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  1. If you mean Retro Gamer, yes, they are based at the Bath office.
  2. Thought this was another horror story re Hermes at quick glance.
  3. I have the Gen 2 600 TB for my Series X and very impressed, highly recommend. Worth popping in this thread for more feedback on various headsets:
  4. I'm curious to know what happened to @Sng delivery! I'm not even getting a PS5 and I'm nervous to know what happened! Hope it's a good outcome! Enjoying the updates everyone and pet photos, Series X for me but loving the energy!
  5. Happy launch day everyone! I’m just Xbox myself (got the Series X) but I do enjoy a console launch! Enjoy your shiny new toy!
  6. They have no phone contact at all as they have suspended it during the pandemic. The only contact is the website or twitter which you have already done. Even their live chat is closed. Hopeless.
  7. Totally agree. I had a One X which I traded in and I could never go back now. Series X is just so quick, it’s got me playing more games on Gamepass that’s for sure. The overall gaming experience is just so much better. I love it and blows my mind to think what will be coming in the future.
  8. The Biggest Launch in Xbox History, All Thanks to You by Liz Hamren, CVP, Gaming Experiences & Platforms • Nov 13, 2020 @ 8:00am Thanks to you, the launch of Xbox Series X|S is now the most successful debut in our history. While we missed the emotional spark of being together with you in person, it was incredible to celebrate a new generation of gaming with the millions on our celebration livestream and everyone who participated in our global launch across 40 countries. Your support, and what you accomplished in the first 24 hours of launch, inspire us and demonstrate the co
  9. Erm, does the Xbox still work?
  10. Cheers Shimmy. I’ve just worked it out! When adjusting the mic monitoring slider on the t beach app, you have to ensure the xbox is on at the same time as connecting the headset to your pc or mac via the charge cable when using the app. The setting is then saved. The box is still greyed out but the mic monitoring is now working. Hurrah!
  11. Help needed rllmuk please! I have the T Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 headset for my Series X but I cannot get mic monitoring to work. The headset is fine apart from that, firmware all updated. The T Beach app even shows me a slider which I have moved up for mic monitoring but I cannot get the slider to move on the audio options from the main dashboard for mic monitoring, it’s all the way to the left so off in effect and the box is greyed out not allowing access. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this with their headset or is there something I need to do? Cheers!
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