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  1. They generate this issue themselves though by making such shit objectives, which make it very hard to complete them in properly competitive matches. (Score and assist in a win with a certain player. Score 2 goals and win with a certain players, score a header and win!) To do those in matches where you only win every other game is just painful, and thats just winning every other game, nevermind winning and scoring 2 goals with said player. In Div 4+ I have to take a goal any way I can get it. More natural objectives would work. Like the icon ones, I dont drop for those, but then people still will. Hell, I might now that I've seen how much smoother sailing things are just a couple of divisions away.
  2. Yeah I just didnt get him either. I didn't like him after 100 games, cant say I notice him when playing against him which is always a sign. I dropped from 3 to 6 and the difference was mind boggling! Back in 5 now and still on a winning streak, 4 is where it gets too competitive to complete these sort of objectives for me and 3 is my ceiling.
  3. I'm close to finishing both Odegard and Oshimen now, just 2 more braces of Osh and one more goal and win with Ode. I've scored a grand total of 2 headers with Oshimen, both from over the top through balls. I did drop down a couple of divisions to tackle them though. The shame. The content for the current promo has been absolutely honking mind.
  4. So many objectives in one goal. My single greatest achievement on FIFA.
  5. Yeah I was referring more to the picks not being too bad. The TOTW pack was utter trash.
  6. Not terrible! Not good either though. Pretty much meh of a meh-ness.
  7. Bloody hell Hannay, how do you manage to do these things. I really bloody struggle in Rivals. Win-Draw-Lose on loop for eternity. And my win usually comes with not meeting the objective. My weekend league record is so much better, why cant the objectives be in there! @gooner4life How did Eliteness treat you?
  8. That Zaniolo card looks trash. One of the objectives... 7 lobbed through balls in Rivals wins. For that card.
  9. Thread needs more list. How can anyone say they dont make good movies!? They make bloody great family movies. They aren't all winners, and their sequel game is pretty poor apart from Toy Story which they have nailed. Plus they peaked fairly early, either that or I'm just older and more miserable now. But this is my personal preference order. WALL-E upwards. Amazing films. Toy Story 4 to Cars. Solid Family movies. Monsters University downwards I didn't find particularly engaging. A clear pattern on year of release and personal preference for me...
  10. I dont really have a starting place for Ikone in my team (Getting Neymar, finally.), whens best to sell him? Will he rise or continue to fall.
  11. How is James @Timmo? You got him yet?
  12. I was looking at the requirement of Osimhen. Score a brace in 7 rival wins. Fucking hell. Score a header!? Fuck me, might as well ask me to score an overhead kick, I've got as little a chance of both. But then to score a header and win. Good lord. My Rivals win ratio is shocking, I think I much with 1 in 3 (And for some reason I keep getting fucking promoted). It'll take me the entire season to get him and Odegaard I keep telling myself I will get relegated to complete some but I just cant be bothered. One day!
  13. Ive come across a few Essiens and Petits. Essien I never really notice in the match, Petit is fucking everywhere! Impossible to get past or muscle off the ball. He is an absolute beast. Seeing Petit in the opposite line up is one of my least favourite things.
  14. Oh man, I hate them so much. I'm going to get the mid versions of the two rivals version though, I'm a sucker. Gotta get Dan James though! What's with the SBCs, are you supposed to trade all 4 in for a bang average pack... Why would anyone do that!? Oh god no, that would be brutal. Hopefully he pulls through, I didn't like my Baby Keane at first, love the guy now. Same with my Adama, really grown on me.
  15. I've kept him to try him out on the all french/Ligue 1/first owned. Your spot on, he is a bit bloody good. Really impressed so far, think I'll keep him. Cashed in Tomori straight away
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