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  1. djbhammer

    F1 2020

    My standard edition just shipped from Simply Games. Bring it on!
  2. https://www.renaultsport.com/fernando-alonso-joins-renault-dp-world-f1-team.html?r=331
  3. Why not? We have known for a while that the rights to the game were bought by BigBen (ne Nacon) and KT were going to be involved but we have had silence for a long time so It’s nice to know it’s now official, we have a title, we know they are looking to keep it to the style of the previous games, it generates interest, the gaming media start to report on it etc - all good in my book. You only have to see the comments and reactions on social media to see the excitement this has caused, especially from those with fond memories of the series. Job done. I’m kind of hoping the fact there is no release date yet points to a PS5/Series X release. Next gen TDU, yes please!
  4. So from the Nacon Connect presentation, I noted the following: No release date or console formats confirmed except they have announced it will be available on Steam. Island (location not revealed) will be on a 1:1 scale, loads of avatar customisation and using WRC as a base line for the tech/modelling for the cars and physics in game, tweaked for the open world driving experience. Multiple road surfaces expected, applying their WRC expertise. Ferrari, Bugatti and Lamborghini confirmed. The Game Director, Alain Jarniou, worked on the original TDU and TDU2 and wants to keep to the DNA of the previous games with obviously some new ideas thrown into the mix. More info to come.
  5. Renault branded deckchairs now available to pre order. In all seriousness, very happy to see him back. Just hope he does not get stroppy again and ruin the atmos for Ocon. Looks like Vettel is screwed then for a 'competitive' seat.
  6. djbhammer


    I was the same danbot. I was late to realise AWD was possible on the starter vehicle! It's a great adventure and the game is massive! There's something about the slow and careful progress that makes it very addictive too. Enjoy!
  7. Exactly. Phil has been firing on all cylinders since June. Boozy knows what he’s doing.
  8. djbhammer

    F1 2020

    Thanks Ry for the heads up on reviews. Have put them in the original thread. I’ll let one of the Mods close this duplicate thread, have messaged the admin team. Cheers!
  9. djbhammer

    F1 2020

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-07-06-f1-2020-review-codemasters-series-goes-from-strength-to-strength https://www.ign.com/articles/f1-2020-review Thanks to @Ry re review heads up. Roll on Friday!
  10. It would be Xbox One and Series X - no first party Series X exclusives for the first 2 years.
  11. Phil Spencer said late Summer in an interview.
  12. I just hope they stick to the traditions of the game which made it the unique driving experience. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-07-03-the-double-a-team-test-drive-unlimited-drew-a-new-horizon-for-racing-games
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