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  1. Walking to work this morning, backpack fully loaded, hood up, in the pouring rain, listening to the tune that plays when you first come into Port Knot City. Atmospheric as fuuuuuuuuuck.
  2. I find it exceptionally difficult to put my finger on exactly what it is but I didn't enjoy Thumper in the slightest, despite being obsessed with pressing buttons in time to music in general. Is it it a little too cold..? Lacking in harmony..? Not enough character..? Fuck knows. I have decided to settle on the idea that you are all wrong and I am right. It is just plain easier than trying to figure it out properly.
  3. No worries - thanks for trying to help!
  4. Really rather enjoying this, although given my teeny tiny attention span I'm not completely convinced I'm going to feel the same in another fourty hours. But we'll see! Losing some of my cargo and then managing to catch it downstream as it being was swept away was hilariously dramatic. As was the additional gamble of then using a couple of ladders to cross the same river to pick up a box of metal. It's definitely doing something for me. One thing; I feel like I've completely missed an introduction to Heartman at some point. He seems to have just started appearing in the holograms and over the private rooms speakers as if I know who he is.
  5. Two hours in and I'm pretty captivated so far. Admittedly, 'Kojima Fan Enjoys Kojima Game' may not be the exacting critique you're after, but here we are.
  6. Oooh, I'm not too sure about that. It was an absolute fucking nightmare trying to get anything over from PS3 to PS4. I'm led to believe that it was easier on XBox - and perhaps it's improved since I last stormed off in a strop about it - but Harmonix made the same mistakes in my experience.
  7. I would very much like to live in Toad Harbour, thanks.
  8. I love Kojimary weirdness and have booked next Friday off in anticipation (the first I've done this for a game in a couple of years) but sweet fuck, these reviews are making me reconsider. Sounds like he may have - finally - completely vanished up his own arse. Who could have possibly foreseen this?!
  9. (If you're on mobile, there's a little eye and you write in the box that appears when you press it!) Just played though album arcade again and holy shit what a game this is. Aside from the fact it consistently looks and sounds absolutely stunning (I will pay one billion, million pounds to listen to this performed live), there's just something incredibly human about the whole thing. I'm not sure I posses the emotional depth to process the narrative, the lyrics and the visuals in their entirety but what I can absorb is heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure. I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of tears but I'm never sure if it's because I'm sad or happy! And fuck me, that finale.
  10. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Was playing Mario Maker with the SNES controller last night. Good God it's lovely. I mean; it's a complete fucking rip off and I feel like I've been properly done; but good God it's lovely.
  11. Managed to get in, so thanks again guys! Now trying to convince a slightly teary pair of children that this isn't really the end of Fortnite.
  12. Not sure I've seen Blur mentioned yet, which I was a massive fan of. Like; it's probably one of my favourite games of the 360 era. I think in the hundred odd hours I spent with it I didn't have a race without a blood-pumping, nail-biting finish. So, so good with a fantastic soundtrack that I still listen to now. It's such a shame we don't get many games of this type now. Modern Life is Rubbish.
  13. Sorry for the massively Dad question, but how do you watch the event on Sunday? Is it simply the case of trying to join a game just after 7? My kids are desperate to watch it and I don't know how it works. I have become my parents
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