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  1. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That damned collar. How hard is it to make a nice home shirt? Just put a normal collar on that and it'd be great, FFS.
  2. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Yeah, I do. Gini is a weird one. He was a tricky inside-forward that has slowly moved further back until he's ended up playing as a #6 for us a couple of times this season. He can be frustrating because he is so unwilling to try anything creative at times, but he's another one that almost never gets a roasting from Klopp. I think having players like him - that Klopp knows he can trust to not only perform their roles well, but to the exacting standards that he sets - is going to be incredibly beneficial for the squad once we have the likes of Keita here. We need to be able to make changes without a significant drop in quality and we've been doing that consistently since the winter period. I do think Gini will essentially become a squad player once Keita arrives, but at the same time I expect him to get a good share of games, even in the event that everyone somehow stays fit for the season.
  3. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    You're completely overlooking the role Henderson plays for us. He's the #6. He has to be extremely disciplined, and the majority of what he does is done off the ball. People always complain that he passes sideways and backwards too much but do you know who never complains about it? Klopp. You can hear loud and clear when anyone does something he doesn't want them to, but you never see him moaning at Henderson. Milner has been excelling in a box-to-box role and I'd say we could get more out of Henderson in that sort of role because it suits his skillset but I still appreciate the job he's doing currently because, as usual, he puts the team first and just does what he's asked to do, without letting his ego get in the way.
  4. Football Thread 2017/18

    How have you left QPR off that list? The cheek! RIP, Butch.
  5. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I can't really explain just how badly I'm pulling for Holloway now. What a badman.
  6. The Boxing Thread

    Hearn has played this quite masterfully, really. Wilder only started calling AJ out after it was clear that he would have to make a mandatory defence - so once he knew AJ wouldn't be in a position to take the fight and then could be perceived to have 'ducked' Wilder's challenge. It was quite obvious that he would try to use Whyte as a buffer once he signed with him. He even did the same with Bellew for a short while. Wilder has gone from being able to say he will only fight in the US, to almost certainly having to take the fight over here. On top of that, thanks to Hearn successfully positioning Whyte as Wilder's mandatory, Wilder will now feel under pressure to make the fight with AJ as soon as he can. If he fights Whyte he risks losing out on the payday a unification with Joshua would bring. In the meantime, AJ has got his mandatory out of the way and will likely take the WBO belt from Parker - eliminating another potential opponent for Wilder from the picture. Wilder is in a bit of a shit situation now, and as @Escaped has already said, Hearn will be very happy with the current landscape at HW. All of the stuff going around about the WBO belt being recognised as a valuable commodity in modern boxing is bollocks, though. AJ and Hearn only value it because it strengthens their position at the negotiation table - and it doesn't even do so directly - if it wasn't currently in the possession of Parker, or if he had a loss or two on his record, it's doubtful that they'd be bothering with it. I personally think Whyte will beat Wilder if they fight, and I can't help but feel a bit sorry for him in all of this. I won't be surprised if the WBC find a way to avoid making him Wilder's mandatory again.
  7. The Boxing Thread

    Yeah, that was a grim watch.
  8. The Boxing Thread

    Sorry, @tbb!
  9. The Boxing Thread

    I'd be going for Whyte by decision at 11/10. Browne is likely to be dangerous early on because Whyte likes a shoot-out but I reckon Whyte will win a comfortable decision. Could stop him I guess but I doubt it.
  10. The Boxing Thread

    Joshua would smash Wilder. Wilder is way too crude and it's actually a terrible match up for him. Joshua will just time him and plant his feet. I'd be amazed if it went 4 rounds. I'm expecting Parker to get on his bike and try to spoil his way to the later rounds. Joshua will be coming in a fair bit lighter than he did last time out, which I think is perfectly sensible.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    Yep, the way they set up wasn't any different to the way they usually do. The biggest difference is they can't defend in the CL in the same way as they can in the PL. Every game, they're allowed to constantly push and pull, often with their arms completely outstretched in order to reach for their opponent. Last night they looked timid in comparison because they know that shit won't fly in Europe, particularly against a savvy team like Sevilla who, to a man, will just fall over at the slightest touch.
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    Not for me.
  13. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Nobody is doing that. Spork is making out like that's what's going on when almost everyone seems to have acknowledged we didn't play well and they did.
  14. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Nonsense. So Young wasn't grabbing Salah? He's been doing it all game. All season, in fact. As usual, you are completely biased and concede nothing, but come on here and try to call others out for being biased.
  15. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    We've had two solid penalty shouts waved away and you've got away with untold clear pushes and high challenges. What is it that's gone against you? Lovren not getting booked when he should have?

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