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  1. morcs

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Heel toe doesn’t feel right to me in a sim, no feedback through the pedals and shifter for me it’s the tactile feedback as much as the noise that makes it click
  2. Yeah "I'm keeping left" is the only logical interpretation I can take from left indicator being on. I have the same problem though, not that many buttons on the T300 and I'm still trying to work out why I can't get two of them to do look left/look right.
  3. Isn't standard etiquette just to stick on one side of the road and slow down a bit to make the pass easy? (Even if it's on the racing line, better that than have to keep switching sides to stay off the racing line) I was trying to do that but folks kept passing up the inside of corners where I was already on the inside (i.e. up the grass) I guess they were expecting me to take the racing line and drift out and were waiting to come through?
  4. Oh yes! I love sticking to one circuit, makes for closer racing as everyone has time to learn it properly. Also would love a multi-class like @Jashin suggests. I need to work out a better way to see what's going on around me still (I refuse chase cam though!)
  5. Which one are you @marsh? I think car selection made less of a difference than the split between those that bothered to tweak their aero and those that didn't.
  6. Enjoyed that running around at the back Hopefully managed to get out of everyone's way. I mapped look left and right to buttons on my wheel but they didn't seem to do anything. Next time I'll have had more practice!
  7. Cool I have plugged a headset into my DualShock, hopefully that’s enough (I just bought this PS4 too so I’ma total noob)
  8. Do I go to lobby and show rooms with friends? (McSpeed is my friend)
  9. Are people going to post their choices here? I’d like to pick one that nobody else is using
  10. Sorry for all the questions I just don’t want to be crashing into people not knowing the circuit! Is it Dragon Trail - Seaside edition?
  11. Corvette engine sound is disappointing, ruining that whole idea I’ll try some others. Do I need to do some sort of tuning/balance of performance in readiness also?
  12. Actually there’s a Corvette I’ll just buy that
  13. Is there an easy way to shop for a category of car without having to go through all the different countries in Brand Central?
  14. Classic Donnington BTCC races being streamed here: https://www.itv.com/btcc/articles/btcc-viewers-vote
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