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  1. As much as I love Theroux does he needs to give more spotlight to these goons?. So much has changed and even now the Westboro seem tame in comparison to other hate fringe groups.
  2. It was essentially the life line or brain.
  3. Just finished it but damn that was great. I love Erica and Robin, they were awesome additions.
  4. Ned is awesome, so wise beyond his years.
  5. I can understand how people think this is terrible in comparison to the previous offerings. But honestly it was a laugh, not because it was funny but how stupid the writing and plot are. My biggest gripe though is how cheap the film looked, it was obvious the money was invested heavily in the CG but I guess the team behind it just didn't have enough time to polish the final product with rendering, and compositing. Next is the sets which were obviously stage sets and looked cheap, not sure why they couldn't do some more shots in real locations. Plus side were some of the creature designs, but yeah it was OK.
  6. For me its better than Endgame just because it had more of an emotional impact. Its a shame not more people are talking about this film, its really, really good.
  7. Watching Robocop recently I can't help but can't unsee the similarities between Weller and Vision.
  8. This movie was trash (warm, comfy and slightly squishy). Anyone else choke up as well?
  9. Also Ape Escape soundtrack is great:
  10. Going bananas if this is true.
  11. That sucks pretty hard, sort of similar but not in the same ball park. Remember when I was younger and collecting comics I bought a whole wad of X-men no 1s, Death of Superman issue 75 and batman 500 when the new Batman appeared. All in the belief that in a few years I could be sitting on golden goose. Sadly that never happened, and even to this today the prices are really low.
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