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  1. Dan works in Connecticut now. Much cheaper. But he has to wear a suit. It's worth noting that Jeff would have made quite a lot of money off the site being bought by CBS. Don't know how much he actually owned or how much the sale was for, mind!
  2. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    The thing Division 2 does of using the many museums around Washington as the locations for lots of the story missions is a really bloody clever trick. Lets the developers really vary the environment massively - one mission is in an elaborate Vietnam exhibit, another in a mocked up TV studio - and gives you cool shit to look at every time. It's a very good game too. Made me think a Division 3 in London would work well. Also I want to go to Washington DC and visit some of the museums.
  3. Definitely. The only films I've seen where it really served any purpose beyond just showing off technical or organisational prowess were Rope, because it's meant to be like a play, and One Cut of The Dead, where the single take nature is inherently tied to the plot of the film and the characters are aware of it and break the fourth wall at times. But Rope wasn't very good by Hitchcock's standards and One Cut of the Dead well, it would be a spoiler. In this film it cheats anyway, while they generally do a better job of disguising the transitions than in Rope or Birdman, the scene drops all pretence of being a single take and surely counts as a cut/new shot.
  4. I think on paper they earn a decent amount, but also something which would be an extremely comfortable salary in the UK like $80k a year is a 'technically not in poverty but only earning enough to barely exist' wage in San Francisco. As long as you're in a one bedroom flat with no dependents, that is.
  5. The second season of Mindhunter seemed to appear without much fanfare. I only know one person who has mentioned watching it and I don't think if has ever put it on my home screen. This is the downside of Netflix's model.
  6. deerokus

    Atelier Series

    They're decent time killers. I don't know who is buying them enough to justify the 3 monthly cycle they seem to be on as playing one should be enough for three years or so.
  7. I'm not a fan of the blatant category cheating with the supporting actor award. 3/5 of those are lead roles! Crowds out the actual supporting actors who were brilliant but got snubbed, like Wesley Snipes.
  8. deerokus

    Nintendo Switch

    The lite can't be hacked at all for now. Some group claims to have developed a method - that hasn't been released yet and it seems to be a hardware method so not really ideal. Nintendo seem to have improved their system security quite a lot this time round. If you want homebrew on the switch you need the old model (not the newer revised one) of the full fat switch. on old firmware.
  9. It turns into the Resident Evil 2 remake at one point. Except not as good Really well made, definitely a brilliant spectacle, but kind of silly.
  10. The swamp is a bad area iirc, I stopped around then too. I really enjoyed what I played of this and the second one but both had a lot of stuff that made it tough/annoying for me to really make much progress. The third game was the one for me.
  11. I like buying the random 89p games on the eshop. Some gold mixed in with the dogshit. 911 Operator is a pretty good vaguely diner dash-ish type strategy game with a theme I've never encountered before.
  12. In some cases it's just landbanking. The whole sector needs reform. Unfortunately, the tories are riddle with landlords.
  13. Dedryck Boyata is a sometimes-OK but usually shitty centre back who played several games in the World Cup for Belgium. It's bizarre some of the selections they make considering the embarrassment of riches available.
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