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  1. Will orks get resized at somepoint, considering they are supposed to be taller than a space marine if they had good posture.
  2. Why is pal SFC so expensive? I have it and I’m not sure myself.
  3. I need to source a Dark Talon from somewhere for my Ravenwing force I am building - ideally prebuilt and painted as I have 20 bikes to base and paint already.
  4. @Shimmyhill Is that the cook that the instruction manual tells you to do? If so yeah. Looking at the Amazon reviews for the first link says some of them contained bits of plastic?
  5. Traegers hickory pellets - what are some better ones to use? Has @Shimmyhill have you combined two different types before? The cook was 75c for 3 hours on super smoke - 2 hours at 105c and then up to 185c for the finish.
  6. First bbq on the traeger, tbh I am must be doing something wrong as a 321 ribs took a lot longer to cook (probably around 7 hours as opposed to 5) and whilst it was very moist it didn’t really have a smoke flavour? I also melted my fuel probe in a burger related fat flare up :( Hopefully I can figure this out for the next one.
  7. This bbq has a shitty WiFi range
  8. Yeah feels a bit crazy to spend that much on a grill, but it will (hopefully) last a good while - for those of you that have used one before - do you have any tips or tricks?
  9. Traeger Timberline 850 has been ordered!
  10. I think it was just rushed out rather than beta textures. Real shame.
  11. Is there anything detailing what the remaster does? Is it just a res bump?
  12. I have no idea of the plot, utterly trash trailer.
  13. Oh those are just the amount of models I have. My plan was combibolters/swords/axes, flail and blight spitter thing. Bolters give me some long range firepower and troop killing ability.
  14. Can someone test in a garden plz?
  15. Managed to grab some decently painted and based blightlord termies for £36, it also came with the sprues of left over bits. I have 8 of them giving me some much needed firepower (alongside close combat strength).
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