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  1. Dapple


    Love a bit of BT. Especially Loving You More, Primordial Sound Mix and the Spirit of Grace mix of Not Over Yet. I remember Pete Tong playing all 12 minutes of it for the first time on the Essential Selection. Amazing tune. I also love this one - Delphinium Days mix of Blue Skies. Heard John Digweed play it in an Essential Mix from the Phoenix Festival in 1996. Took me ages to find it (on the 2-disc version of Ima). A bit of an aside but look at the tracklist of that Phoenix set - amazing. 1. (00:00) Chakra - I Am (Bedrock Mix) [Jackpot] 2. (08:00) Palefield Mountain - On My Way [Stress] 3. (14:50) Robbers Of Antiquity - Phosphene Dream [Belief Systems] 4. (23:00) Squelch - Crash [Jackpot] 5. (32:10) Slacker - Flying [Loaded] 6. (37:40) The Light - Pan Fried [AAA] 7. (41:00) Humate & Rabbit In The Moon - East (Rabbit In The Moon Remix) [Rising High] 8. (49:00) Goldie Vs Rabbit In The Moon - Inner City Life [FFRR] 9. (56:40) BT feat Tori Amos - Blue Skies [Perfecto] 10. (66:00) Angeles - Its Alive [Perfecto]
  2. Yello's 'Oh Yeah' is featured in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As is...
  3. Maybe it's genuinely an absolute stinker...
  4. Dapple

    new sasha album

    Were any forumites at Fabric yesterday? @todos, I saw your name in a reply on Sasha's Twitter feed and recognised it from here. Anyway, was absolutely cracking. Haven't been to a club in years. 4pm to midnight seems ideal for the, er, slightly more mature crowd with jobs and kids.
  5. Dapple


    Saw them in Oxford tonight. Amazing. They had a bloke playing the organ behind them at one point.
  6. Dapple

    Now TV

    Doesn't look like it. This is what came up when I just searched for 'Deuce' ☹️
  7. Dapple

    Xbox Game Pass

    I *think* it says it's for 3 months but it actually applies it to whatever XBL you have. That's what it did for me last weekend.
  8. Dapple

    Xbox Game Pass

    I did that the other day - well, I'd ordered the Xbox first but it doesn't arrive until tomorrow. I bought a 1TB Xbox One S, bundled with Jedi Fallen Order, from Shopto's eBay site. They're doing 20% off so it worked out at £200. I might sell on the game which should cover the year of Live / Game Pass. I don't think they're doing a console-only, but there is a console + two controllers pack.
  9. The Frank and Walters
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