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  1. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    That's what I'd like; a lovely little compilation, that's available physically so I can easily share it with the children. I suspect I'll be disappointed though. (Relatively disappointed, I mean. This is still magnificent news)
  2. Jolly

    Dreams - It's out!

    That's absolutely insane.
  3. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah, sneakily hidden within its own thread. Thanks mate.
  4. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there any discussion about Shinsekai on the forum? I've noticed you and I have pretty similar tastes so your endorsement has raised my eyebrows.
  5. I've been absolutely loving this and am fairly bemused by the lukewarm reaction in here. I'm getting the same kind of rush that I get from Geometry Wars or Nex Machina. I'm really enjoying the platforming too!
  6. Jolly

    Name That Game

    Yooooooooou got it!
  7. Jolly

    Name That Game

    It's not, no. In fact it's almost the opposite and a 'level start' fanfare..! Big extra clue
  8. Jolly

    Name That Game

    Haha! Dreadfully sorry to the rest of the forum, but I'm throughly enjoying this. Jolly 3 https://vocaroo.com/5mh1wRIj0lN Jolly 4 https://vocaroo.com/4UUTVQQKLIx
  9. Jolly

    Name That Game

    I've just listened to the actual noise for my second one and I've done it significantly slower than it actually is. Little clue...
  10. Jolly

    Name That Game

    @Nick R 10 Edit: Haha, ignore me. I've had a drink, that's totally wrong!
  11. Jolly

    Name That Game

    Yes! Edit: I was tempted to do the whole flourish but I thought that might be a little obvious.
  12. Jolly

    Name That Game

    My wife just came downstairs after overhearing me doing this and said 'have you lost your mind?' so I hope it's worth it. Jolly 1 https://vocaroo.com/jzuRUJTIS2C Jolly 2 https://vocaroo.com/2dbaNb5Pz8N
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