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  1. As sad as this sounds, love checking up on fellow rllmuk hunt. Guess dry month?.
  2. yakumo


    Which series?, the latest one and genuinely interested why you thought it was strange?
  3. More like Jason Bourne. At least we know Hopper is in Russia.
  4. Another great Mann film, Cruise is great as a bad guy. 4/5
  5. Street Fighter 1994 Awful movie, definitely belongs to its so bad its good. But Raul Julia (RIP) was just a marvel to watch and you could tell he really enjoyed the role. "For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday." Just fucking epic. 3/5
  6. yakumo


    Kill La Kill is the shit, Studio Trigger are amazing but yeah they're definitely style over substance at times its probably why Iove them.
  7. yakumo


    Finally watched Giant Robo after all these years. Owned the first 2 eps on VHS tape from Wh smiths yonks ago but now I feel like I unlocked an achievement. It was OK, the animation was great and the designs were brill but yeah nothing that wasn't done before better or after. However, I guess communication was key none of this stuff would have happened. Anyway rewatched X 1999 again just becase and then X the TV series for another time. Forgotten how bleak it is.
  8. I was about to say I only seen S1 of GA and Flash, are these just watch one episode of each series or is it like a mini TV movie?
  9. yakumo


    Watch all of Nadia, get the full experience.
  10. Its disappointing because he can draw like a beast and I feel he gets lost in the shuffle of artists during that period. But so many classic covers and scene, a great grasp of flow inin story telling as well.
  11. Holy Terror is probably one of the most obscenely racist and bigoted pieces of work that I've ever seen, the notion that Frank Miller originally intended for it to be a Batman story makes me think that thus guy is absolutely mad. But then I still adore his catalogue of work and does seem more mentally sound again thanks to Neal Adams and others: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/apr/27/frank-miller-xerxes-cursed-sin-city-the-dark-knight-returns
  12. yakumo


    Yeah enjoyed VOE movie too, it was such a different take as well. Anyway has anyone seen Promare movie?
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