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  1. Slightly OT, but if anyone is jonesing for physical computing + craft fun right now, I can highly recommend the SAM Labs products. They're a UK startup – I bought one of their kits (and a few extra widgets) for my son for last Xmas, and they're huge fun, with a really simple, slick interface for PC/mac and tablets. Motors, sensors, all that jazz. My son and I made a remote-control car with two motors rubber-banded to a cardboard box, and a light sensor. Son loves it. They're also Not Cheap™, but are also Worth It™.
  2. Even if it *were* a short-lived experience, if that experience is a good one, and if your kids learn something, or hell even if they don't and just have a laff, it's worth it. See how much taking two kids to the cinema to see some CG bullshit made by the executive producer of Ice Age 3 sets you back, once you've bought popcorn and a drink. I bought my son a Revell model kit of a Viking longboat last year. Those things aren't exactly cheap either. And they're a one-shot deal. No replay value. He loved it, even though it's currently on top of his wardrobe gathering dust. So that was worth the money too.
  3. I don't understand the logic of criticising this for just being 'some cardboard and minigames'. You can say that about anything. 'Pfft, that cake is a lot of money for what is essentially some flour, eggs and sugar. Who would buy that?!?' I think this is absolutely marvellous. My kids are 8 and 10 and are both creative, curious and love mucking about with paper and glue as much as Breath of the Wild. Just gutted my daughter's birthday isn't until October…
  4. Nintendo Switch

    After a late return from a work trip to London, I have 30 minutes or so for a bit of Switch action before bed. Genuinely suffered option paralysis, trying to choose between Zelda, Mario or Splatoon. Truly, 'tis a golden age. I've not been this interested in games in years.
  5. Splatoon 2

    Only had this from Xmas day, and haven't played it loads, but it's super-fun. Aside from Journey on PS3, this is the only other online game I've played. Special shout-out to the paint. It just looks so… painty!
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Ah, brill, thank you. Just what I needed to hear!
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Folks, can anyone recommend the best way to set up Nintendo accounts for my kids (8 & 10), so they can play Splatoon 2 online on their own logins on the Switch? It won't let me just use my Nintendo account (even though it's the same device!!!), and my kids don't have their own email addresses. Do I really need to set up a pair of gmail accounts (and pretend they're over 13), so I can create two more Nintendo accounts? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Up way too late late last night decorating the boy's birthday cake. Symmetrical cakes are *hard*.
  9. Splatoon 2

    Thanks, that's really helpful. Actually really fancy it now, though lack of split screen is a shame.
  10. Thanks dude! The lad had a sleep-over with a couple of his mates yesterday, and I DM'd a game of Heroquest for them. Was a revelation for them all. Felt like the origin story for a Yorkshire edition of Stranger Things ;-)
  11. Splatoon 2

    Thanks for that. Is the online ok for kids with no knowledge/skills, or is it just full of ultra-skilled types punishing n00bs? I'm not springing £50 on a game my kids won't want to play if they lose incessantly. I'm sure I'd like it too, but I still have my work cut out with Zelda, and I'm buying Mario 'for the family' for xmas already, y'see.
  12. Splatoon 2

    I know next to nothing about this game, apart from most folks on here saying it's ace. Can I ask a couple of really basic questions please? 1. Is this online only? My kids are 8 and 10, and I've never let them play online anything (I don't know what Nintendo's approach to online is - is it free?) 2. Is there any kind of local split screen where you can use individual joycons? 3. Is there a 1-player campaign or anything? Thanks in advance, gang.
  13. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Can anyone advise of the cheapest download code for this? I'm rather irked that Amazon has the physical copy for £42, but the code for £50 :-/
  14. Just a note to point out that @joeplus is a 100%, tip-top, stand-up guy. Not only did he offer me his Zelda guide after my appeal, he didn't want any money for it, and just asked me to make a small charity donation. The book arrived today, well in time for my son's birthday next Friday. I've had quite a rough time keeping a positive view of the world this last year or two, and I must say that small acts of generosity like this are what will keep the world turning. So thanks, Joe. You're a gem.

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