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  1. It's all formulaic, but I love some Far Cry. It's like I have a holiday home which is very familiar, and the place itself offers no surprises, but I still want to revisit every year or two. A two week holiday to Ubiland. Can't understand at all why everyone's suffering through dozens of hours of these if they don't enjoy it. There are so many other things to do instead that you'll probably enjoy more.
  2. Aside from falling out of love with combat sports a bit, if Dana brushes this shit under the rug,it's going to put me on the precipice of ditching the UFC. Not that he'll be crying into his pillow about that one. The biggest entity (in a sport riddled with inexcusable behaviour and links with horrendous people) allows this shit to keep happening. And rewards it in the name of making a dollar. There's no visible mental health support, or genuine recrimination. It's gross. There are friends of mine who truly believe that the UFC is a relic, and Dana and Co do their level best to make me sure they're right. If they banned MMA tomorrow, I would entirely understand, and move on.
  3. I had tons of fun with Superliminal, as with most quirky first person puzzlers. And I love that the genre is mostly the domain of smaller teams. That said, the rules must be followed:
  4. If you watch it three times, does he appear in the room?
  5. The only acceptable reason for this is if you were abandoned as a child during a slapstick holiday scenario and she gives you PTSD.
  6. I imagine this is the payday which will have Masvidal set. There's no world in which Masvidal has ever been at the level Usman is, and Usman should by rights destroy him. That said, Jorge has that 'puncher's chance' wildman mythology about him that Conor has too. I still wouldn't bet on him in a million years and, barring Street Jesus getting a helping hand from his namesake, he gets wrecked. Usman needs more promotion, because he's fucking amazing. And Jorge can survive an L because of the short notice. Why UFC didn't run constant promos about Usman being a quiet murderer who will shut you the fuck up —after breaking Colby's jaw— is insane. They really can't promote for shit. Use Colby's self-promotion to elevate a new star. A new GSP.
  7. I enjoyed BOP ft Harley Quinn but, more importantly, I know about half a dozen women who really liked it, and felt it spoke to them in ways that other comic blockbusters didn't. It seems both savvy and timely to hand the reins of a franchise like this to a woman, and see what she does with it. I hope she doesn't just end up playing Jacqueline Sparrow though.
  8. I already had most of the base gravy ingredients in, so it didn't really cost me much. Plus, for £30, you could probably make about 10 batches, each lasting about 10 curries. It all pans out. As far as pre-cooking the meat, it seems to be the secret to perfect meat/sauce consistency, and the pre-cooked meat tends to be somewhat marinated too. Not to mention it means you can make most curries in ten minutes. I'd probably suggest trying it yourself to compare, but the pre-cooked chicken per Al's recipe is cooked with ginger, garlic and base gravy, and it seems to offer a flavour I haven't been able to match with cooking in the curry pan. I don't think most BIR curries seem to benefit from adding extra time to stew, burn, or separate.
  9. For years, I assumed that my unwillingness to use a half kilo of ghee was the reason my curries weren't 'right'. Now I'm entirely convinced it was the base gravy all along. As well as pre-cooking the meat.
  10. Yeah, I caught it. It's enjoyable, despite some daftness. It feels like a lot of the Ibiza debauchery has gone through a middle-aged Mills & Boon lens, but the cast are entertaining if not likeable. But, at a time when it's entirely necessary, it felt like I was spending some time in a sunny foreign locale with them.
  11. Ran through this pretty quickly the other day. It's an excellent little diversion. Like a lot of my favourite games, it's a little holiday, and captures a charm and wonder that so many other games fail to. Will be keeping an eye on the dev for sure.
  12. I'm looking forward to this a lot, but I'll be playing on Steam. I hope it does really well. Revolution stuff is very special.
  13. I have enjoyed many of his films, but after his prolific boasts about his sex life, I recall reading some scurrilous rumours about him potentially being one of the more active casting couch predators in Hollywood. Struggling to find any right now, but I'll certainly hold my fanfare for just a moment while the dust settles. We might hear some things soon enough.
  14. Took me a minute to find these - weren't to be found in my usual places! It's a lot of fun, even if the 'chopped into 5-10 min segments' is a bit jarring. I also love me a horror anthology, and it would be great if they made it to all 50 states. But I can't imagine Quibi lasting that long...
  15. Even though they've been called 'puzzle games' my whole life, I don't consider Tetris, Puzzle Bobble, Klax, Columns, Puyo Puyo etc to be puzzles at all. If anything, they're... 'Reaction games'? When I think of puzzle games now, and they're probably my favourite kinds of games, I include compilations like Picross and Slitherlink, the phone-driven evolutions of point & click like room escape games, and absolutely games like the Witness.
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