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  1. Been watching Jimmer and his team do the Daytona 24 in iRacing (online sim racing). Daytona is their unlucky one and it seems no different this year. They were in second but got cronched by a meatball and lost 11 minutes to repairs. He's currently in 8th and chasing 7th (8th is their best in the past) but he lost 24 seconds in the pits when he had to go out of his shed for a wee, so it's a long shot now He'll have had to do 5 hours when he finishes as his teammate started feeling pretty sick this morning and he took over early. They're in the middle class (GTE) so having to make way for DPs (Daytona Prototypes) and get safely around GT3s. They're carrying a little bodywork damage still which is affecting their top speed on the banking a little.
  2. morcs


    I've stopped worrying about the amount now, as long as it's around the fill line when tamped, the thread on the portafilter/Gaggia means you just twist it slightly more/less until it's nicely locked in. It is as they say - all in the grind. Changing to that Sage grinder was transformational for me. Though I'm looking forward to getting back to one type of beans, as new beans means pissing about with the grind settings for ages again. I'm not sure which Algerian coffee stores I like best now though - Formulaic Rossi or Harry's coal filth.
  3. I think he'd try and do music
  4. morcs


    Damn image rotation data. Onto Harry’s charcoal. It’s good though! Tastes a bit like Starbucks but really chocolatey
  5. morcs


    I guess you just need to keep changing one variable (grind in either direction, amount in either direction) and record how it affects the speed of the pull Edit: Actually it's more difficult than that on mine - as I think changing the amount affects the grind amount too. As in - a coarser grind for the same time results in more coffee.
  6. morcs


    yeah I totally agree. I'd pretty much given up until I bought that grinder that @HarryBizzle recommended.
  7. morcs


    @milko does your puck come out cleanly, or is it cracked and does it leave some of the coffee stuck to the top? Apparently over-filling with coffee can cause that, and the result is actually a faster pour (because the water can shortcut through the crack seams or something).
  8. I was 9 years old, why do I remember this so well? https://home.bt.com/news/on-this-day/december-3-1988-edwina-currie-sparks-outrage-with-salmonella-in-most-eggs-claim-11364025276182 I remember the Salman Rushdie thing was kicking off at around the same time so I was confused by Salman Ella
  9. Edwina Curry was responsible for the raw egg scare iirc. Pasteurisation is literally incredibly fast flash heating isn’t it? Alcohol would kill stuff via another means I think (intoxication? ) I think I remember that it’s contact between the shite on the outer shell after cracking and the contents that’s likely to infect stuff?
  10. morcs


    Just got back from working abroad...these smell great which in my experience is usually a bad sign I still need to grind my way through 3/4 bag of Fortuna Robbo before I can get to them though...will report back!
  11. morcs


    Yeah exactly how I like it Happy to take that offer if nobody else is?
  12. How come it sounded shit for Martin but great in the Senna footage?
  13. morcs

    Marc Rebillet

    Went to see him in Bristol again. Still completely blown away, can't get my head around how good he is, and he literally never has any plan, it's all completely off the cuff. Ridiculous. Manchester looked completely crazy
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