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  1. that makes me feel ill
  2. I think the key aspect with Xbox is that it's those launch titles and every xbox one game launched, alongside select 360 xbox games. The fact with a new console I can carry over all my current stuff with (so we are led to believe) zero hassle is great.
  3. tbh I already pay monthly for ultimate anyway, series x for me.
  4. Oracle


    My wife treated me to a Sage barista express a few months back, which is great if unpredictable - it's quite sensitive to the age of the beans and you could go through quite a lot until you found the right settings. Some brands are fine and others are very hard to get the right extraction out of, luckily we've got a local coffee place that roast their own beans and have found the best extraction set up for them.
  5. Whatever I paid for it, I'll need to check.
  6. Yeah I think its that one, I was pretty hammered when I ordered it.
  7. So that Atari lynx multi cart has turned up and I dont have a lynx to use it on.....anyone interested?
  8. I want to do a vegan/veggie burger cook off for a bbq this weekend, which store burgers do you love? The moving mountains one is pretty tasty.
  9. I play the 360 version via BC for convenience reasons. I couldn't get on with Daytona 2001, something felt off about it. I guess because it was not Daytona 2: Battle on the Edge like it should have been.
  10. Loved Daytona, but it was a mess - still great to play. I've never tried the JPN variant, I do have the JPN fixed version of CCE though.
  11. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Warhammer-40k-Imperium-Supply-Drop-EN Mystery box of Imperium stuff for £75 anyone?
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