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  1. Not sure if this story even warrants posting but the short of it is : The PlayStation Japan website briefly had an icon for the PS5 alongside icons for the existing consoles. The icon was basically the devkit. That's pretty much the whole story. Probably total bobbins. https://www.whathifi.com/news/playstation-japan-website-leaks-possible-ps5-console-design There is a link to the original Reddit post in the whathifi story.
  2. Chinese GP is officially postponed now.
  3. Autosport's analysis of the Ferrari. Spoilered for length
  4. Here's the 2020 Haas. I really like the colour scheme.
  5. Yeah i've had that dash for a while and I don't think I'm an insider. But anyway, it definitely feels quicker. Might just be placebo style effect though.
  6. Really cool of Brad Pitt to take time out to make that video.
  7. I don't think there is any doubt of the validity of his fortune. There's a clear history of where it came from (the fashion industry) and he's had it a long time It would be remiss of not to add that this investment it's actually a consortium led by Stroll, not just his own money. I should have said that in my previous post. The same goes for his purchase of Force India.
  8. Racing Point to be branded as Aston Martin following Lance Stroll putting in £182m into Aston Martin. He will take a 20% stake in Aston and become the executive chariman. Not sure if they will be able to rebrand the team this year. They will need the approval of all the other teams to do it I think. Although I guess the car would still need to be pink as part of the title sponsor agreement with BWT.
  9. Finally watched it last night. I was soooo relieved! Really liked it.
  10. Saw the thread title and immediately thought of Mass Effect but I see that's been said already. I always thought that Fallout New Vegas would make quite a good quirky darkly funny sci-fi show. Although given the current penchant for medieval game of thrones magical world type shows at the moment, I'd guess that the Elder Scrolls would be the most likely tv show from Bethesda.
  11. Not sure if this counts as 'not that long ago' but Short Circuit 2 for Fisher Stevens' role.
  12. Am I the only one who is bothered by the thought of those vents blowing hot air all over the cables that will be dangling infront of them?
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