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  1. Lordy me, that was fantastic stuff. The last two episodes have been absolutely bang. I’m glad people who didn’t like the new trilogy are loving this. I absolutely loved Force Awakens and Last Jedi (Rise of Skywalker less so), so this just adds to that, rather than acting as mental mouthwash for those films. I didn’t really like Rogue One, as I felt it was trying too hard to be “grown up Star Wars” and cater to the demographic that think Star Wars shouldn’t be ‘for kids’ anymore. It didn’t have the swashbuckling romance and goofy humour that for me is an essential Star Wa
  2. My whole family (including me who doesn’t follow all this extended universe gubbins) thought it was fantastic. Reminded me a bit of the village attack scene in Princess Mononoke too.
  3. I think I’ll just watch We Are the Champions. I have no time for Losers.
  4. Please do stick with Schitt’s Creek if you love the other things you mentioned. You watch each character grow and become less awful (apart from the mom who remains fantastically nightmarish), but this show gives me similar warm feelings as Parks & Recreation does.
  5. Wow, PS4s are sold out everywhere. Like, everywhere. Argos, Game, Very, Amazon, Shopto, thegamecollection… Will see if restocks happens after lockdown, but it may be a passing fancy. Blimey!
  6. Thanks, though they’re sold out of consoles completely at the moment too, it’s bonkers.
  7. As someone planning on getting a PS4 as a ‘family present’ this Xmas, has anyone spotted anything remotely like a deal? Base units of the Slim are still £249 at Argos and selling out everywhere. I know asking a question like this on a forum like this might cause some pearl clutching, but: - we don’t have loads of cash and thus cannot justify a PS5 - we’d need it as a Blu-ray player too, so wouldn’t want to spring for the digital version of the new Xbox even if we could afford that - we don’t *need* a new console, we’re all perfectly happy with our Switch, I ju
  8. As someone very very casually into these kinds of things, I’d still say the full version is best to start - I think just playing the one character against the other in a 2-pack would get a little bit dull. But it’s interesting when each character has different abilities and different numbers of support characters (Medusa has 3 weak drones, Sinbad has one pretty powerful assistant). And the price between the main set and the 2-packs is negligible really. And the standard of design and quality of the box and components is… <takes off sunglasses> unmatched.
  9. If I’m getting Minecraft for PS4, which version do I get. The one called Bedrock edition? Weve had the basic version on PS3 for years, but it’s no longer updated.
  10. Further to the above post, it arrived today. Excellent service. But my word, board game sellers love their packing chips, don’t they. Travelling Man send a caravan load.
  11. Sorry, couldn't resist (and apols for shoddy photoshop work, I'm on a trackpad and really need to be getting on with making tea).
  12. I don’t know any extended universe gubbins, and I bloody loved it. Another episode, another kickass mission. I’d buy that for a dollar* I love the production design too. s01e01 was all sandy and spaghetti western, 02 all glacial, 03 soggy fishing port. Also, I really wish this show had a proper Glen A Larson intro, where they could introduce Special Guest Stars :-) *£5.99/month
  13. Good experience so far of Board Game Guru. I’ve been looking for a while for the Jurassic Park expansion of Unmatched. It’s sold out everywhere, and eBay/amazon only have US-based versions with £20 postage. On 9th November I looked at a few different specific online sites (not just google). Every site either had it unlisted or sold out, but BGG had it listed with ‘Restock due 10th November’. I assumed they just had some JavaScript that listed out of stock items as ‘due on today+1’. However, I emailed them this evening, and got an email back from an actual human in 5 minutes
  14. My son is petitioning for the Switch version of Minecraft (as the excellent PS3 version is no longer supported). I heard it was dreadful, but has it been fixed?
  15. Yeah, nah. It was her birthday present, and we've collected a bunch of Halloween stuff, so she defo wouldn't want to start again from scratch. I'm just going to content myself with designing heavy metal tshirts instead.
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