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  1. The base xbox one struggled with that game I found, not surprised the Switch port is shit. Unreal Engine 4 doesn't seem to scale that well to weaker hardware.
  2. Six ball puzzle should be turned into a standalone game, feels like it could be Nintendo's answer to Puyo Puyo if it was fully fleshed out.
  3. Some of them use the touch screen.
  4. Picked up Ys 8 in the sale having adored 7 on the vita (psp backwards compatible). There's some good stuff in the sale for sure.
  5. deerokus

    Nintendo Switch

    Woah, I never knew this. It's like the secret version of the gamecube boot screen that you could access with z.
  6. It's sort of merger of 42 All Time Classics on DS and the various Wii and Wii U mini game collections.
  7. The air hockey is like windjammers lite.
  8. They've got the physics and feel of the cards down perfect. Ambiance and style is very different from the DS game but it seems just as good.
  9. Review here of Shikhondo from a youtuber who only ever reviews shmups, it seems like it's a very decent game for less than 4 quid, as well as looking unique. The switch really is a mecca for obscure gems.
  10. It's not quite Borderlands 2 on Vita bad, but close.
  11. A somewhat equivalent arcade collection already exists on the switch, anyway.
  12. Scottish football has agreed some sort of virtual season ticket with sky where each club gives season ticket holders access to view all the home games while they're behind closed doors. Not exactly clear how it works but a good idea.
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