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  1. Done deal. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-02-18-ea-completes-codemasters-acquisition-and-hopes-to-revolutionise-racing-games
  2. Brings back memories of my time playing Mario Golf Toadstool Tour on the GameCube! Really looking forward to this. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/mario-golf-super-rush-switch/
  3. That's a really nice looking headset, about time Microsoft did an official wireless one. Not long had the T Beach 600 Gen 2 which have been awesome so I'll just crack on with those for now.
  4. That’s me back in, especially with the next gen update now out. Looking forward to firing this up on my Series X!
  5. Simply Games copy just arrived. The steelbook is really nice!
  6. Wow, my sub copy just got delivered. That’s the earliest it’s ever come.
  7. Well, if you have been informed that something will cost £86 per annum imminently but you can get it for £39 whilst stocks last, what else would you expect people to do? The 3 year stack and Ultimate conversion is a no brainer regardless for those that have not yet done it. It was simply highlighting the point now was a good time to do it. Even with the reversal, it still is!
  8. Yeah I did ShopTo before and code instantly available so no worries on service there.
  9. ShopTo £39 is decent. I would imagine these 12 month codes will start selling fast given today’s news. They look a right bargain now.
  10. Now more than ever is the time to stack 12 month Gold up to a max of 3 years and convert to Ultimate. You can still grab 12 months online from ShopTo for £39 for example.
  11. Just completed the main story. Loved every minute and perfect ending for me. Roll on the DLC.
  12. Delayed until sometime later this year. There’s a surprise.
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