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  1. I did mine with UIntradables aswell, which is a bonus from the weekly untradable reward packs.
  2. I dont actually play that many games a week, so I've gone for the loan (only required 80 rating), 20 games Hazard should see me through October.
  3. To be fair, the reward packs themselves are pretty bloody good. Nabbed from Twitter.... 2 x Mega Pack (35,000) 1 x Rare Mega Pack (55,000) 2 x Rare Player Pack (50,000) 1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (50,000) 1 x Jumbo Rare Player Pack (100,000) Total Reward: 340,00 coins
  4. The Higher rated Cardiff and Bournemouth players are going to get a huge boost aswell.
  5. A billion chelsea players are about to get listed. + everything else.
  6. Its out! 11 Chelsea players required! Madness. 11 Premier League players required, plus 2 from TOTW. (7 teams to build...) https://www.futbin.com/squad-building-challenges/ALL/45
  7. I recon they will throw in a UCL player requirement curve ball! Havent seen any recommendations to buy those, too high risk as the quick sell price is peanuts.
  8. Selling on hype is selling before an expected SBC is actually released. Basically you are taking profit guaranteed. If you wait til the SBC comes out you risk your investments crashing, or they could sky rocket. It’s the safe play to sell on the hype. Hype is guaranteed profit, holding is playing the risky game.
  9. Scrap all this anyway, when can I get my Bolt card!? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45834453
  10. Lucas POTM doesnt end for another 6 hours though, it might be after that.
  11. https://www.upfifacoins.com/news/1243--fifa-18-potm-aguero-94-sbc-cheapest-fifa-18-aguero-squad-building-challenges-for-premier-league-player-of-the-month-for-january Aguero also had his own card as a requirement, with Hazard POTM looking to be minimum 93, they are going to have to make it massively expensive, I dont think they will make it require an inform Hazard, but a normal Hazard as his price is still currently 500k+ General In forms are sure to be required, maybe even rare champions league cards, I recon they will just play it loose in term of full team requirements though to stop people from being able to make too much money from say Belgium in forms. But in general surely it'll require 2 in forms and be a 85+ requirement or something. Dont know why I am guessing, Im always fucking wrong.
  12. If anything is going to require an inform it will be this. Plus a very high rated team, plus probably Hazard himself. The only downside will be if its too expensive to do so people dont actually buy the players to do it, sell into the hype! If you buy now, surely you are buying into the hype.
  13. Costs near 600k, he is untradable though so 0k to me. (Got him in the UCL SBC) I would have flogged him in a heart beat if I could have, I do like having him around though, he is really bloody good. (Obviously)
  14. Im sitting on 220k at the minute but no proper investments just a bunch of 83+ rated players I refuse to sell on the cheap until a SBC come around to drive them up. I might join you in low risk TOTW investments. Though I really should invest a bit into my team... (That defense though, phwoar.)

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