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  1. schmojo

    Far Cry 5

    I like both. The story in 4 is more whimsical and fun, and the vertical elements are more interesting. Plus the enemy range is a bit broader in 4. Honestly, I don't think I'd skip 4. Just save 5 for next year, or however long you need to leave between UBI open world games.
  2. With the inside-out cameras (as seen with the Guardian config), this feels like it could be the best AR device to date. For people who've used it: does AR feel like a realistic application for these? Are there any good examples already out there?
  3. I've always gone with the dragons having telepathy - first with Dany, then with Jon. Drogon wouldn't have killed Jon, but would have understood the reason for Dany's death (and decline). If this sounds far-fetched, don't forget that all dragons can do this in real life.
  4. schmojo

    I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

    It feels like Tim Robinson shouts in lieu of being funny. He has one move. I watched about 4 episodes based on the love here, but it wasn't for me. But then, I like Tim and Eric in theory a lot more than I actually enjoy full episodes of their show.
  5. schmojo

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    A whole bunch of interesting stuff came out of last weekend: - MVP getting slept in the weirdest way by the amazing Douglas Lima. Who will probably take the belt if Rory Mac doesn't wake up. - Jake Hager being dominant against low level opposition with another arm triangle finish, but he held it too long and gave a weird promo after. He's taking the Brock route, I guess. - Freire quickly finishing Chandler (and becoming champ champ) in another sub 2 min Bellator main event. I'd love to see those two run wild in the UFC, but Chandler's clocking up the miles. From the UFC side, it's hard to get too excited about Andrade. Rose outclassed her left and right. Outside of the slam, nobody could call her the better fighter. But Rose was very forthcoming, talking about how there's a weight off her shoulders without the belt. I think she's awesome, but if she wants to go and chill, then more power to her. The crowd were rough on Cannonier after the Silva fight, but Cannonier needs some thicker skin. It's Brazil, and he just injured a legend. Volkanowski continues to be legit. Would love to see him against Ortega before Holloway. But that's partially because I'm worried he'll take the belt from lovely Max.
  6. schmojo

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Ferguson vs Cerrone next month. it's a weird one - I'm glad to see Tony back, and it's got barnburner written all over it. But Tony is just a better version of Cerrone at the moment, and I don't see Donald winning. I also don't see the win doing much for tony either. That said, i suppose Ferguson's mental health is a wildcard.
  7. schmojo


    It's a good job that everyone's palate is the same, eh?
  8. schmojo

    Vampire Weekend

    It's not clicking with me at all yet. I love the first and third albums, and I like Contra, but this feels a bit like an AI that was trained to generate tons of Vampire Weekend songs. I'll keep at it though.
  9. schmojo

    What We Do in the Shadows - TV version

    Matt Berry was born for this. It's tons of fun, glad it's done well.
  10. I'd expect it's easier to negotiate nude scenes with young actors desperate to make their name than actors who your show's momentum depends on in later seasons. Though I quite like the way GoT uses porn actors for a chunk of its nudity: you avoid strong-arming mainstream stars into nude scenes, and give some exposure (yes) to the professionals. It's probably a great opportunity for those looking to raise their profile.
  11. schmojo

    Food Prepping

    The local places round here have that on the menu too. But I don't love either of them. Truth be told, outside of curry goat and (dry) jerk, I can take or leave spinners, hard food, callaloo and stew. The banana fritters can be very good though.
  12. schmojo

    Food Prepping

    I'm a big fan of the char on jerk chicken (the char is much more important than the smoke, IMO, which is more incidental.) That said, I live next to a largely West Indian area, and there appears to be an entirely separate style of jerk which is milder, has more of a gravy, and certainly isn't cooked over a flame. It seems just as popular round here. Could be a Jamaica/T&T difference, as you'll find different kinds of a lot of Caribbean food. If you make it work, stick with it. I recently started adding soy to my jerk marinade. It's not entirely authentic (though they shift a lot of soy sauce in the Caribbean), but it's the backbone of a lot of my marinades.
  13. I find comedy to be Thor's most interesting purpose when we've got so many other Deux Ex Machina Superman characters. It gives him something uniquely his own. And it makes narrative sense that he'd lose his gravitas when he lost his homeland.
  14. It turns out that there's a seventh infinity stone, where the entire universe's supply of Wrong is concentrated into a single post. But at least we had a good idea where we'd find it. I just saw this and thought it was very enjoyable, though not my favourite on any particular level. It's probably been covered earlier in the thread, but they never made it feel like half the world survived. It was like only 15 people did. Maybe they were worried that Thanos's plan might look tempting... One thing that has become obvious is that the audience is crying out for simplicity. This was the critical mass of collected information, and I heard far too many people in the cinema having to remind other people why things were happening.
  15. schmojo

    New Earthworm Jim game

    Homophobe, transphobe, evangelical Christian who believes America is superior due to its Christian population.

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