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  1. Doesnt that just mean he is selling at his cap which is too low for how highly people rate him, so his cap will get raised and he will be worth more soon...? (Same for Carvajal Capped at 100k)
  2. At least use him as a super sub before selling.
  3. Realist is at the same price to try and get a someone like you Pants.
  4. Pretty good stats for a guy who doesn't score that many goals.
  5. Cheers man. Not gunna lie. Didn't know what to do with myself yesterday. The addiction runs deep. Catch ya'll next weekend!
  6. Cam mainly he might be alright for you though. Its not that expensive to redo Icon 3 if he doesn't work out.
  7. 95% of those players are untradable though. Its only really Kroos, Casimiro and Fernandez who cost coin. Just fully fed up with the game. Not enjoying it at all. The main factor though was down to the amount of time I spent on SBC, Buying and selling players it was just way too much. I start a new job on Monday so it was the best time to pull the plug for me. I'm not deleting Fifa, will probably play some seasons at some point just done with FUT.
  8. 1.3m for a fullback is mental. I'd rather replace Bale with George Best.

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