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  1. I demand a recount !! I am too high up !!That's very nice of yous to put me second, really was not expecting that. I honestly came away from everyone else's islands feeling I can do so much more with textures and lots of things( though my main paths ate up about 80% of my textures :3 so kinda screwed myself) Congrats to BimBam and Mrs Skittles and everyone!
  2. Cool just thought I could roll in while you're away. But will be about in a hour then. Will leave mine open till then
  3. cool, will close up and drop by yours in that hour ! Let me know if you change the code or you can just open open normally I can drop in
  4. I've been open most of yesterday, all night and all of today besides a short visit earlier. Can you check at your airports plz cos my switch is gona goddamn melt In hindsight we probably should have said when each of us was available more specifically with a window of opportunity and what day. @NexivRed @letsbook @skittles @Uncle Mike
  5. yeah agreed, great tour and island. So far I have 2 first places on my list
  6. Think early Saturday is a good time for Skittles' partner and its the last day so think most will want to wait till then to prep. Cool will be open till about 8 or 9pm ! (will try to be present or let me know a time :) )
  7. Opening up now and whenever I can for anyone who can't make Saturday. Mark: 6710 3535 9415 . Please judge me on my (Mark's) house as the others are extra accounts for adding tents and trying other room stuff out.
  8. Even if you acquire 25 million that's fine. You can dip into it to buy stuff. I just spent 220 000 on a kimono hanger thing but would be cool if there were some very high priced things for multiple millions. You can have all the money in the world and not have any bugs or fish in your collection. Once I've got enough cash to be comfortable I can try to complete my collection. No amount of cash can buy those bugs and fish! And most importantly of all, stop playing! For real, leave it on standby with your town open, let people enjoy your town, just play when you feel like it, play other games, wait for the updates . I am winding down my play time as its genuinely been unhealthy this last month , But it was worth it. I'll just do 5 hours a day now
  9. You can just take a pic with your phone to the tv of course, but best is to put your memory card into a reader on your pc. ( turn off your switch fully before removing)
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