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  1. Britannia - Romani Ite Domum

    Heart would soar to fucking heavens, were this so. I had not thought oratory worthy of the gods themselves would once more fall upon our ears. Yet you stand and claim it so. Speak truly friend, has Jupiter himself kissed these writers quills and blessed them or do you toy with me like a whore with her masters flaccid cock?
  2. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    By that logic everyone in Star Trek has been murdered by Scotty multiple times. He’s a serial killing monster!
  3. DC's Black Lightning on CW (was Fox)

    Well that makes more sense. Bet it looks awesome
  4. DC's Black Lightning on CW (was Fox)

    I actually quite liked this, it’s certainly better than expected. It’s fully following the Superman approach to alter egos though isn’t it? I’m the principal. Superhero disguise activated.
  5. Bloodborne

    There’s actually a third type of person for Rom. It’s basically what I am. Type 2, but with a whirligig saw. It may not have the style and panache of the Type 1, but when you’re a Type 2 it’s about the most satisfying thing ever.
  6. Saw this last night and felt very underwhelmed by it. Is there a reason why the first order has all the cool equipment and the resistance has 6 bombers, a medical frigate and a cruiser? Also the impression I got at the end is the whole resistance now fits inside the millennium falcon? Is that right or did I fall asleep at some point? If I’m honest I was a bit touch and go during the casino planet.
  7. Hearthstone

    I’m really liking dungeon runs, but I’m horrible with hunter and warlock. I’ve completed a run with everything else but I’m incapable of winning with lock or hunter. It’s infuriating! Think I’ve beaten 100+ bosses as a hunter, but never done the whole run. Even more irritating is my 12 year old son beat hunter in about 2 goes. I’m rubbish.
  8. Punisher - Getting his own Netflix series!

    Just finished this and it was excellent. I don’t think episode 11 really worked, but otherwise outstanding and I’d pretty much given up on Netflix marvel shows after only making it through half of Luke Cage and then watching some of iron fist. I say some, I’ve a feeling I might have watched it all but if I try and think back to it my mind goes kind of blank like a pit of nothing is opening up inside it. Did Frank turn up in The Defenders at all. I’ve skipped that so far, but if he cameos I might watch it.
  9. Destiny 2

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious, but is there a clan chat or anyway to flag yourself as looking for a fire team when you're online? I'm a bit lost as to what the etiquette is for finding people to play with...
  10. The Expanse - Syfy

    Yeah, I guess I should say proper space type sci-fi. There's been westworld and other 'sci-fi' stuff that's been good. There's a definite lack of other good shows with actual space ships though. I love all the space fights and sense of scale it's got.
  11. The Expanse - Syfy

    Just finished Season 2, awesome stuff. I don't think we've ever had a sci-fi series this good.
  12. Destiny 2

    if there's anyone else up for it I'd quite like to do nightfall tonight too. I'll be on about 8
  13. Destiny 2

    How long do the various end game things take? I've only done public events so far..
  14. Destiny 2

    Cheers! Also when do you start giving me free stuff?

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