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  1. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    It's odd to elect to field and then do so defensively. I don't get it, but this phase will be key now and I still think Pakistan are in it.
  2. Pete

    Black Mirror

    White Christmas is probably one of the darkest, and it has Hamm in it.
  3. In parts the writing is so good, but it is also a bit all over the place. I really like it though and I'm forgiving most of it, it's ambitious and all very plausible. My housemate wasn't interested at first and now really enjoying it, and he doesn't like anything. Good on Russell. Loved the bit with gran and her gong, the relationship between her and her daughter in law is wonderful.
  4. I think he is just annoyed that Captain Kirk fought and fucked every episode. I would definitely watch a modern version of that, but where Kirk is bisexual and also will bang any alien. Because normally the aliens he bangs happen to look like models from the 60s, and it's a bit samey.
  5. Oh my that review: Of threads apparently, even though threads never happened and this has been put together from first hand accounts and photos. I think maizan mentions this, sometimes the truth doesn't seem real to us because we're so use to tropes. She then seems to have missed a scene where two female characters discuss the disaster and it's nothing to worry about. She seems to have missed the point, thank God they didn't make this show for film studies graduates.
  6. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    Well a game is afoot! I'm enjoying this tidy bowling display
  7. Pete

    Cricket Thread

    I sometimes forget we have a cricket thread. Really enjoying this tournament so far, though I guess with cricket every day it's hard not to enjoy it. Amazing how much the one day game has changed in my life. South Africa are a sorry sight, I guess they're in between teams as it were.
  8. I thought it was Charles Dance!
  9. No honestly it's fine, it's about the fourth time I've been pulled up on it this year! I'll never get better otherwise.
  10. Don't worry it's Physics
  11. I really hope this restarts a debate on nuclear power and nuclear weapons, though actually I do have faith in the UK's nuclear industry I still think it's irresponsible to do it on the one planet we have. Anyway, as someone who has studied and taught this disaster I can't imagine how they could of done a better job, especially in this episode explaining it so well and accurately. As others have said it's every aspect of it, the performances, music, soundtrack, design, script and costumes. Also think they were a bit soft on Dyatlov, while the reactor was flawed by design it was operating in a way out it never intended to when the AZ-5 was pressed. The man apparently went to his death blaming the people beneath him, a truly awful person.
  12. Yeah I'm much more excited about this now given the flat ending to the TV show. I will need a serious recap to see where characters are though! Wasn't there a map/website with all that info on?
  13. Can't beat good old analogue Physics kit though. All my favourite kit was made in the 50/60s. Easy to fix and well made. Geiger counters are quite simple, and the simplest detector (spark detector) is just some parallel wires with a PD across them.
  14. Yeah I just came here to put a warning out for the animal lovers The attention to detail continues to amaze me. I don't know what a Soviet era military camp looks like, but the one in here looks completely real, so many amazing touches.
  15. I thought it happened but it wasn't the first one. Not sure though. And I'm not sure if the pilot just fucked up and hit it, or he got such a high dose by accidentally going over the reactor he lost control.
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