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  1. I've got the fish on the map, but they don't ever appear. I don't even get the notification that I'm in legendary fish territory. Bastard..... :(
  2. Yeah bought the lures from Lagras, reinstalled the game, no joy.
  3. I'm trying to 100% this but I seem to have come across a bug... I've done the missions, legendary animals, dreamcatchers, bones, stone carvings etc... - but I have a problem with the Legendary fish. I have one which i got in a mission with Hamish - but I can't find anymore. I have the map from the fisherman - and they're displaying on my normal game map, but I can't catch any. A friend told me she gets a notification when near a legendary fish (similar to the animal notification) but I don't even get that. Is it bugged or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Paul3704

    XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen

    Never had that issue... When you were moving towards the enemies, did you notice their red view cone? Don't move in that.
  5. Run up it, it seems dicey because it's narrow, but if you run up it you'll be fine.
  6. Paul3704

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    I think it's because Mario 64 nailed it when it came to introducing a new dimension to a game that people loved - and it worked right out of the box. I think people (including myself) see this the same way, and it's that which makes us all grin like buffoons as it's a call back to a great game and great memories. Mario 64 made me smile, Mario sunshine, galaxy, galaxy 2 and Odyssey didn't - as it was more of the same. This is something different and new. That Mad Men episode when Don Draper pitches the carousel and sells nostalgia - it's that with a mad helmet, and it's potent.
  7. I'm not getting this at all. I loved the first game and was really looking forward to this, but I just can't get into it. Played the first chapter on release till 2am and wasn't sure about it. Let my son play it and enjoyed watching him and his adventures, so thought I'd try again from scratch because obviously I was doing something wrong. Planned the whole evening tonight and tomorrow to give me time to play it from the start again, and get into it - and I'm bailing again just as I get to the camp. It looks amazing, but I'm not enjoying myself playing it - it just feels a chore - and I don't know why. Anyone remember years ago when RLLMUK member Chase was spunking over GTAIV before it came out. Anyone who criticized it before release he took scorn on, and it was funny. Then the game got released, and he fucking hated it - and everyone took the piss (including me).  That's me now - wondering what everyone else can see, and confused as to why I can't.  I'm fucking gutted.
  8. Paul3704

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Wrong thread.
  9. About 90 minutes, someone says 'shit'. Played for a couple of hours and it's a bit meh. Hoping it gets better once it opens up.
  10. Saw this last night, and really didn't think much of it at all. For a story of one of mans greatest accomplishments, it just dragged on and on and on, and produced a thoroughly unentertaining two hour film with no real excitement or humour. It was just so dull. Ryan Gosling was monosyllabic throughout most of it, I actually nodded off for a bit when they landed on the moon. I appreciate that a lot of people liked it on here, but nah - not for me.
  11. Paul3704

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Yeah - same here, but in fairness I only spent a couple of hours on odyssey. It's insanely polished.
  12. Paul3704

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    This is seriously impressive. Playing with the kids and they're laughing constantly. It's great!!!
  13. Season two is up. Enjoying the first couple of episodes. Moving along at a decent pace, nice to see the cinematography and direction as teasing as before.
  14. Paul3704

    XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen

    Agree with the above about the GTS & AWS. If you've got the expansion, get an infirmary and a Training centre. With the expansion it is possible to make do with a single resistance contact room and a single power source - but probably not on your first playthrough. Find 6 soldiers at least one of each class, and when they get to the top rank, make them bright yellow or something so they stand out and remember to look after them. Make sure your grenadier has a WAR Suit at some point, everyone else can get the advanced light armour (forgot the name, but it gives extra health and armour - it's a squad upgrade). If you've got the expansion, I found the reapers incredibly useful, as are the covert missions which allow you to build up ability points to spend on your yellow soldiers (as well as other perks like free resistance contacts and free power upgrades. Don't kill the chosen straight off - as the covert missions drop in quality, and you can't meet the chosen again to kill them in a regular mission (each kill grants 5 ability points). Get used to saying "FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!" a lot.

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