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  1. Ah nice one, thanks! I have physical copies of Garegga and Esprade Psi, but might go digital for Ketsui, I dunno. The one I'm most after is Mahou Daisakusen! Ed: I bet that'll be a nightmare to find now that it's no longer on the front page of the shop! :p
  2. This reminds me I still need to set up a Japanese PS4 account for the downloadable ShotTriggers games. Are there any issues with using UK debit/credit cards to pay?
  3. This short video reveals that Whoopee Camp, and therefore Tokuro Fujiwara, are working on the new GnG:
  4. Classic Mode is good fun. It's almost exactly patterned after CV1, to the extent that you can predict what the next stage or boss will be, but if you view it as a tribute to that game, it's a very solid one. It has some really excellent bits of level design, too, with varied terrain, smart enemy placement and some interesting tricky spots, etc, although it does rely on Dullahammer heads (this series' Medusa heads) a little too often. Miriam's moveset borrows from later games in the series, which helps to keep things feeling fresh - she has the backflip from Rondo (which can now be triggered du
  5. A quick break from the name-entry stuff to bring you this earworm from a game I haven't played in 20 years.
  6. Excellent elaboration on the name entry music from the Famicom version of CV1.
  7. Possibly my all-time favourite game. You only hear the second half of this track if you finish it.
  8. Quite a few doujin games have enhanced Switch ports that don't seem to make it back to the PC. Satazius and Gigantic Army are the same. Wonder what the deal is - exclusivity bollocks?
  9. Check out Brandish: The Dark Revenant, the PSP remake of the original Brandish (still available as a download via the PSP itself, just about). It's a really good action-DRPG hybrid which rewards thorough exploration of the dungeon floors, and it has a great soundtrack. Goku Makaimura Kai is a nice revision of UGnG, which removes the key- and ring-hunting elements to streamline the game back into an arcadey experience. I love the original Dariusburst, even if it has been massively superseded by ACEX and Chronicle Saviours, and you can't go wrong with the two Ridge Racer games. Edit
  10. A classic! Shmups alone could sustain this idea for months. (I've appreciated the PC88/98 stuff a lot, by the way - kept me hooked on this thread!)
  11. I couldn't try this (I didn't have an Amiga as a kid, and no longer have the one my uncle shunted to me about ten years ago!), but what a cool project: an arcade-faithful Gradius port!
  12. Might post a name entry track a day for a while.
  13. Still fuming over the time some flatmates in my student digs spilled beer over a newly-imported copy of Odin Sphere, and instead of telling me about it tried to hide the fucking thing. It was still soaking wet when I found it, too. Thankfully it's cheap now, and there's an improved version easily available for PS3 and PS4, but I'd paid about 80 quid for it at the time and was extremely gutted.
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