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  1. It's pancake Tuesday in my house, makes more sense. Pancake Day : what day? Could be any day? Shrove Tuesday : What's a shrove? Nobody knows. Pancake Tuesday : ding ding. Winner.
  2. Breakfast: Fluffy American style pancakes with streaky bacon and maple sauce. Lunch: Peperino pizza. Tea: Cheesy pancakes Desert: Pancakes with golden syrup. I know it's called pancake Tuesday and therefore I've somewhat let the side down with the lunch item there, but it's at least keeping with the spirit of the day with it being both round and also flat.
  3. I mean the biggest problem with the show at the moment is there's not enough Amos. I think it actually all works better when you have the main characters grouped together, everyone's scattered this season which means they all get less time as it cuts between them. Episode 8 was ok, felt like it focussed to much on dragging out some stories rather than expanding on what's going on elsewhere.
  4. I watched this yesterday and already I'd struggle to think of any standout scenes. There's never any real highs, nothing is really funny or really poignant or feels like a moment of real peril. The standout is And that's a 2 minute gag. Feels like someone took one of those, "Live, Laugh, Love" signs people like to stick in their living rooms and thought that was enough to sustain a film. It's nice enough, but it's pretty forgettable.
  5. I found Alice in Borderland a lot better when I switched the English dubbing on. The dubbed dialogue is better for pretty much everything compared to the subtitles.
  6. Check the prophecies lists, there's a couple that give you a decent number of titan blood. The one for escaping with all the different punishment things is pretty easy. You don't need to do them all at once or anything and the difficult ones you can do on their own or with a couple of easy ones.
  7. It's not very crime of the week, much more season driven than a weekly show I'd say.
  8. There's a few things which are definitely not obvious, like I've got 5 stacks of Fated Authority at the mirror now and have never managed to re-roll a door from something I didn't want (keys, gemstones, darkness, nectar) to something I did want (basically anything else). So I googled it today to find out why it's so rubbish and why RNG hates me and it's because you can't turn one of those things into one of the things I want. It's not actually what it does. There's two distinct pools of rewards and it only rerolls within it's pool. So my keys, gemstones, darkness and nectar really do only ever
  9. I've cleared it with all the weapons apart from the sword and the rail now. The rail I can generally get to the last boss, but I'm rubbish with the sword. I think I've only got past Elysium once with it. Had the double attack on dash which was pretty good and then took the extra health on hit but -60% max health. Not sure if that was a mistake or not, so far every hammer upgrade I've tried hasn't seemed great. The big sword sounds like it'd be good, but you lose the sweep attack so it's much harder (for me) to hit with. Rail's ok, I guess my issue with the rail is I end up standing
  10. I've only gone and escaped on my very next run using the spear. Had an amazing loadout of things too, didn't die till the last boss and only once against him.
  11. Finally got past the Theseus with a bow build, I think the Aspect of Chiron + an upgrade that gave me 4 (?) extra arrows for the special as well as unleashing a maximized Artemis Aid into him was key. Not sure how commonly I get such good bow boons though or how likely I can get past him next time without them. Managed to make it to the 'sunny' outside though, so that was good. Obviously died once I got there, but still.
  12. The minotaur and the dude, they've killed me so many times. Worryingly I've never even felt close to killing them. My current runs going pretty well though and I've got the Zeus lightning bolt dash thing. That's got to work well against the minotaur right? This could be the one! (edit : it wasn't, killed by a strongbow before I even got there )
  13. That was the penultimate episode of the series? Doesn’t feel like it’s built towards anything this season, I mean I’ve enjoyed it but I’m still kind of waiting for it to get going.
  14. Just finished watching the final season of The Americans, so good. I thought season five meandered about, but six was an absolute blinder and taken as a whole it was such a compelling show. What can I watch next that’s as good?
  15. Yeah, that's a good point. Maybe I'll leave it as it is for now and adjust it just before they encounter it based on how well/badly the mind control goes.
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