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  1. I get the "point", that was something amazing, Hobo Spider-man FTW!!!
  2. Possibly the best thing I seen this year. If anything it needs to win best animation for something. I was hesitant about the story beforehand but its again actually quite refreshing from all of the other cape stories. It just like one big glorious explosion of visual eye candy. Possibly one of the best superhero film I seen for a long while, and surprisingly made by Sony of all things.
  3. yakumo

    Berserk Musou (Dynasty Warrors: Guts' Rage)

    Boost up the brightness.
  4. yakumo

    Katamari Damacy

    Is there a physical release here in the UK or import only?
  5. yakumo


    Is the co-op local or is it online co-op please?
  6. yakumo


    Do you know if this couch co-op?
  7. yakumo

    Marvel's Shang-Chi

    You hardly see Chinese in Hollywood or even TV, if so they're just very minor. Heck Koreans are better represented in Hollywood than Chinese.
  8. yakumo

    Marvel's Shang-Chi

    Notoriously hard to get along with. I want a marvel rush hour type film
  9. yakumo

    Marvel's Shang-Chi

    Its nice that we're finally get represented.
  10. yakumo

    People Just Do Nothing - BBC3 mockumentary

    The actual music vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw9Q5FcUVjY
  11. I adore Kim's stuff especially her documentaries. SGR history of series are fun and I do enjoy Larry Bundy Junior.
  12. yakumo

    Here's to Louis Theroux!

    God that second episode was just gut wrenching to watch. It was just so sad and reminded me of mom passing away and the sounds she made in her last few moments was similar to Gus
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHUHvxzNTZI Sounds pretty damning.
  14. Thanks its my aunt looking to buy one for her daughter, she has memories of playing Pokemon when she was younger and it seemed ideal playing co-op together. But it seems like its just more an after thought. I have to get her some videos to watch for her to decide.

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