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  1. Rolled mid icon again. Nedved. That will do I suppose! I would have been happier if he had his mane, but he has stupid short hair.
  2. Cheers man, I'll give that a crack.
  3. Most upset old Disney Junior shows arnt available like, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso. Little Einsteins theme tune is a jam!
  4. Ding ding ding! Timmo got it in one. I can't believe I got Scholesed. I keep getting weird lag, where it slows down and then fast forwards, it started a few weeks ago but has become a huge pain in the arse this weekend, proper fucked my weekend league up. I'd show a video but... Even when I am full green bars it's going nuts. Absolute shit show, this kind of lag is why PES became unplayable. I might just punt my 1m into two more mid icons.
  5. I did a Mid Icon SBC without spending a penny on the transfer market! Can anyone take a guess at who I may have got? England flag.
  6. It's just the fact you were talking about an Arsenal legends team and then this happens! Destiny. Post pics of full Arsenal team when complete please.
  7. My god. The fucking luck. I was expecting it to be Treza.
  8. I thought this was really well executed. Though when the camera kept lingering on empty chairs with no indent though...
  9. Probably just people making bank off the icon SBC being able to afford them, essentially exactly like how I have done! Petit is great, I haven't used him but I certainly put him in the category of players I hate to come up against! I would have jumped on his 88 if I didn't already have Mak.
  10. Icon Watch: 91 Seedorf - Disappointing. After scoring 6 in 7 with his prime loan from my attacking CDM role, I was expecting something similar but he missed loads of chances, his passing seems off, and he just felt too heavy. 89 Campbell - An absolute tank, I would back him going into a shoulder to shoulder with anyone. I will keep using for a bit longer, but very impressed so far. 90 Makelele - Bloody brilliant, who would have though he would be such a good CDM, I've really liked Keane, but this guy is a clear step above in terms of breaking up play. Ive punted Seedorf back onto the market, dont know who to go for for my next Box to Box CDM? No limit on Chemistry, doesnt have to be an ICON, I can fit anyone in.
  11. Woohoo. Finally a millionaire again. Buying 91 Seedorf and 89 Campbell to celebrate.
  12. Makelele from my prime pack. Not exactly what I was hoping for but it could have been far worse.
  13. That was bloody brilliant, I don't know why Jimmy and Kim retelling the golf club story was so good, but it really was captivating.
  14. I will not be using this as a cautionary tale. I am still gunning for the nine! Thats painful though man, bloody Lampard is crap. Ex Derby Manager though, fate has brought him to you.
  15. 2 for one on the single player objectives, use Brazil/NOS league players.
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