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  1. Assassin's Creed Origins

    Yes, it's surprisingly fully featured, I was expecting something similar to a director commentary mode but it's much more than that. It would be a great thing for kids interested in history. Also you can parkour as Caesar or Cleopatra. GOTY.
  2. Burnout Paradise

    Will they make it play better this time?
  3. Need to dig out your copy, ready to play that again!
  4. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Even leaving aside the branding concern Lego themselves have, it's a mass noun! Do they eat a bowl of rices? Do they cover a path in gravels?
  5. One problem it had for me is that Wakanda didn't really feel like a real place at all. The entire country seemed to comprise three sets that had no connection to one another, a small plain and some some vaguely Square-Enix cutscene-esque establishing shots. The central conflict, although interesting, became too abstract to really care too much about because of this. They did a much better job with The Jeff Goldblum Planet in Thor 3, that place felt like it could have its own TV series. Hard to say what the difference was but they just did a better job with world building all round.
  6. What are you reading at the moment?

    Senlin Ascends, a previously self-published debut novel that was recently picked up by a large publisher and put out in paperback. That alone is kind of inspiring. Anyway, it's really good so far, a beautifully written and times quite bizarre novel about a stuffy headmaster who goes on an adventure of sorts through the Tower of Babel, each section of which is a weird and unique environment of its own. The world is the star of the show, a very strange and fantastical setting that is quite fascinating to explore with excellent world building. I had never heard of it before but picked it up in the recommended sci-fi/fantasy* section of Waterstones and I am glad I did so far. *it's arguably more magical realism than SFF though with a load of steampunk, which I don't normally like.
  7. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    It's clearly something in the waters.
  8. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    It's not just them, all Americans seem to say that.
  9. RLM have just about the only review which chimes with the general feeling of most here (and everyone I saw it with and have spoken to about it). The wildly over the top quotes from the glowing reviews at the start at just incredible.
  10. Secret of Mana Remake

    Well at least this means I don't need to worry about the value of my SNES cart dropping. :/
  11. Gaming Podcasts

    Yeah I heard an interview with one of the new people (on the strongly recommended 1099 podcast). She put a brave face on it but it must have been quite distressing to be brought on as a lower level member of the team - then about a month later she was made the editor and told to just get on with it. With only one e other full time staff member.
  12. There was a bit of low rent Lord of the Rings too.
  13. Gaming Podcasts

    It's the New York office of Giant Bomb (whose main office is in San Francisco). For various reasons the more entertaining members live in New York these days.
  14. Gaming Podcasts

    The beastcast is 100 times better than the bombcast. The east coast giant bomb people are just way more entertaining. Videogamer has lost all its talent over the last couple of years.
  15. It definitely doesn't look as if it improves on the source material, put it that way.

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