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  1. I just sold all mine that I had accumulated since the start! (2 I must have applied one or two along the way.)
  2. To be fair, Spurs have been stinking it up the vast majority of 2019, the Champions League final bought Poch way more time than he would have gotten previously. My biggest shock is he actually sacked him, considering how well sort after he is by all other big clubs. I really thought he would have struck a deal with someone like Bayern rather than sack him. Do we know if Poch got the full pay off? It was certainly at a point where a squad overhaul was required or a change of manager and the manager is far cheaper, when you consider the number of players who have clearly fallen out of form under Poch. Realistically how much did he need to spend to try and turn it around.. Plus the hope will be Jose can convince some of those running down contracts to sign new deals, if he does that, Levy is won over. If Jose comes in and galvanizes that team, and its still a bloody good team, they are capable of playing the Jose way, running through brick walls which they did in years gone by. I recon this is all poised nicely for a Jose revival job. Which will happen this season and then next season is where it will start unraveling. Looking at the squad, its a mostly experienced team, which again suits Jose, I think this is a better fit than United and Jose. Hopefully he wont be as miserable as he was at United, well at least at the start, he always turns miserable eventually. More interested now in where Poch will go! Sheffield United away this weekend for Man Utd, a very difficult place to go at the moment and also being beaten by a newly promoted team is the perfect excuse to make a head roll.
  3. Dele Alli for sure. Whether he is popular is another matter mind.
  4. Maybe I'm doing them wrong! All my headers are glances for some reason, zero aim and zero power.
  5. If you can please try Hugo Sanchez for me and report back before I make my swaps decision. I miss Icon loan cards.
  6. No mention of AI, hopefully they have overlooked the Squad Battle filth. That method got me 3 glorious 1 nill wins yesterday. What's the crack with headers, I don't want them to be OP again but fuck me, they are near totally useless at the minute.
  7. Ah, I had no idea the promo was finished! Thought it was still rumbling on till Friday. Still, it was a big spike!
  8. What the hell happened to the RTF cards? Why did they all go through the roof last night?
  9. I'm a firm advocate for Packs, it's why we play the game, the thrill of the pack. But given your pauper status, and the fact I don't think you are doing first owned objectives. It's probably best to just take the cash. Take packs in a few weeks, once you have a solid competitive team. 17k goes a long way at the minute!
  10. Buy now prices for non rare golds are on the floor at the moment. Stock up on these with players from the major leagues, Premier League and La Liga are usually best. (But Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 will all still work.) This isnt a quick flip like Pants posted before, the quick flipping wont be working very well today, due to the lack of SBCs, so you will buy these then wait, you can probably sell them Tonight/Tomorrow night when an SBC drops. (Should drop.) Advice, buy Defenders and LM/RM, you can buy them for around 400 and then sell them for 800+ . GK/CDM/CM/CAM/ST are not usually as sort after and may sell for less, though it does depend on the formation of the SBCs, so dont ignore them completely, you just may not be able to flog them for 800+. You can never go wrong buying none rare golds from big leagues at 400, they will always go for more, and usually you dont have to wait for more than a couple of days. I'm just stocking my club to the nines. (Also, rather than just sniping buy it now, you can also do bidding to store them on your Transfer Target list, until they need listing.)
  11. Those things are genuinely less boring than playing the AI. Fucking squad battles, I really hope that works! Do you know if it works on any difficulty setting Timmo?
  12. You fuck. I didn't realise this one ended today. At work till late now. Id be more annoyed if I wasn't chipping away at icons whilst doing these challenges, so not an exclusive waste of time.
  13. Back to back lifted through ball goals.
  14. Note to self. Don't do weekend league this weekend! Must get Mbabu and Icons cards instead of putting myself through the pain of forcing myself to play games.
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