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  1. deerokus

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Kane and Lynch 1 was the offender.
  2. deerokus

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    There's a couple of good new t-shirts. Unfortunately, thanks to trump, the import tariffs will kill your wallet.
  3. deerokus

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    He came from Troma films ffs, sort of surprised people are surprised he was a 'controversial type personality' at the time. Disney knew exactly who he was and what they were getting.
  4. deerokus

    All hail the synth!

    Got my tickets for the John Carpenter gig at the Barrowlands in October. Cannot wait.
  5. deerokus

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    Someone writing in a newspaper dared call something else a dying art form?
  6. The logo looks more like a social enterprise coffee shop.
  7. deerokus

    Football Thread 2018/19

    He was in the past although not really any more, and would have been a bit part player from now on I expect. A relatively decent striker for them although less effective last season, but Salford have a billionaire owner throwing around megabucks. He's nowhere near good enough to be earning reputedly 4-6k a week, insane money. Two clubs from that division will play in the Irn Bru Cup this season. Hibs managed to concede 4 goals in the Faroes. 6-4 win, 12-5 on aggregate. Efe Ambrose scored for both teams.
  8. deerokus


    Yeah, have to assume they're at (or very close to) arena size now. Those take longer to sort out.
  9. deerokus

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Rosenborg got extremely lucky, an injury time penalty that went in off the crossbar to avoid going out in the first qualifying round. Celtic's next opponent.
  10. Ruse is a really decent, underrated strategy game.
  11. deerokus

    PES 2019

    There's a rumour of a full partnership with Celtic and Rangers, would mean finally Celtic Park in a game! That's the most interesting thing in a football game for me for a while, madly.
  12. deerokus

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    He doesn't put material put with anything like enough frequency, and the quality of what he has released has been hit and miss.
  13. deerokus

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Drew's patreon continues to bleed backing. https://graphtreon.com/creator/clothmap Less than $12k a month isn't that much of an income at all in San Francisco, insanely*, and that's before all his costs and stuff. *I read some study that said 110k a year was the bare minimum just to live comfortably.
  14. deerokus

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Rather crap closing montage there, BBC. Disappointing.

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