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  1. I got it too and it sounds like we're at similar point in the game. It's...fine. It's not going to set the world on fire but there's definitely worse out there. Obviously when you get a game at that price point it's hard not to couch all judgement of it in terms of "but it was only 89p!!" but, well, it was 89p. I was fairly enthusiastic about it early on, however the increasingly opaque puzzling has started to grate a little. The platforming is pretty ragged too but the generous checkpointing and instant restarts means this doesn't get too frustrating. The soundtrack is pumping and there is some satisfaction to using the various gadgets. I think we're looking at a solid 6/10 here and I'm still intending to finish it (New Star Manager addiction permitting).
  2. When I beat the game it felt like 10 hours but upon checking the Switch it was actually 25+ hours...
  3. Nintendo Life: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/sega_ages_line_struggling_to_appeal_in_japan_interest_overseas_better_than_expected
  4. Thanks for the recommendation on this. Put a good few hours into it and enjoying it. Absolute steal.
  5. Just beat the Devil (don't think this is a spoiler). Absolutely fantastic game, incredible presentation married to old school bloody mindedness in terms of difficulty. I can see how this is more suited to the Switch as I was constantly picking it back up for a quick 'one more run' at a boss. Found it endlessly rewarding how you gradually unpick each seemingly impossible battle until you're rattling off the early phases in your sleep. Great game.
  6. After you've played Celeste it's hard to go back to NSMBU kicking you out of the level after every death. NSMBU is also ugly as sin.
  7. Enjoying this on the Switch, despite being really bad at it - finally brute forced my way past the clown and Baroness Bon Bon in Isle 2 after what felt like hours of repeated attempts. It's not the kind of genre I would normally go for but the overall look of it pulled me in and, hey, what do you know, it's a lot of fun.
  8. I'm glad we agree. Thank you Stanley.
  9. Yes. Given so much of the console's high price point can be attributed to the inclusion of technology tailored to Labo, it's fair to call this Nintendo's biggest mis-step of the Switch era.
  10. Yep. One of the worst selling first party releases on the Switch. Outsold by Yoshi in less than a month.
  11. Nothing Labo sells well, I'm surprised they've stuck with it for this long.
  12. Yes. Reaction to the BOTW/Odyssey update seems pretty mixed so far. Kotaku absolutely hated it.
  13. Is this game doable in handheld or are you going to need a Pro Controller to stand any chance?
  14. What are these words...what language is this...where am I
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