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  1. Alask

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    We've finished our family play through of The Lost Mine of Phandelver last night. A heroic final battle, where my amazing god given powers (spirit guardians) more or less defeated everything - which was probably good as my son hadn't scaled the fight down for there only being the three of us and the halfing got trapped for a decent portion of the fight. I think our less than strict interpretations of where players are in relation to creatures probably helped there. Generally, enemies seem to always be "yeah, he's within 5ft of you" which is mostly ok, bar when the rogue actually doesn't want to be within 5ft of them. I'm rationalizing it as a bit like the walking dead, with enemies not being there and then boom! They're all lined up right next to you.. I figure there's only so many mechanics you can try taking on as a new DM anyway. My son's all in favor of starting up another asap, which other son is cool with (and really wants to be a forest gnome ranger), I'm happy with and wife is resigned to 'enjoying' for the greater good. He'd like a brand new campaign, starting at level 1 if anyone has any suggestions? He's done a bit of googling and is liking the sound of Storm King's Thunder. Which we'll probably end up doing regardless it that's what he fancies, but I'm a bit concerned it might be too open ended in places. Although I can always just herd people along, it's kind of what I was doing in lmop anyway. Plus this time rather than being the quiet cleric who doesn't like to lead I'm the wildly charismatic bard, who clearly should be leading.
  2. Alask

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Episode 10 : fustercluck spoilers Loving Frank though, he makes the show.
  3. I tried playing baldur’s gate 2 again recently and it just wasn’t very good. They’d need a massive graphics and ui overhaul before I’d get excited about it. Great games, but really dated now. Surely they’d look considerably worse on a big telly than they do on a pc screen too?
  4. Alask

    Satisfye - Switch Gaming Grip

    Just to say I didn't end up paying import tax either (bought the grip on it's own).
  5. Alask

    Satisfye - Switch Gaming Grip

    Mark me down as another who bought this and thinks it's brilliant. So much more comfortable to hold and completely alleviates the wrist pain I was getting from the somewhat awkward angle of the switch on it's own.I did feel a bit like, "why am I buying a bit of plastic from china just because rllmuk said it was good?" and I thought it was going to be like all the other times rllmuk has let me down. You came through this time though, I'm fully back on board the rllmuk-hype train. The only negative thing I would say is I don't like the extra thumb pads and if you put them on be very careful when you take them off, otherwise you're liable to end up pulling off the actual thumbpads and you'll never get them back on quite right again. People will say, "Twist the pad around when it's on. It'll eventually slot into place", but it's a lie.
  6. Alask

    Nintendo Switch

    Random question.. I pulled the thumb pad off one of my joycons. Is there anyway to get it back on flat? It’s got lots of little raised bits of rubber on the underside and tiny little slots for them to all slot into, but it’s impossible to line up. So my thumb pad is lumpy
  7. Alask

    The bad gaming parent thread

    They are alive though, go follow one after you kick him off. He’ll be webbed to the side of the building. Delayed safety web is I think what I claimed to my wife..
  8. Alask

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I’m getting a bit bored of it now, lvl 33 or something. It’s all got a bit samey and I’ve given up using my ability points as until I level up my spear to 5 I can’t power up any passives and no other abilities will fit on my action buttons so what’s the point?
  9. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    cheers, I’ll take a gander at the links, sounds handy
  10. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    Yes, mostly just unconscious, the fighter failed their death saving throw 3 times though so did end up proper dead. Is there a general consensus on maps? Would a dm usually draw one out or are players expected to keep track of where they’ve been in a dungeon. I’m really bad at visualising verbal directions so I’m utterly lost after taking 2 exits.
  11. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    Ah, that sounds better. Clearly need to do some reading up on status effects. Also quizzed him and he was giving them 3d8 + 2. Foolishly though after defeating us they’ve locked us up in some cells rather than kill us and the fighters wounds aren’t as bad as we’d initially thought, so now to escape! Or fight them again on slightly more balanced note.
  12. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    Ooh, he did mention something about it doing one extra die of damage. Wonder if he thinks it’s doing 2d8 +2 and then another d8 too and not realising it’s already included. I’ll check! Is hold person a bit lacklustre then. That’s like 40% chance it does nothing and if it does, then 40% chance it breaks every turn.
  13. Alask

    Easy D&D questions

    So my wife decided she'd buy the D&D starter set (lost mine of phandelver) for my eldest for Xmas, not quite sure she really understood what she was buying, but my son's dead keen on it so family D&D it is. Unfortunately, by virtue of me liking CRPGs they've assumed I'll know what I'm doing and frankly that's wildly optimistic on their part. Also, because my son wanted to DM, I'm not allowed to look at the DM guide - but still have to give him advice on how things work. I'm finding it a bit tricky, but hopefully one of you experienced types can help! I've read the basic rules and we're using the pre-planned characters. I still don't really get spell casting though. I'm the dwarven cleric, wisdom 13. The pre-printed character sheets say, "The saving throw to resist a spell you cast is 13, your attack bonus when casting a spell is +5". Can anyone explain, without using any big words what happens if I try and cast a Hold Person spell? Apparently the target needs to succeed on a wisdom saving throw. Does that just mean they roll a D20, add their wisdom saving throw and if it's higher than 13 they resist it? Also does the DM have to work out what a targets saving throws are, or are they all listed next to monsters in the DM book? And what's the point in my attack bonus for spells? Or is the point that I should be adding +5 to the 13 and monsters have to beat an 18 when they roll? And why is it +5 anyway? Why's it not the same as my wisdom bonus? I feel I should have gone for bullet points of the things above, the scope of my ignorance is rather large. Do components matter, do people track them? I need 'a small straight piece of iron' to cast hold person. I just said I have some nails. Is that good enough, do they get used up? Do I need to restock later.. Also is it meant to be rock hard? Spoilers for the lost mine campaign
  14. Am I missing some trick with healing. Got the mindful meditation power, but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I hold down the left stick.. I feel dumb
  15. Alask

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    It’s the pilot rather than the mech that you can carry over. If your pilot has reactor core upgrades from their skills though, that means you can power the standard mech up more right at the start.

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