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  1. Why is this a surprise or any different from most companies? Also, wouldn't we do the same if we were in Bobby's position?
  2. I have a feeling the game has been slowly sinking after it became an insane grind fest. I know I stopped playing it. Abandoning their main base would be quite suicidal at this point.
  3. Did you just get back on earth?
  4. CD has said this over and over again and we can actually see some of it in the gameplay trailers.
  5. Ι think this nails it better than any explanations actually.
  6. Can someone please tell me if he or she has actually played the game looking like this, with no popups and what kind of alien machine does he or she have?
  7. I am sorry, if she has no idea or suspects what he has done, what is the point of the...point you are making? If she knows he lied -which is what you claim- then she knows something horrible has happened for him to lie. She lets go of any explanations and just moves on as a drone pretending in order for him to be happy? That makes no sense at all to me. Not for Ellie. Please, if you have time, elaborate on a pm.
  8. But no need to clutter the thread anymore, I think we can't really agree. For me it wouldn't be the end of the world if what you say was true anyway. It would be bad storytelling though.
  9. Accepting the lie is an endorsement of what he’s done. She actually becomes as bad as him, as she chooses to indulge his lie over the good of mankind and pretend everything is ok in order not to hurt him. Which means that if there was a chance to do the right thing she would not do it to satisfy Joel’s sickness. That’s completely out of character for her and I can’t really see how becoming like him is growth. She had already chosen to sit on the operating table and do the right thing. Her growth, after all she has been through, is trust. She chooses to believe him and trust him. She chooses humanity, while Joel’s decision is al about himself. Story really doesn’t work if Ellie becomes twisted too and she also chooses something for Joel’ sake. Joel has no price to pay then and I think Druckmann was quite clear that he does.
  10. It’s a very thin line, yes. But ultimately she goes with him because she chooses to believe him, not because she chooses to allow him to lie to her in order not to be left alone and unprotected. She chooses trust over anything else, that is why Joel’s choice is so tragic, because he chooses to lie to keep her and she chooses to believe the lie because she thinks he is someone to trust. Druckmann had said that the original ending was actually Ellie believing Joel and living happily ever after in San Francisco, but they changed the last part because, as he said, that would be letting Joel off the hook easily. If Ellie was ‘into it’ there would be no “hook“ for Joel, meaning no price to pay. There is one, it’s losing Ellie because he lied and because he betrayed her trust and in the process endangered humanity because of his twisted and suffering mind.
  11. That’s a bit of a technicality though because believing something is always a choice. She makes that choice because she trusts him enough and asking him to swear to it is the last small step for her to decide and believe what he says.
  12. That is what she does imo, yes. She believes him because she chooses to show trust and love in a world full of hate and uncertainty. She may suspect things because in this world it makes sense to suspect everything and everyone, but when she makes the choice to believe someone in this world it is a monumental moment for the game and Ellie as a human. The fact that Joel is lying to her and the reasons behind that lie makes him a tragic, tragic man and the entire thing dark as fuck.
  13. For me the story is about doing the ultimate selfish act to escape the grief and, in the process, losing yourself and the one thing you were so selfish about keeping. Now, Joel hasn't paid the price yet for what he did and this is coming. The first game was about Joel, now it will be Ellie's turn. Although, to tell you the truth, I probably exaggerate a tad. Rewatching the finale now under your perspective I can't say it would be totally shit if it went your way.
  14. It is amazing how for me is the exact opposite. Having Ellie being 'into it' completely cancels the entire concept of the story and makes no sense at all, especially the ending, which shows us how love can be twisted because of grief and how a person can lose oneself while trying to be saved. As I said, hopefully we will find out.
  15. These are totally opposites to Ellie's character and how the scene and dialogue is setup, with Ellie's reveal of her friend and so on. She needs someone to trust and Joel is the best candidate as her protector. That is why Joel's lie is so important, because it shows how far we can go and how love and grief can twist our mind. This is about love, not smartness or survival skills. Simple trust. But we are going in circles, there is no way we will agree. But I am willing to place a bet with you in case the sequel reveals what happened. This is literally the first time I have seen such a take, either on the internet, talking to friends or critics. I guess I missed it.
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