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  1. Maybe they just don't want sell anything
  2. If I was a cynical person*, it may seem like they don't bother with people with good credit histories, but can probably make more from piling on interest to people who they suspect are more likely to default. Although I'm sure Game, being such bastions of retail, would never partner with anybody like this... *Yes, I was declined with a hard search. Have an excellent credit history and never been declined before. Seems odd.
  3. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-all-access#findaretailer Available from Game & Smyth's at the moment (well, 8am tomorrow).
  4. A cup holder would be nice. Save me having to stretch me arm for a drink.
  5. Big thank you to the kindly souls who added me as a friend to complete the challenges. No idea who you are, but imagine I gave you some plus 1's.
  6. No worries, sent you a friend request. I need to do this as well, happy for people to add me. 8600 2609 0039 I won't be troubling anyone's leaderboard, that's for sure.
  7. It is indeed true. Went to the local Tesco last night to pick up Luigi's mansion and links awakening. Only they wouldn't sell me Luigi as they didn't believe it was out. Even showed them the release date on the Nintendo website and they still refused. This is what happens when you insist on living in deepest Suffolk, though. Back there tonight, they had better not have sold out.
  8. Not exactly what you asked for but it's apparently in the 2 for 60 quid deal at Tesco. Other games include links awakening, mario odyssey, mario kart 8, Splatoon 2 and super Mario maker 2 amongst others. If there's something you've had your eye on for a while it's a cracking deal.
  9. I'm here. The place is chock full of nerds. It's quite nice. I'm the bloke looking longingly at the cyberpunk stand I can't go in cos I've got two kids with me.
  10. Thank you. I definitely haven't cancelled my Amazon order and gone for this.
  11. Sorry to whoever jumped in my game last night. My headphones weren't charged and I'm clearly too old to know what an emote is, let alone use one.
  12. After playing this for about 60 hours, it seems I've just finished the tutorial.
  13. Yep, from what little I've played (just done the tutorial and a little bit of the city) it's more Crackdown. What more could you want, really. Can't wait to dive back in tomorrow and grab some orbs and kills for skills.
  14. Deeptone


    Sent you my last one. The others say it's not working at the moment but may have to wait until the demo goes live.
  15. Deeptone


    If you need PS codes, I will be sorting mine out later. Will pm you one if you like.
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