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  1. I just use table salt. I love salt though.
  2. Just whatever butter and chocolate I have in the house, it seems fairly forgiving. Last time I made it I used salted butter and a chopped up bournville bar and an asda own milk chocolate bar. I then ate 3 cookies in a row.
  3. I've tried quite a few recipes, but this is the one I've settled on recently: https://joyfoodsunshine.com/the-most-amazing-chocolate-chip-cookies/ One thing is if you're using table salt you might want to lower the salt amount slightly (although maybe not). Personally I like the slight saltiness, stops them being too sweet. It's got a video too so you can see if they look like the sort of thing you fancy.
  4. Do you leave the sponge overnight in the fridge or just out on the side?
  5. "Dramatic Wind" sounds like it's for farting, "Cloak of Billowing" is what you want there. If you want to avoid +1 weapons, moon-touched are a good alternative. They still count as magical for the purposes of hitting stuff, but no other benefits. Other than they glow, which to be fair is cooler than +1. My favourite recent magic item my bard got is a Tankard of Sobriety. You can drink anything alcoholic from it without getting drunk. I plan to use it to drink a tavern of dwarves under the table, I just need to find a tavern and some dwarves.
  6. I don't think I get what placing a grenade at your feet does? I did it once, and I had a grenade at my feet.. but it never seemed to explode and I didn't appear able to shoot it. What do I do with it? Or does it work like a mine and it'll trigger if a baddie gets near it?
  7. Child kidnap is certainly a novel approach for resolving that situation, I guess it's better than a fireball though? I've finished up the my Wildemount adventure, was a bit worried it'd have a bit of a dip in the middle but Nathan and Clipper's (secret) suggestions helped with that. I found an awesome Kraken map too for a ship battle, but figured maybe a Kraken attack at Level 2 was a bit much and went with something else instead. All worked ok, everyone had a good time and I didn't screw anything up too much and the stuff I did I mostly covered up by just moving things about. So the McGuffin wasn't in the room it was supposed to be in, but I just relocated it to a room they'd not got to yet. It's good being a DM though, because mostly you can do that and get away with it Key things I've learnt is: 1) I cannot do voices at all unless everyone is a somewhat grumpy sounding Scotsman, including the women, the elves and the fish people. 2) Lots of things have rules for them, but finding them when the party suddenly decides they want to do X is next to impossible. You want your tiny spider cannon to climb onto the Yeti's chest and then shoot it's flame cannon up at it's head? Ok.... (DMG p271: rules for climbing creatures) 3) I have real trouble sleeping after running a session because I end up thinking about everything that happened and how to have improved on it.
  8. It's right up there in frivolous things I have bought, but I do love it.
  9. So I've done my first session as a DM, went pretty well I think. I mean I enjoyed myself and that's the main thing right Roll20 worked well and nobody died which is frankly a relief when everyone is level 1. Being able to say, "you all level up to level 2" at the end of the session and knowing they're all a bit sturdier was possibly my favourite bit! I'm a little nervous about the next session though. In the campaign book it's basically travel for 16 to 20 days by boat and over land to reach the next main area where the actual stuff is planned. The travel section is very much you can either choose that nothing happens or to have random encounters, which'd be ok but actually what I'd like is for them to get an extra level before the next place. It's a really short campaign and when it claims it's level 1-3, what it means is the campaign bit is 1-2 and at the end of the campaign they hit 3. I'd rather they hit 3 and got a chance to use it, particularly as some of them are classes who's main abilities don't really come in till 3. They're also short a player as someone didn't turn up, so they could probably use the level to balance out the game a bit. How can I make 17 days travel interesting enough to justify gaining a level and spending time on it? It's across the sea by boat and then through an arctic region, any suggestions on to what to do for interesting things? I've never actually played a session that spent any time on travel or random encounters so I'm a bit stumped. Also not sure if there's any sort of rough rule for how many encounters to get them to solve to level up? 6, 8, 10? Help..
  10. Free on Roll20 at the moment too: https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/module/41/lost-mine-of-phandelver
  11. You're right about dynamic lighting, it's awful!
  12. Cheers guys, I'll look into those shortcuts
  13. What's the most useful bits of Roll20 to know as a GM? Maybe that's a ridiculously broad question I don't know.. I've been playing about with the free Adventurer's guide to Wildemount adventure to maybe run it and just see if I can understand what's actually important to know about. Watched a couple of tutorials, but that's about it. So far the things I've thought of as must know items: 1) How to set and clear fog of war (and Ctrl+L on a token to see what they can see). 2) Moving stuff between the layers, so putting hidden monster tokens on the GM layer and then dropping them down to the Object/Token layer when they reveal. 3) Pinging the map so you can make it clear what you're referring to. 4) Opening character sheets direct from tokens (which I actually had to google). 5) Moving between pages/maps. Anything else you find yourself using a lot when you're GMing? I'm guessing with a pre-prepared adventure there's less need to know how to quickly find Monster X and add him to the map and obviously you've got all the notes fairly readily accessible. Also anyone used dynamic lighting? The idea sounds neat, but I'm not sure in practice whether it'd just be irritating to not be able to see the map areas you've already been to.
  14. I've made a horrible mistake with my Island and I don't think there's any fix for it. I've allowed my kids onto the island. I've not seen the switch since.
  15. In normal times I hate these sort of games, I'm loving it right now though. Lumpington is in full swing, got a alligator/crocodile buddy who wants to get hench with an outdoor gym and a penguin dude who's pretty chill. Also I've got peaches. Peaches are the best fruit right? I've never played AC before so I'm not sure, but I'm pretty confident peaches have to be top right? Winning. I need a pole though, lack of pole is getting me down.
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