd be able to connect a USB drive full of movies via USB OTG and watch them in Skybox when my Plex server is unavailable, but it just doesn't seem to work.
  21. Is it on Steam? I play all PCVR wirelessly with Virtual Desktop. No Oculus program required.
  22. Controls are an issue. Doing the old imaginary floaty steering wheel with the move controllers isn't ideal, and there are no bluetooth steering wheel/stick combos marketed as being designed for Quest. There absolutely could be, though the need for a static base starts to chip away at the instant pick-it-up, play-it-anywhere vibe of the device.
  23. There were nice touches in this episode, including all the Walt/BB mirrors people have mentioned. I didn't feel any tension though, as I never thought for a moment that Gene's plan would turn out differently from the way it did. So that whole segment actually felt slow to me, rather than gripping. I can see that, with the principal story wrapped up, they're able to have some fun here. Little love letter episodes to fans and Saul alike. They're not my favourite if today's is anything to go by, but they'll still be good tv.
  24. VR gives me an immediate and tangible joy that makes full-fat console experiences feel convoluted and bloated. The experiences are, without a doubt, more simplistic. But they drag so much immersion and tactility out of the environments that no amount of ray tracing on a flat screen could compete. The freedom of wireless VR for spinning, ducking, and laying on the floor shooting is a huge benefit too. Th experiences are in their infancy on standalone VR, but they offer something unavailable elsewhere. Now, as I continually demand, we just need Namco to make an immersive Point Blank.
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