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  1. It sounds like you have a system that works now at least despite it being a faff
  2. @GC Zombie it sounds like it would’ve been better for you to restart with you as the island rep, don’t know if you feel it would be too late now? Or, any idea what happens if you delete the rep save on the title screen? Would it promote someone else? I played on my wife’s island and it wasn’t until I started my own I realised how rubbish it was as she had the majority of the loot and I didn’t get prompted to make anything at all really.
  3. If you’ve made an account and trust someone who has a Switch I guess they could log in and buy it for you?
  4. Thor needs his turnips! (thanks for opening your gate :))
  5. I’ll check and see what the dodo is saying. We’re watching Netflix in the same room here and that hasn’t died, I blame Tom Nook
  6. On the off chance it’s different to the one Nequests is getting for me is it something you could order as well please?
  7. @spanx - is your eyepatch strapless? Do you know if there are different kinds? Can it go on either eye?
  8. I think I saw a Newton’s Cradle on @NexivRed’s island.
  9. Thanks again - my wife is playing now so I’ll have to try get it later/tomorrow
  10. Thank you Thor - New Asgard 7867-2354-2206 What do I owe you?
  11. @NexivRed did you mention fridges?
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