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  1. Didn't even need to click the link to know what this was
  2. Oh yes - Him. Made me jump The bell you rang at the top of the tower is one of two you need to ring to progress the story
  3. AFTER you climbed the tall tower after the gargoyles first tho, right?
  4. The bloodstains show you previous players dying as they attempted someothing in the same space - sometimes gives useful clues on what not to do Messages on the ground - after the initial prison these are left by other players - often invaluable, they can equally just be trolling ("jump off here")
  5. Local cinema showed Kill Bill 1 recently so I went along as I hadn't seen on a big screen Was much better than I remembered it and would have watched KB2 immediately afterwards if it was on Found KB2 on Netflix a week later and watched it (even tho I distinctly remember it being poor back in the day) and really really enjoyed it this time too SO both KBs have improved with age IMO
  6. I read this as Uncle saying "people should have been able to find SOMETHING in the Kylie set to like - there is more to her than just the early PWL songs" Did I get that wrong? I'm no Kylie fan, but I thought the Roses/Slow/Fashion/Confide was a classic run of songs and a Glastonbury highlight
  7. Duke of York is quite sweet and old fashioned. Little bar upstairs. I like it I used to go to Peckhamplex for years. Main gripe is the ticketing system being same place they sell popcorn. Gets chaotic. Can’t argue with those prices tho
  8. @gommy ha. Fair comment. That’s the entrance and bar screens and other seating areas off to the left
  9. Living in a small town with no cinema, used to mean an 8 mile schlep to Brighton or Uckfield And then, a year ago, this 3 screen beauty opened in the town. Seriously comfortable seating with tons of legroom, local beers, special showings (eg, original Alien, remastered, with a talk from nearby university on current state of space exploration) I keep thinking I dreamt it into existence
  10. This, from JPL, should have got more kudos
  11. @ Elmo Bless - you honestly think Mr Farley isn't as we speak, falling down a rabbit-hole. He'll ring you up to talk about the Bonfireside Chat podcasts next, and how he's rolling a pyromancer. ;-)
  12. As Into the Night got mentioned, is that on the radar for a future article?
  13. Microprose Golf on the Amiga was a blinding game as well - felt like so many shots had to be really considered with great risk and reward. Too many golf games since don't REALLY punish you for wayward shots
  14. Just who are all these Dulwichites I may know on here? Agreed Flying Pig is ace - jealous I won't get to try new beer shop as I moved away earlier this year
  15. Anyone remember when they were young and were forced by their parents to eat food that was good for them?Many on here will have rebelled at being forced to do something, even if it was good for themOther people will have parents who didnt force them but, instead, persuaded (by one method or another) their children to eat the same foodIm not saying Xbox One was good food, but regardless of how good it is, they were never going to succeed with such a bullish (bullying) approach to gamersAs for the multiple problems price? Yeap, too much. DRM/ownership I agree with most of the people arguing a
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