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  1. Raging Bull 4.5/5 Taxi Driver 5/5 King of Comedy 4.5/5
  2. yakumo

    Adult Swim

    It was absolutely incredible, and I wish every animation studio will just give Gendy Tartakovsky unlimited budgets for whatever he wants to do. It still saddens me that he never got to make his Popeye movie
  3. There's a few scenes which parallel Joker. Some are more obvious than others. Going to watch Taxi Driver next but the most obvious scene would be the gun to the head gesture Travis does.
  4. Just watched King of Comedy and the scene at the very end when he’s running away at the ward is exactly the same as when Pupkin is running away from the guards. There’s also the abusive mother, to the music being use which are also the same but framed differently.
  5. yakumo


    Blade of the Immortal remake?..ohhh loved the manga anyone seen it?.
  6. As mentioned Cuphead can't copyright a style, especially a style they themselves didn't create but borrow themselves from the toons of the 1930s.
  7. Its really strange as there's a lot of effort involved but why?. Cuphead doesn't have a copyright on the genre or look but its blatantly Cuphead. Kinda reminds me of the same situation between the Gianna Sisters and Mario. Some people are claiming law suits but no assets, or code seems stolen, so what do you think?
  8. Its only the first issue plus its the guys from the authority so it probably be explained.
  9. That made me chuckle. However, more excited for the new titles now. Do you like Punisher Max?. If so you may enjoy it.
  10. Powers of X final issue was underwhelming and repeating pages I found unnecessary even though I understand it was to re-conceptualise what happened before.
  11. Same here I thought Phoenix was amazing of course but I was wowed as I was with see seeing the Dark Knight.
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