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  1. Yep, and improved dramatically after it. Hopefully Adrian does the same.
  2. I'm kind of glad it happened today, actually. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson and won't dare try anything so stupid again.
  3. Same thing happened to me in a game recently - I was certain someone had booted me from behind, but when I turned around to see who had done it nobody was there. It was really sore for the first few days and I couldn't run so I thought I'd be out for ages. I was back playing again a couple of weeks later. Hopefully Alisson's injury is even less serious.
  4. Agree with dizogg 100%. My boy enjoyed his first match despite his favourite player being the one to miss a penalty. He was pretty salty at first but by the time we got home he was telling me he was glad he got to see top professionals play so that he could "download them" for when he's a professional.
  5. Managed to get tickets and it's going to be my son's first game, so I'm hoping for the win. Wouldn't normally be arsed about it to be fair but he's been looking forwards to it so much it'll crush him if we lose.
  6. Both Lille and his agent have been putting his name out there for transfers to everyone for ages now. I know Liverpool have been linked with him constantly (and we're not being linked to many this summer for obvious reasons).
  7. dogsout

    The Boxing Thread

    Gutted to see that yesterday. He was untouchable in his prime and the victim of some really shit decisions in some of his biggest fights. Oscar could barely lay a glove on him but somehow got the nod, for example. Great fighter and one of my all time favourites.
  8. Regarding baby ballers: there are loads of them all over the country. Dino scorers, mini kickers, footy bugs, etc. If googling doesn't come to anything approach a local youth team and they'll surely point you in the right direction because they're usually affiliated with an organisation aimed at a younger target audience.
  9. I fully get why you'd be hyped about this signing - he's definitely a cut above what you have, and he was one of the best RBs in the league last season. At the same time, I see Charliemouse's point. He basically had next to no attacking responsibility at Palace. While he is a great 1v1 defender, he plays in a low block under Hodgson so it's a bit hard to judge how he'll do for you guys. He very rarely goes outside his man, usually opting to tuck inside instead. He's great at keeping possession and is skillful enough to play through a press. But you will surely be asking more from him in attack than Palace did. His tendency to avoid crossing is what would concern me - he likes to dribble inside and look for a safe pass. In terms of style he really reminds me of Nathaniel Clyne, actually. No real danger of him flopping, IMO. Although I can appreciate why the more attack-minded teams may not be sniffing around him.
  10. Yeah, I remember falling for him like I hadn't ever fallen for a player before. It was weird and I can't quite describe it properly. Best I can do is compare it to my first crush.
  11. dogsout

    The Bookies

    @hercules I've tagged him in so maybe he'll tell you himself. Not sure if he's ever seen this thread!
  12. dogsout

    The Bookies

    My little bro has had a mad day and is up by £1100 with bets to run tonight on pretty small stakes. I called him this morning to get his tips because he's shit hot with the horses and I've not been betting all year pretty much - bar the cashback offer during Cheltenham - but he didnt answer and I forgot to chase him up.
  13. @Fry CrayolaIt's funny that you reference Down in the early 90s. My stepdad was from Drumaness and I went over there when Down had just won one. He tried getting me into Gaelic football but I just couldn't. One of his mates was a big Liverpool fan and spent ages teaching me about the great Liverpool sides.
  14. I actually agree that it's obviously 'better' to support a local team. When my first child was born I started going to my local team's matches, in an attempt to make amends for my dirty glory-hunting ways. I subjected myself to a complete media blackout of anything LFC related, and went to as many QPR games as I could. I rationalised it by telling myself it would mean more to my son who would get to have a local club to support; that I'd be able to take him there all of the time and he'd love it, etc. It was a dreadful idea and was obviously an abject failure in execution. I saw some entertaining games but I just couldn't make myself care. I came to the realisation that I was essentially just pledging my loyalty to a brand. Football has changed from the times where clubs really were clubs. Yeah, I get that it may not be the case with lower league clubs before anyone objects. Certainly from my perspective they're just businesses that exist first and foremost in order to make money. Football fans are largely just customers being exploited and telling themselves it's ok because it 'means something' to them. That's not to say it doesn't mean a lot to me. It clearly does because I spend money and way more time than I should on my interest in the specific club that for whatever reason I decided to care about. Also choosing a club that's hundreds of miles away in my youth because I liked their kit and one of their players (I was 9, give me a break), has meant that as an adult I've had to travel hundreds of miles to watch matches. I get what you mean about casual fans that support big clubs. But put it this way: if they didnt support big clubs they'd either be supporting clubs like your own, and triggering you by talking bollocks, or they wouldn't be interested in football at all and the game wouldn't be relevant in the way that it is. Or maybe you really wish football wasn't a huge sport and that only the hardcores knew about it and spoke about it, and that's the real problem here?
  15. Because it makes him feel superior. Because he's a 'proper fan'.
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