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  1. Took the opportunity to play through BASS after hearing about this. I'd started in the past, but never got far. It's great, but I'm glad Revolution sorted out their puzzles and pacing. It's actually quite a small game, but the inability to skin ponderous walking cycles - and the puzzles that revolve around speaking to the same person three damn times - stretch it out a bit. It was fun worldbuilding, and a great start to their legacy, but a remaster would probably be finishable in an hour or two without the padding.
  2. I think Pereira could lose two thirds of his fights and still find work wherever he goes. He's nowhere near the top ten, but he's still a must watch. If he ever settles down for a 'serious' run, I'll understand it, but I'll probably be a bit disappointed too.
  3. i'm not sure about the Ferguson/Pereira comparison. MP is a gymnast with a sense of humour, wild capoeira and a ground game that left a bit to be desired. Tony is a diverse, but very functional, striker with a great ground game top and bottom. Also hard to say what Pereira's cardio is like when he's doing more before the fight starts than plenty of fighters manage in the first two rounds.
  4. Hold the phone! You're calling them girls, even though you know they're mostly not!? And you're implying that they're lesser as a result? You funny, funny man! A real Jim Davidson.
  5. Gaethje and Cerrone delivered. And Michel Pereira fought again, which is always worth seeing. Glover/Krylov and the Todd Duffee fights were entertaining enough too.
  6. If you're most specifically referring to psychosexual thrillers, they certainly have a penchant for them. Elle by Paul Verhoeven was interesting, if not as disorientating as Perfect Blue or l'Amant Double.
  7. There was a French film from a year or two ago called l'Amant Double which would probably tick your boxes.
  8. I'm not sure Jones is exactly in it for the challenge anymore. I think he likes being at LHW because he owns the division, is its GOAT, and can ostensibly hold it to ransom while eeking out victories over fighter he'd demolish if he cared to. HW is much riskier than that.
  9. Presumably Brock's just trying to mess with Dana again. Bader/Brock might actually be a pretty competitive fight though. I can't really pick Brock against any HW that's a good all-rounder and anything close to his size. But good all-rounders are heavyweight are like rocking horse shit.
  10. Mixed bag for me. I've known Khabib was the 155 GOAT forever, but I've fallen out of love with the horrible man that he is. I don't think anyone can touch him. I'm never seen wrestling so fierce, or painful. I want him to lose, but he's Ivan Drago for real. He has no compassion. Just victory. War Dustin, but I see him getting chewed.
  11. For a Stallone double bill, I'd probably go Rocky Balboa and Rambo too. And I liked Tron Legacy.
  12. If I'm remembering right, it was a weird glancing shot towards the top of the side of DP's head. In all honesty, I don't see Poirier having anything for Khabib. That said, I'm more keen than ever for Khabib to be beaten and leave the sport for good, so WAR DUSTIN. It would mean we never get the Ferg/Khabib fight, but to be honest I think Khabib wrecks Ferguson anyway. Properly punishes him.
  13. Watched this at the weekend and thought it was great. Within the first 15 minutes, I'd audibly said "oof!" about three times - there's some incredibly inventive violence. The above the Table stuff is still pretty opaque, and John's character doesn't really develop. But both of those things makes total sense when you remember that it's only been about 3 weeks since the first film began.
  14. She's definitely legit, but I think Rose is a bad style match for her. Joanna too. I hope she becomes a huge role model and helps get some eyes on the division. That performance though? I never really thought Andrade was elite, and I don't think the title win proved anything, but Zhang's instincts and aggression were something else.
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