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  1. It's the rapey one from Torchwood
  2. Pete

    Alita: Battle Angel

    I'm gonna agree with @linkster here, if you're going to share a video I appreciate it when the poster explains the context and why they are sharing it. Even if it's just, "I agree with this"
  3. Pete

    Star Trek Discovery

    Why is she famous? She can't act. It's embarrassing.
  4. Pete

    A movie watchers blog

    The Favourite I found the Lobster funny, but a bit cold and odd. This film is much more conventional in every way really. I didn't find any of the stylistic touches off putting (though they didn't add much) but the performances and subtle looks were excellent. I laughed out loud at least eight times, on one occasion just when Emma Stone got slapped and I was embarrassed. It was very funny, quite wicked and good fun. Much better than I'd thought given all the awards buzz it's getting (which I don't really see myself). Nicholas Hoult was superb funnily enough, and it was great to see my favourite grumpy civil servant from The Thick of It. All round, way better than I thought but then I thought it would be shit.
  5. Pete

    Vikings - A History channel original series

    All caught up over the weekend. Has Vikings got the best ensemble cast of anything at the moment? Really enjoying Ivar now he's stopped trying to not be mental. I like to imagine Floki is actually trying to make the most of a really bad holiday. The weather is comically bleak and everything keeps getting worse. I keep expecting to hear the Curb music. It's great.
  6. Pete

    Star Trek Discovery

    I enjoyed that. They actually went to a planet. So much better without Klingons.
  7. I thought Roma was extraordinary and my favourite film I've seen all year by quite a way. I've heard quite a few people call it boring, but it's just got a different pace which felt like a breath of fresh air. And it has three truly extraordinary scenes that really hit me.
  8. Roma seems to really stand out for me in all those lists. Has a foreign language film won before?
  9. Pete

    The Crown

    Why is this thread so small? It's a superb program. I was massively put off due to my republican leanings, but it's as much about history as it is about the royals and the cast are amazing. Smith especially.
  10. What the hell is with that guest that decided he wanted empty tents near him, so pissed on beds and cut holes in tents? I mean the behaviour is just awful, but then to boast about it? On Netflix? What a cunt. Horrible people all round.
  11. This is great, and further evidence that we need a 80% tax on those who can afford this shite.
  12. Pete


    Another great list, I didn't vote this year as I do all my new music in jan/feb. Anyway, fans of Jon Hopkins should definitely check out the Rival Consoles album.
  13. Pete

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Yeah the quality has dropped, and pointing that out in a meta way only guess so far. I really liked the times up episode though. It's still great though, and I'm going to go back and watch some classic episodes now.
  14. Pete

    Brexit: The Uncivil War (Channel 4)

    Well that's not quite I meant. I meant to say this version of the story didn't agree with the reviewers internal story. I think a good reviewer should be able to see that this really worked on a dramatic level, regardless of it's politics. And politically I thought it was quite balanced.

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