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  1. Chicken madras (Made this as I somehow forgot to buy green chillis for my garlic chilli chicken . Colour is a bit off because I had to use Kashmiri chilli power which is very bright red, mixed with some cayenne as I had no normal hot chilli powder. Flavour was absolutely spot on though) Also made a bhuna for the kids, which I didn’t get a photo of, and butter chicken: This isn’t the type of curry I’d normally go for but it had great depth of flavour. Extremely rich and calorific though, even though I halved the recommended 60g (!) of ghee. One thing I noticed with the Misty Ricardo base gravy is that he doesn’t thin it out at the end like Al does; instead you portion the thicker, concentrated gravy, then thin it out with water as and when you use it. This makes it more convenient for freezing as it’s obviously taking up far less space. I’m sure you could adapt the Al’s BG2 in the same way. The only thing I had to tweak from the Misty Ricardo recipes was when they call for chopped coriander stems. Supermarket coriander doesn't come in a nice bunch where you can slice the stems off, and picking off all the leaves would take an age, so I just used mixed stems and leaves instead. The prep was easy for the most part and made cooking the actual curries so quick and painless, but when my ginger-garlic paste runs out (which thankfully shouldn't be for a long while), I will be trying to source some of the frozen blocks that the book mentions, because *fuck* peeling that much garlic and ginger again.
  2. Yeah exactly. I did the entire curry in less than 10 minutes from start to finish using the pre-cooked chicken.
  3. Time saving and, according to the Misty Ricardo book, it gives more tender chicken that avoids rubberiness. The chicken is poached in flavoured water, then coated in a basic curry sauce marinade before going in the fridge or freezer.
  4. Making ginger-garlic paste and bunjarra tonight, then tomorrow I'll be doing base gravy and pre-cooked chicken ready to do a bhuna and garlic chilli chicken in the evening. Excited.
  5. Is the Al's base gravy on YouTube recommended over the one in the Misty Ricardo book?
  6. The Nketiah one was definitely a red card, he seemed to be trying to block the ball rather than make a tackle, but he got it badly wrong. The Vardy one looks dodgy to me, but you can't send him off for that really as it's impossible to say definitively whether or not he meant it.
  7. @Indy @ S.E. My post further up the page about episode 6 explains it a bit.
  8. Aaaaand done. Really fantastic series.
  9. The warp effect signifies switching worlds from scene to scene. The music interlude has always been there. Anyway just watched Episode 6.
  10. They don’t appear prior to S03E01. I assume it’s three versions of the same person.
  11. Just watch S301. I presume it explains it later, but right now I don’t understand how
  12. I really hoped there’d be more to it than ‘two blokes got way too into nihilistic philosophy at college and never grew out of it for some reason’.
  13. Five episodes down in Season 3 and this is pretty bad really. There’s not enough plot to span 8 episodes, Pullman’s character is really annoying this time around, and the central story just isn’t particularly compelling.
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