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  1. pinholestar

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I completed all the treasure map missions (of which there are around five or so) without referring to any guides. Some are a bit trickier than others but for the most part they show fairly easily identifiable geographical features and locations such as waterfalls and forts. The Face Rock one is probably the most obscure one I’d say as it relies upon you stumbling across that location by chance and it’s not terribly big so could be easily missed. Luckily I’d already found it and had it marked on my map. The treasure maps in this are great and lead to some interesting little nooks and crannies out there in the world. Just keep your eyes peeled, be observant and explore thoroughly and you’ll find them eventually. Their purpose is to encourage you to explore and make a mental note of unusual locations and they serve that function well. Unless you want everything handed to you on a plate that is.
  2. pinholestar

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Keep the impressions coming please. I'm getting the standard edition so still have a few days to wait but all this positivity is getting me more and more excited and hyped. @kerraig UK what do you mean with regards to the spotting?
  3. I developed a huge interest in WW1 a couple of years ago and have since read countless books on the subject and spent hours in the WW1 galleries at the Imperial War Museum. This film was a stunning achievement in bringing that period to life and quite literally giving colour to all of these events that I’d read about and the brave men and women that lived through them. It was a harrowing watch that left me in tears but what an amazing production. Couldn’t ask for a more fitting tribute on today of all days.
  4. pinholestar

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

  5. pinholestar

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Eleven Sports’ monthly subscription won’t include UFC PPVs though. It may still work out cheaper for you over the course of a year if you’re only purchasing a few events but for most people it sounds like it’s going to be a really shit deal with regards to UFC coverage compared to BT Sport.
  6. pinholestar

    Your Very Best Gaming Year

    1998 going into 1999: Zelda: Ocarina of Time Metal Gear Solid Half-Life Resident Evil 2 Four seminal solid gold classics right there plus other games such as Grim Fandango, Baldur's Gate, Tenchu and Banjo Kazooie which although I wouldn't place in the same pantheon as the above, I still loved at the time. Half-Life, Zelda and Metal Gear all came out within 3 or 4 months of each other and each redefined the medium in their own way. My 18 year old mind was truly blown on an almost monthly basis. To make it even better I was working in Electronics Boutique at the time too, so was able to utilise the staff borrowing facility to play some of them early and/or for free. MGS for example I played and completed the weekend before it was officially released. Good times indeed. The last year or so has been phenomenal too, especially for someone like me who loves sumptuous open-world action-adventures. I've been in heaven with Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn and Red Dead 2 all coming one after the other. These days I always feel like I have something amazing or at the least excellent to play and the backlog is ever-growing. Definitely feels to me as if games are better than they've ever been right now, with a huge amount of choice from bombastic triple-A blockbusters to delicate indie darlings. But that period in '98-'99 was when my love of the hobby really took hold in a big way and I couldn't believe the experiences that videogames were giving me.
  7. pinholestar

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I’ve seen you say this multiple times now and I honestly have no idea what game you’re playing if you can’t find anything to do. For all the flaws the game may have, lack of content is not one of them. There are three or four sidequest lines that crop up at various points in Valentine alone, bounties in all the major towns, a good four or five sidequest lines in Saint Denis once you get there, racing and shooting challenges from strangers out in the world, several sidequests obtainable from strangers out in the world (there’s one from a guy called Margaret near Rhodes, to give one example), five different treasure map quest lines, gang hideouts and camps to find and take down, camp companion quests that crop up periodically, five different types of collectables to find, legendary animals and fish to hunt and catch, stagecoach, shop and horse fencing robberies to instigate, nine different challenge categories, countless chance encounters with strangers by the roadside that lead to a moment of action, horror or comedy and countless small points of interest out in the world that each have their own little story to tell by way of a tableau. It sounds as if all the incidental details and hunting aspects of the game aren’t really your thing which will probably diminish your enjoyment of the experience somewhat because they’re a big part of it. But even so, I still find it slightly baffling that you’re stuck for things to do outside of the main missions. I can only guess that you keep missing the sidequest markers on the map (the white areas with a ‘?’ in them). There’s not hundreds of them littering the map but there’s a decent number out there. Might be time to resort to a guide if you’re having that much trouble finding them?
  8. pinholestar

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Tap L1 when the prompt to swap weapons is on screen. Even though you’ll drop your currently equipped weapon it will still be accessible from your horse, so you won’t lose it even though it looks as if you will. I assume you’re pressing R1 because when there are multiple targets to focus on it also gives you the prompt to switch between them with R1?
  9. pinholestar

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    You can stow up to ten medium-sized pelts (wolf, boar, coyote etc.) and one large pelt (bear, moose, alligator etc.) on the back of your horse. Game bird carcasses and the like can be stored on the side of your horse and small birds and pelts go directly into your satchel. So the main limitation that you’d realistically run into is in only being able to stow one large pelt at a time. You can then: 1) Sell the requisite perfect and legendary pelts to the trapper, who can use them to craft special clothing and outfits 2) Donate the requisite perfect pelts and animal parts to Pearson in the camp who can then use them to craft camp upgrades 3) Sell legendary animal parts to the fences in Emerald Ranch, Rhodes or Saint Denis to craft trinkets which give permanent stat bonuses 4) Sell the poor/good quality pelts and parts for cash I’ve gone out into the wilderness on long hunting trips for days at a time, turning off the compass, camping at night and living off of the land. Cooking whatever I hunted that day over the fire at night beneath the stars and brewing coffee in the morning to have with breakfast before saddling up and striking out once more. This has been by some distance the best part of the game for me. That sense of being out in the wilds exploring and hunting is second to none and the area where this game is a true league apart from anything else that’s come before it. If you’d just spent your time tearing around like a maniac and blitzing through the missions looking to complete the game within a week then the likelihood is that this aspect will have mostly passed you by. As I’ve said from the start, this game asks that you buy into its deliberate pace and just slow down to properly take it all in. Trotting through the thick forest at dawn not galloping through the town chomping at the bit to get to the next mission marker. Not for everyone for sure but those who’ve been cast under its spell will know what I mean. I can see exactly what Rockstar were going for and in my opinion they absolutely nailed it.
  10. pinholestar

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Study it through the binoculars first (or aim at it and hold R1 if it’s within range and not spooked yet). This will tell you what grade the pelt will be. For perfect 3-star pelts you’re looking for animals that have a ‘Pristine’ condition. In order to preserve the pelt you then need to get a clean kill with an appropriate weapon. Blasting a rabbit apart with a shotgun is never going to give you a perfect pelt. The best weapons to use for each animal are indicated in the info box at the bottom left of the screen when you study them or alternatively in the animal compendium. Get a clean kill with the correct weapon through the head/neck or heart (activating Dead Eye will show up clean kill spots on the animal in red) and the perfect pelt is yours. It’s worth seeking out and killing the legendary buck first as this will enable you to craft the Buck Antler Trinket which improves the quality of skinned animal parts, although I still think you need to kill a pristine animal to get a perfect pelt. Happy huntin’!
  11. pinholestar

    Games that get under your skin

    Life is Strange is a good call. The soundtrack played a big part in it I think but there was a very nostalgic feel to the whole thing that I found difficult to explain. Even though there’s no direct correlation between the events or characters in the game and my own life it evoked enormously strong feelings and memories from my teenage years. More than once during the period when I was playing it I found myself lost deep in thoughts of times gone by. A deep-rooted yearning for a more innocent time perhaps? Like faded photographs of events that become harder to recall with each passing year. I’m not sure but it had a profound effect on me at the time.
  12. pinholestar

    Games that get under your skin

    Edith Finch had a similar effect on me. Beautifully poignant game. Journey stayed with me for a long time. I played it several years after its initial release so whatever conversation around it that had taken place at the time passed me by but I’d seen it mentioned in passing several times over the years as being something special. I didn’t really know what to expect but when I bumped into a random player early on in the game I sensed that you were supposed to maybe work together with someone else in making your way through this strange land? The next two hours were nothing short of magical as my anonymous friend and I explored ancient ruins buried in the desert, hid from terrifying subterranean beasts and made our way to the mysterious yet beckoning light on top of that ever-present mountain far in the distance, communicating only by singing a plaintive song in a language neither of us understood. I think we both knew that no matter what we would see it through to the end and be there to help each other reach that unknown final goal. And then after that final, triumphant ascent wreathed in song it was suddenly over. Journey’s end, returned to the desert where it all began and finally the name of my companion with whom I’d shared so much was revealed. This entirely random stranger had experienced everything that I had and I wondered in that moment whether they too were sat there with an overwhelming feeling of triumph tinged with a melancholy poignancy that it was all over. Or maybe they just sat there impassively and shrugged? They were Russian, I believe, but other than that I had no idea who they were. I sent them a simple smile in a message and they replied the same and somehow that was all that needed to be said, our shared journey at an end, never to be repeated. That one moment was so unique and, dare I say it, beautiful that I don’t think it will ever quite be matched in any other game that I’ll play and I’ll never forget it.
  13. pinholestar

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Adesanya really announcing his arrival as a top contender with that performance. Very impressive. We'll see how he deals with a top-tier wrestler though... DC-Lewis was the most predictable fight in living memory. Weidman v Jacare was a great fight but that’s four losses in his last five for The Chris now. Where does he go from here? Lando reaffirming his status as a total one-hit wonder and Jason Knight is getting cut, I suspect.
  14. pinholestar

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yep, I guess so. I was just adjusting them so much that I ended up using 'notches from the right' as a way to consistently remember which settings I was using. It's the deadzone and acceleration that really make the difference, in my experience. They're the settings that worked for me but it's obviously going to be down to personal preference. It should look like this:

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