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  1. Its one of the reasons why I originally didn't love RE3 when it came out, it was more "arcadey" than anything before, also I felt I had too much firepower on hand but I could be mistaken since my memory is hazy. Its probably why I loved Code Veronica too, it was just the perfect balance of puzzles, action and survival that made RE so good. Still I wouldn't mind playing RE3 remake as I never bothered to complete the original.
  2. yakumo

    The 3D Thread

    Procreate is pretty much the defacto drawing app for many people, there's also others like Sketchbook but Procreate is the main one to use.
  3. yakumo

    The 3D Thread

    Youtube mate, sounds dumb but there's so much good content out there
  4. Genuinely don't know who Jack Whitehall is besides from this.
  5. Exact same feelings, newspaper can be avoided.
  6. Misread the title and though this was about Half Life
  7. Damn that was really emotional, still love Kerry she's a sweetheart.Kurtain is just an old man in a young man's body. One of the best TV series for me in the past few years.
  8. Thought it was pretty fun, though not a huge fan of the Witchfinder bits, didn't really add much at all I found. However, I was sure that in the end:
  9. Yup best thing on TV for me, sad to see it go. Hopefully not too down like People Like Us
  10. The TV movie is great which the Japanese movies are based on, however, pretty much similar with some different aspects and a lower budget. American Grudge 3 is awful, don't bother its like the latest one. The only decent recommendation is Sadako Vs Kayako which is uber silly but a total blast.
  11. That's great news, still wish I could have seen it in the cinema though. Even with DIsney+ I be watching at an abysmal 20" monitor with stereo speakers.
  12. Its out on the high seas, would have loved to gone and seen it in the cinema but won't have a chance. Gutted as I have seen every Pixar movie since Toy Story 1 and this is the first film I have missed:(
  13. Oh man this is the final season:(
  14. Yeah I found it amusing at moments but it wasn't as terrible as everyone said it was. It was mostly disappointing overall because of how great the source material is and the movies which stand still up as classics.
  15. Are we talking the original Japanese TV movie or Japanese Movies?.
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