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  1. Sometimes I think posts like this are just a manifestation of this sketch. We've all been there.
  2. Must be telling you not to add to your backlog until you've played that.
  3. I didn't know pachinko manufacturer Konami had a video game arm.
  4. Psprices is a good backup https://en.psprices.com/region-gb/discounts/?sort=date&platform=Switch
  5. What are they, out of interest? There are enough developers on here that it's probably good market research. Arcade racers are a thing that aren't quite extinct but are certainly close to it.
  6. I'd recommend some awesome games but Stevie is a 'story over gameplay' guy and I simply share nothing in taste with anyone like that so my suggestions would be shite. I'd say that if you're that kind of player there are lots of options out there but many of the best original recent games go the other way in focus.
  7. Balan Wonderworld shows this. It's getting a lot of attention for being so outright terrible. In the past that wasn't remarkable but it's unusual now.
  8. Ubisoft are probably the least interesting big publisher these days. Even EA has put out some top quality stuff recently (mainly thanks to respawn). Playing Ubi games only would kill the art for me, although I do like Immortals.
  9. So it's a budget game for them.
  10. Doesn't happen to me. Maybe the TV is rebooting it.
  11. To be honest for me the combat was always the weakest part of the series before this one. Too stiff. Much prefer 7's for that reason.
  12. Codies are EA now, so lootboxes.
  13. Wasn't it the flap on the Wii?
  14. Get in touch with them, I've found their customer service pretty good. you might find the amount for the second game doesn't come off fully after 10 days or so as it hasn't been cobfirmed.
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