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  1. mrpranny

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah I'd agree, its not a replacement its for a different market that was waiting for the next portable rather than a hybrid that they mentally cant connect with. This thing is pretty heavy aswell, not sure how much lighter the new one is. Visually it at least looks more portable even if it isnt necessarily :3 . Plus the whole no dpad thing is probably offputting to many who play more portable maybe more 2d type games(slightly more than everyone else who also wants the d-pad).
  2. mrpranny

    Illustration Club

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vanishing-Point-Perspective-Comics-Ground/dp/1581809549 Maybe something like this?
  3. Dont worry about those times. Put it down to thinking time and prep work or finding reference or whatever. Thinking about what youre actually going to do is often half the struggle
  4. If its any consolation, my project is going to take a very long time and likely to be very painful. I should have started a lot sooner in the year too. The inktober project thread is looking great, kinda wish I had done that this year I could have done a weapon design per day or something.
  5. I assumed it did , my eyes were shut
  6. My fave bit was when the alien climbed a ladder. I don't know. I am sure it will be great but I didn't dig this episode much. I expected to love it so maybe I should have expected to hate it more.
  7. Giving this thread a gentle shake to see if anyone else has started their projects! I have spent the last months and a bit making a ... secret thing for my board game and making various cards and things. If it looks tidy around Christmas I'll get serious on it next year. Does anyone have advice of copyright of ideas and systems for this type of thing? I feel like I'd like to talk about what I've been doing and working on but a little worried about putting too much out there.
  8. Agreed, there should be sliders for everything. I think this is how we need to argue. Like its taken this long in the thread. Rather than just laugh at the Big boobs Kirby lad there needs to be a positive argument FOR things rather than against them. And that said some guys like other things than boobs to be big so yeah ;p everyone's happy.
  9. I'm loving this but getting terrible lag. I realise its pc so could be any number of things my end but is it an issue for anyone else or could be UK servers or something? its not so bad with 2 or 3 players but still some times where a monster or I will teleport . So annoying.
  10. mrpranny

    Illustration Club

    Hi, what's the best wacom to get? I always used a bamboo but thinking might have to upgrade after a decade. I prefer a small drawing area like a6 and unnatural slippy feel of the bamboo is fine since you can make marks faster. I have heard about some newer ones trying to be like paper texture but leave scratches, eat through leads and move slowly . I'm probably going to get a bamboo again (I have made a request in the wanted folder if anyone has one they dont use). What do yous use?
  11. lvl 49 Kirin first time solo no deaths, lots of healing. 2 returns to camp. One time narrowly escaping thunder at my toes while crawling through the little tunnel.
  12. A big part of the game is keeping your team alive as much as it is keeping yourself alive. Well timed flash bombs as the monster is charging a injured or dizzy team mate,knocking someone out of dizzyness, traps and team healing items. I feel like this realisation only comes though necessity sometimes . It adds a lot to the game for me finishing a match even with a bad team that you helped pull through. And I can be guilty of the odd wreckless cart so its good to know people have your back too. But yeah theres a lot if new players so likely you had no chance :)) but dont give up straight away is all i'm saying.
  13. the demons in doom aren't a metaphor for whale hunting ;p
  14. Same thing in SOTC right? But yeah it is too gung ho in Monster hunter I agree. I wish they would put more context to the hunts rather than just that we are total dickheads doing whale hunting style " research" or like like those bellends that trophy hunt lions . And they dont even wear the lions afterwards, probably.
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