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  1. I would certainly imagine so! I just dont know where they will go with Promos after this, we still have 3 months left of this game and the cards have all but peaked.
  2. Taking an Icon goes against every logical and reasonable thought in my head, but its the only time I have got to this stage, so its got to be the Icon! 16 players out of 74 would be good for me. I like those odds.
  3. I havent done 11 to 13 yet, but I am going to. So hyped for my Icon for what feels like an absolute graft. Way to much Squad Battles involved in this.
  4. I got 8/11, little bit better than what I have been getting. But I did it with a slightly lower rated team, the difference between my 95 rated striker and 87 rated striker, hardly any. My 86 rated CDM against my 93 rated CDM, the 86 was boss. 90 rated winger and 94 rated winger, the 90 was better. I used Lala as my second holding midfielder (RWB player as RW then moved to CDM in game, so 7 Chem.), he was brilliant! Finally gave Stevie G a proper run out at CAM as well, I was skeptical, he was awesome at striding into the gaps though. Not to great in tight situations mind. What are they going to do as rewards after this week?
  5. My guaranteed rest of the work player... Some 85 rated RB called Kuhn. Sounds about right.
  6. Really could have done with owning an Egyptian right about now.
  7. Steely

    The Man Utd Thread

    But... But... He did a swear!!!?!?
  8. He will beast it! They're no scarier midfielders in the game to come up against, if you he gets within a 10 yard radius of you, the gravitational field draws you in, he gives you a wedgie and leaves you in a crumpled heap wondering what the fuck just happened.
  9. I can look forward to the season knowing I dont have another season of Pulisball to suffer through. Woodgate certainly wasnt my 1st choice, or 2nd or 3rd or 4th etc etc but I really hope he can prove me wrong. Pulis has done what Pulis does whislt he was here, our squad looks completely out of balance and shaped towards his 'style' of play, Woodgate has a shoestring of a budget to try and turn that around, just need to find a couple of Messi's in our academy and we will be golden.
  10. Yeah probably a Rest of the World or maybe Asia and North America? (But then I suppose that would leave out the SPL and other European leagues who havent featured.)
  11. Do Gullit! I did Stevie G, massive regrets. Nedved was regretish. I love Nesta and Butes (Even though I still can't spell his full name.)
  12. Yeah, most of my monies is in Rojas and Cabrera from the LATAM TOTS. With a few from the Saudi League and EFL sprinkled in.
  13. Its been a while since I did any investing but with the Ultimate TOTS next week, I have punted my 400k into cheap TOTS players in hope of some repeatable SBC that requires them... It would be nice to get my hands on Eusebio or better yet Gullit before FIFA19 goes to bed.
  14. Mena, I only had time to get Silver 1 though so can't complain really.
  15. Easier to do the squad battles over a few nights, just playing the whopper teams. I've just played the worst team each day.
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