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  1. Need to look for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina though
  2. Read the comic its miles better with 15 issues or so out, though its not finished and not sure when it will be.
  3. Godamn Clone Wars is the shit, I feel bad for criticising the prequel movies because if they didn't exist then we wouldn't have Clone Wars. Everyone has dimension,depth and emotion , plus the series is pretty dark and violent too. Love the droids, roger roger. Outstanding series.
  4. The Reconstruction of William Zero
  5. Memories of Murder right?, pretty much floored by that.
  6. Feel justified after telling everyone this was movie of the year.
  7. Locke and Key is one if not the best horror comic series I have read in the last decade, with the exception of Junji Ito.
  8. From Bloody Digusting, but agree with the points. This isn't horror more like dark fantasy.
  9. I feel so bad for fans of Joe Hill, he's such a great horror writer but all of his adaptations from Horns, NOS42R, Tall Grass and now Locke and Key have been disappointing. He should have got his dad to push for Mike Flannagan to direct Locke and Key.
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