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  1. I get irritated by them spending five minutes on reviews of tiny incidents that no one claimed for in the first place.
  2. The best prequels are focused on individual characters I find - 'how did this interesting character who we haven't fully explored before end up like this' rather than 'what happened in this world before the story you care about'. But the most popular kind seems to be the latter. And even the other kind can ruin a character. See the Han Solo film for example.
  3. That's the curious phenomenon where it also falls apart even further along. For a long time that game could be the best game ever made, unfortunately a huge swathe of it is a bit shit.
  4. The English dub seems good, but the performance capture and face detail is so good in these games (in the major cutscenes that is) that it just feels bizarrely jarring to see voices that don't match the faces and aren't synced to the animations. It's like the distraction that is watching a dubbed live action film as opposed to an animation (or indeed most games).
  5. Fuck off, Arsenal. £15m offer for Tierney is derisory.
  6. It's not as if they're still a purely self-funded indie team. Deep Silver is publishing it, so the funding for the delay will have worked like any other game with a publisher, I expect.
  7. Anyone else been listening to the new Baroness album? The production and mixing is absolutely appalling (again, Purple had the same problem but if anything it's worse here). It's a real slog to listen to the whole thing because of it. Why do bands do this? Who wants their work to forever sound like it's on AM radio?
  8. They have accepted the Ashley takeover bid.
  9. I actually fought a Kollector on KL. Had no idea what to do against him, haha.
  10. By making the analogy to toys she also unwittingly acknowledged that they're aimed at children.
  11. Giant Bomb did a play through of it last year or so. Each episode playing until they ran out of continues. Restarting the next time. It was a brilliant series and it took them 22 runs of average 40 minutes each to complete it in two player. Such a wonderfully inventive game, but one of the harder ones of that era for sure. Although I have recently tried Robocop vs Terminator on megadrive, that game is just stupidly hard.
  12. That performance at least has a bit of life to it, but man. Not sure why they've got Janet Weiss playing a beat that could as easily be a drum machine on both songs.
  13. Yeah I have seen that too (his ninja moves aren't in the ranked variations, which seems a bit stupid). Skarlet's teleport makes short work of that move. And yeah Erron's drop kicks are a nightmare! They're visually confusing (a bit like Baraka's blade lunge*), you have to do a standing block as it's really an overhead even though it looks like it should be a mid or a low. Problem is he can amplify it into a low, or do his low slide which looks the same on startup. Which is a real fucker, so it turns it into a double mixup. Not only that it's very safe and goes full screen. It's a bit strange really, that move doesn't fit the overall design of the game. It's not even a special ffs. *duck that one. It resembles his jumping overhead at first and it also looks like you can block it, but it's really a command grab even though it doesn't look like one.
  14. Keepers can't get any more rooted to their line as there is no way to build up momentum to make the save. It's already so far in the taker's favour! Meanwhile, Mikael Lustig has left Celtic. Was definitely his time, but man, a real end of an era, you don't get players who weren't brought through the youth system spending nearly 8 years at a club often any more. Just a really good servant. The last one of the team who beat Barcelona to leave.
  15. I thought VAR was supposed to just be for red cards, penalties and offside. Now it keeps getting expanded to more and more minutiae and the referees are becoming reliant on it to decide everything that can possibly happen in a game for them, and they're changing basic rules of the game to accommodate its shortcomings as with handball and this new version of the goalkeeper on the line rule. And it's taking the VAR team five minutes to decide if a penalty is a penalty or not (the Argentina penalty was about as obviously a penalty as you could get) because they're second guessing themselves constantly too. All a bit of a farce really. Penalties will not only be much more frequent given the broken new handball rule, but will now see players do stutter steps to get the keeper sent off. How the fuck do such significant changes to the basic rules just get brought in without testing of some kind?
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