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  1. Another vote for Wild Wild Country, brilliantly made and very even handed. I'm only two episodes in and it's gripping, knew nothing about it all before apart from I guess the many Simpsons episodes which are inspired by it.
  2. The Expanse - Syfy

  3. Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs

    One of the pieces in the score was from a Kurosawa I'm sure, maybe seven samurai?
  4. The Hobbit Trilogy

    It's amazing that the boss on newline said he gave Jackson total control on LOTR, it was a massive gamble but it paid off. Why not do it again? I guess they saw the Hobbit as a massive cash cow and nothing more. Anyway I can forgive Jackson entirely now I know a bit more. Such a shame.
  5. The Hobbit Trilogy

    God I really love those Lindsay Ellis videos. She reminds me how I felt about LOTR, seeing it at the cinema, getting the extended edition and watching all the extras at Christmas. Then the Hobbit.... Nothing. Just contrasting the films as she does in that video says it all. I would of loved to see del Toro's version. So how did it fuck over new Zealand?
  6. Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs

    A huge "meh" from me. I admit I'm no big Anderson fan (apart from Grand Budapest and Life Aquatic) but it just felt like a big pile of nothing. I really think the plot felt like a boring video game. The exchange student leading a fight against the main bad guy? really? I agree though visually it was stunning and very well put together, and I really liked the first half hour.
  7. Really enjoyed LA 92, though covers similar ground to that epic OJ documentary but it's brilliantly put together.
  8. Vikings - A History channel original series

    It's quality is very steady actually, apart from when it gets trippy. I think the last season was one of the best so definitely stick with it.
  9. That looked really fun actually, I hope they go easy on the CGI battles and focus on characters within them.
  10. Well yeah I guess it's very complicated! I always assumed the goal was publicity, but then surely there was a more cost effective way of doing that? Do we know how many people are watching it?
  11. I can't imagine this has been much of a success for Amazon, apart from the initial publicity
  12. The Wire

    I take that back, article is a really good read
  13. The Wire

    well it's more like (1=2=3=4)>>5 I also don't approve of them saying "every season" when there are five of them. Next week, every single member of the spice girls ranked in reverse order.

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