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  1. I enjoyed DQB2 to begin with and put plenty of hours into developing my farm on the second island, but really it felt like I was just doing a succession of fetch quests and I got fed up with it. The frequent attacks on your settlement were also insanely tedious.
  2. In terms of musicals, recently I really enjoyed Hamilton, although it’s just a straight filming of the stage production. The performances are amazing however.
  3. I see the two season passes are currently on sale on Xbox - are they worth it? I assume it’s mainly extra cars.
  4. @Stigweard Just a bit of a joke, most of those who didn’t rate it were complaining that “nothing happened” which is a pretty weak criticism.
  5. Personally I liked the fact that it wasn’t some cat-stroking criminal mastermind pulling the strings, just a weak, greedy, morally vacant little man. Mercurio pulls off another master stroke. As to those asking if there will be another series - this has been box office gold for the BBC so I would be amazed if there wasn’t.
  6. It certainly seems to have divided opinion. Between people who enjoy a good movie, and those who just want to see shit getting blown up every five seconds.
  7. I guess this is never coming out on Xbox then?
  8. There has to be another season, they still need to take down that fat faced prick Osborne.
  9. Fuck off. That was intense as fuck. I need to have a lie down.
  10. Great review @K The bit where Elton goes back to see his dad with his new family had me in fucking pieces.
  11. Can’t wait for tonight. BENT FUCKING COPPAAAAAAAZZZZ!!!!!!!1!
  12. God yes, there’s loads of the pretentious dickheads still around.
  13. I’d be more with you if you’d said the Doors. Jim Morrison was not only a preening prick but a pretentious one, who for some godforsaken reason thought he was a great poet, maaaann. Ooh look at me, having a wank on stage aren’t I controversial? No, you’re a stupid, washed up druggie who can’t sing for shit. Now fuck off.
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