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  1. I managed it on my titan by camping the shit out of the heavy ammo all game and plonking a bubble down on it when it popped. Then used Truth to get the ten kills within a few games. I didn't enjoy a single second of it and it's completely ruined games as everyone is forced to utilise the same shitty selfish tactics in order to get to this utterly stupid quest done. Just horrible quest design that they have to roll back for the next one because there's no way I'm doing that on my hunter and warlock as well. Just have the weekly Iron Banner bounties for the pinnacle gear and be done with it because gating token turn-ins behind a multi-step quest like this is a really fucking stupid artificial grind.
  2. The Gambit ritual weapon the Python shotgun is an absolute monster! Overflow perk means that running over special or heavy ammo overloads it directly into the magazine, so if you couple it with some special ammo finder and scavenger mods you hardly ever run out and can just keep on shooting things in the face forever. I used Lord of Wolves with the aforementioned special ammo mods to complete the quest and it didn't take long to grind out at all. Well worth it. I think not allowing seasonal artifact mods on exotics is a glaring omission but apart from that I really like this new system they've come up with. Really delving into the mod combinations can lead to some thunderous builds and I'm having a lot of fun with it.
  3. Further to the above reply there’s also a free log-in campaign running until January. If you have a lapsed sub then you’ll get 5 days for free from the date at which you re-register. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/43e7d126141d197e07c9fbebec536794f172f722
  4. They've still very much got the ability it's just that it's only to be found within the FFXIV team, so most people aren't aware of it. The Shadowbringers expansion which came out this year is the best Final Fantasy story in almost two decades. It's exceptionally good but the entry barrier of it being buried away behind a 6-year old MMO means that many will never get to play it. It's such a shame and I really don't understand how the mainline series' stories have been so piss-poor for years when they evidently still have the talent there to produce amazing longform RPG tales. In answer to the original question: Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk and Elden Ring are all looking like potential classics and a fitting swansong for this generation. I'd be very surprised if all three of those don't deliver.
  5. Definitely start with the campaign because a) it teaches you all the concepts, controls and features of the game, b) it's quite short (maybe 5 or 6 hours) and can be completed within a couple of casual evenings and c) it's absolutely fucking brilliant and the best FPS campaign of this generation. As someone said earlier in the thread, jumping straight into multiplayer is going to be brutal but once you have a grounding in the game via the campaign then you should find it a little easier to manage. There's also the Frontier Defense 4-player co-op mode which will allow you get some practice in and play around with the different Titans without too much pressure. The fact that it was on PS Plus recently has given it a huge second wind and evidently enabled many people to realise just how amazing it is, so I think the servers will have a pretty healthy population for a good while yet. It's really heartening to see it alive again.
  6. Yep, all DLC is included in the Bioshock Collection. In terms of DLC worth playing, Minerva’s Den for Bioshock 2 and Burial at Sea for Bioshock Infinite are the standouts. I played through all three games in the collection recently and they all still stand up. Bioshock 2 probably plays the best, Bioshock Infinite has the best story (although its pacing is a little off, the ending still blew my socks off) and the first game remains one of the most atmospheric and masterfully conceived gameworlds ever created. I think a new game would have to have a new city to really grab my attention as we’ve been to Rapture three times now and Columbia from Infinite felt like a one and done both in terms of narrative and conceptual execution. Will be interesting to see what they come up with. “There is always a lighthouse...”
  7. 60,000 players on a Sunday morning It’s alive again so get back on one of the very best games of this generation while you still can.
  8. Yeah I'm not a fan of the spotting changes either. At the very least they need to get rid of the arrows on the minimap as they give way too much information away and also the auto-spot through smoke needs to go as it makes it completely pointless.
  9. The notoriously overreactive Battlefield 'community' seems to be shitting the bed yet again over the TTK changes but I'm finding them great. Some of the weapons have been nerfed to oblivion it's true, so it could do with another balance pass and a few tweaks but overall I've found it to have drastically reduced the instances of getting smoked if you so much as peek your nose out of cover. I'm able to push objectives and engage in firefights with more confidence than before, prone camping MMG-users are all but extinct and tanks are able to roll onto objectives without getting obliterated within 5 seconds, which is as it should be. Really don't get what all the fuss is about.
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ua5uewclVNvIaVJ44eX3F3-y3QLKcn2z8R8d9Vvj5B0/edit That's a lv80 guide so is really for endgame and raiding rotations but the principles and mechanics of the job are all there. It also has a guide to setting up your hotbar optimally. The Balance discord should always be your first port of call for queries of this nature as each channel has people who are experts at their respective jobs and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you're still a lower level. https://discordapp.com/invite/thebalanceffxiv edit: also just found the following reddit comment by the writer of that guide in response to someone asking about lv60 dragoon rotation: Hopefully a combination of all the above will provide you with the answers you're looking for.
  11. Same here. 10 minutes in and it’s pure unadulterated Shenmue. Stilted voice acting, squeaky kids, weird-looking adults and toy capsule vending machines. Precisely what I wanted It really felt genuinely emotional to take those first few steps and continue the journey once more after 18 long years.
  12. Yeah you're quite right, although 0 (sweat) grenades also disperse them, albeit to a lesser degree than 1 (piss) grenades.
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