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  1. Is there a game which mixes this with car mechanic simulator? Basically restoring an old banger from someone's garage.
  2. I cannot wait for Barcelona to go bust. Going to be glorious watching their weird cultist fans on the internet blame the British media somehow.
  3. Edinburgh derby had a fun ending. A day after returning from Saudi Martin Boyle does this.
  4. Tetris flavour must be horrendous.
  5. I saw a guy in Glasgow city centre using one to clean the paving stones outside st Enoch centre the other day. Wonderful job!
  6. Sky keep making mistakes like this. I mean, come on now.
  7. The pandemic really did seem to do some permanent psyche damage to some of the GB folk.
  8. This is damn good. Take away the existence of the original Predator for a minute and it's one of the best of this type of horror/survival (which is different from survival horror) films I've seen. And within the context of the Predator series it's obviously the best sequel. Amber Midthunder has really piercing eyes, total movie star.
  9. It was very much the same structure as Theme Hospital iirc. It definitely isn't the best way to do it.
  10. Even the merch has gone to shit, lots of complaints about the quality of their new t shirts. And nae wonder:
  11. Yeah, and he definitely is better than Robertson for Scotland. Hasn't developed as he could have due to injuries.
  12. They're doing a regular Fortnite stream these days. Butwhy.gif
  13. Ubisoft are a soulless shadow of their former selves so I don't know if it would be much of a difference.
  14. The costume unlocking is grindy as fuck. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing depending on your preference but it's to a level which eventually killed my motivation to play it.
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