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  1. Damn, I forgot to post my list. Good line up though, unusually I’ve listened to all the Top 10 albums.
  2. It’s nothing like Shenmue. Way too many random fights against faceless goons, and self consciously ‘zany’ humour for my tastes.
  3. Can’t wait for Two Point Hospital.
  4. It’s certainly tempting, especially now as you can pick them up for £259 from Game.
  5. Um, lower the difficulty setting?
  6. Heathers Haven’t watched this since its original cinema release. Not quite as funny/outrageous as I remember, but some good lines still. 3/5
  7. Marriage Story Total contrast to the utterly hateful Phantom Thread, I loved the two main characters in this. Great performances by Scarlet Johansson and in particular Adam Driver. 4/5
  8. Phantom Thread A beautiful looking movie featuring two of the most hateful cunts ever committed to celluloid. Great soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood though. 2.5/5
  9. Agreed, a magnificent, joyful album. Deffo going in my top ten.
  10. Bait (2019) Seemed a good choice to watch while Storm Ciara rages outside. Bloody loved it. 5/5
  11. Could not agree more - it’s a total blast.
  12. Fierce Poodle

    The Jazz Thread

    Never really got into Gil Scott-Heron myself but this is a terrific album/“re-imagining” by Makaya McCraven.
  13. Did you like Art Angels?
  14. Yes.
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