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  1. Have you created a Paradox account first? Won’t let you install mods unless you have (on Series X anyway, not sure about PC).
  2. Current mods you need to install for an instant 1000GS via Surviving Mars are “achieve seb” and “achieve seb2” It seems they take them down after a few days but these two are still up and just worked for me about 5 minutes ago.
  3. It’s a nice feature and was great for Call of the Sea (to use a recent example) but it completely failed for me when I popped in the AC Valhalla disc yesterday, expecting to be able to run it straight away. It seems that for cross-gen ‘enhanced for Series X’ games if you preload it before you have a valid license for the game it will download the Xbone version, so when you come to play it it will then tell you that the game requires an update and you then have to download the entire Series X version. It didn’t seem to recognise the disc’s license until that had been done either. ‘S
  4. AC Valhalla on Series X, as I'm getting it for Xmas. It's already installed on the console ready to go too, which is a great little feature that Microsoft have added, eliminating the need to wait for it to install from the disc on the day. I do enjoy a sumptuously expansive open-world romp at the best of times and rampaging around a 9th Century England gone to shit, caving in the skulls of puffed-up toffs and self-proclaimed Kings seems as if it'll be an almost topical, fitting and cathartic end to this horrific year. It's received its first big patch too so should be
  5. That's odd. It's been working fine for me since the update, including earlier today. Only slight annoyance that still remains is that if you use Quick Resume it doesn't update the daily seasonal challenges when you log back in again. It acts as if you were still on the day that you originally closed the game to the dashboard and the 'time remaining/time until active' will be the same as it was when you logged out. You have to close it down fully and log back in again for them to update. Hope they can fix that because until I figured out what was going on I missed out on a few as a
  6. Great stuff. Cheers Really can't fault the user experience with the Series X. Right out of the gate it's been a joy to use in pretty much every way.
  7. Am I correct in thinking that as I'm getting AC Valhalla for Xmas I can download it to my Series X now and then all I'll have to do is insert the disc to authorise it and play it on the day? It shouldn't require any further installation from the disc etc?
  8. I played through this a week or so ago. The combat’s very good once you have a selection of weapons (although the shotgun is a monster and pretty much all you need) and have unlocked all the skills. Hard to determine just how much input id Software had but it feels as gorgeously smooth and brutal as Doom and the way you can chain abilities and Overdrive together to absolutely annihilate hordes of enemies is incredibly gratifying. The problem is everything else. Avalanche make stunning-looking open worlds but they struggle to populate them with interesting things to do. Th
  9. I was in exactly the same boat and the £1 trick worked fine with my old account. As footle says, the only thing that affects it is whether you’ve bought GP before.
  10. New update has just beamed its way to my Series X which seems to have fixed the ‘unable to connect’ issues. Matchmaking now working again for the co-op seasonal events too.
  11. I just play the game normally, doing all the weekly stuff etc and then at the end of a session see what I have to put in the oven. Haven’t found myself short of anything yet. Grinding out specific ingredients sounds like a right chore. The Dawning lasts for a month so there’s no rush and I find it best to just have as a background thing rather than your main focus.
  12. It's possible (but then so's completing Dark Souls using a Guitar Hero controller) but it's far, far harder than it is in the first Dead Space as the combat encounters are much more varied and frantic. There's no achievement/trophy for it either, which is indicative of the devs making no allowance second time round for that sort of self-handicapped playstyle.
  13. Dead Space 2 is awesome. It leans more towards an action game than the outright survival horror of the first but the core premise and gameplay loop is pretty much the same and it’s still full of moments of sheer terror with some brilliant set-pieces to boot. One section in particular that is dripping in tension is probably the series’ highlight.
  14. Wasn't showing up for me either and I could only get the oven but no quest or bounties. Picked up the oven on my other two characters and the quest finally showed up on my third one. Made the first two recipes and could then switch back to the other characters and obtain the quest for them too. Bungo gonna Bungo.
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