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  1. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    Adore paradox games, never played stellaris though as my pc is too old. Intrigued how it has converted to pad controls.
  2. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are not by any means a metal band. Their new album (second of the year) absolutely is, however. It's fantastic. Here is a good song from it.
  3. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    I found Yoku's pretty overrated.
  4. I always liked Starr on Banshee but this is a real star-making turn, spot on performance of a total sociopath. It's the little details like that fake smile he puts on when he needs to be in PR mode. Perfect.
  5. Can we get Tommy Wiseau doing Johnny Cage?
  6. deerokus

    Saint's Row V

    2 was a proper black comedy of a sort that isn't as common in games as it should be. 3 and 4 were more over the top comic book silliness. Also, 2 had a really great, satisfying and compelling structure which worked well with the story, something which is quite rare in open world gsmes. I loved both 3 and 4 even if they felt a little unfinished at times but 2 had that unique quality to it that I'd love to see recaptured. I doubt it, though.
  7. Fwiw I was constantly over-levelled for the story quests. And a lot of the side quests are brilliant, do them.
  8. And there's yet another one.
  9. How did anyone not realise that was a joke.
  10. Same as they can say Tara but not Lara.
  11. That's a pity, good small publisher. There's a bit of analysis here as to what might have gone wrong. An ill-fated expansion into distribution seems to not have helped. Hollywood has turned into the video game industry from a few years ago before indies got really popular, in many ways - just massive huge budget hits to pack out the cinemas and niche indies that struggle to be seen outside of streaming services. https://www.screendaily.com/news/megan-ellison-responds-to-reports-of-annapurna-financial-woes-update/5141807.article
  12. deerokus


    He's a brilliant player who Rodgers repeatedly ran into the ground because he's such a good, committed player, because our competitive season is ridiculous and runs from early July to late May, and because Rodgers is a dick who can't adjust to his best player not being available. Played something close to 60 games season before last, 40 last season even despite injuries. We have been using him up as much as possible and not letting him recover. You'll have to give him time to recover, he's recovering from a hip injury and osteitis pubis. He is also still really young, just turned 22, these things are common at that age. Once he does, he should be the best player we've produced from our youth system since Dalglish (McStay would be the other one but he never took the big move). It's a much, much bigger loss for us than Van Dijk was, put it that way, we've built our team around him to an extent. I have no doubt he'll be a smash in England as long as he gets a little bit of time. You've definitely not overpaid, a similar player from an English club without the European experience would run you twice that. He should end up world class barring a disaster.
  13. deerokus


    Look after KT for us
  14. Then don't make a very specific claim that you're covering every team the same. I don't think there's any space whatsoever for something that only covers the two big teams so I expect that section will be quietly shelved and it will become an England-only outlet.
  15. The Athletic talks a big game about how every team gets equal coverage.... And then the Scottish section only has writers for Celtic and Rangers. Not even a generalist for the rest of the league.
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