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  1. yakumo

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I know sportsmanship and all that, but I fucking loved it.
  2. yakumo

    The Conjuring - new horror yarn from James Wan

    Avoid the Nun. Full of Nunsense.
  3. So they included a real life predator. Wow.
  4. yakumo

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    The bigger screen is definitely nicer but then you have to relearn certain things again. However, agreed portability is greatly reduced and accidental damaged increased. Definitely invest in some mpcstuff fatpads, they make a huge difference.
  5. yakumo

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    I still love the MPC, that and JJOSXL makes it still one the best daw sampler in my opinion.
  6. yakumo


    Plus the film didn't have jump scares, that's a bonus point where so many films just fall into that trap.
  7. yakumo


    One of the best scenes for me was much earlier on. It was..
  8. yakumo

    Apple Pencil & Procreate - iPad Pro versus iPad 9.7?

    Not really, if you haven't used a Pro I doubt you experience any difference at all. For me it feels the same. Nice Ghostbusters avatar too.
  9. yakumo

    Incredibles 2

    Cmon Jack-Jack segment and Edna was worth alone.
  10. yakumo

    When Hally met Sally.

    I remember seeing Money Pit, its a fun film for sure and you can't go wrong with a 80s Tom Hanks film but didn't think it was a s great as When Harry Met Sally. Definitely had a few laughs though, but thanks for reminding me of this film.
  11. yakumo

    When Hally met Sally.

    Thank you, I have heard of it but never had any inclination to watch it until now. I think Harry realized their connection was more meaningful-- a potential to be both friends and lovers. And therefore he had to be her friend first, and once he was, he realized he'd disproved his own earlier theory. Not that he didn't want to have sex with her, but that it would get in the way.
  12. yakumo

    When Hally met Sally.

    Sorry I wasn't aware of that thread. Anyway still thinking about this film, maybe because I'm getting older and I'm searching for a more happier and optimistic view in life. But just a genuinely nice uplifting film despite myself being single and jaded in life and love.
  13. yakumo

    When Hally met Sally.

    I just watched it and really liked it. 4.5/5
  14. Dear God, what have you done. I been playing for the past hour.
  15. I had this, OMG if you ever let this go let me know. This is pure 100% childhood memories.

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