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  1. Perhaps in one of the episodes he breaks his leg, and has to recuperate in an apartment on Coruscant overlooking the senate building. While looking out of the window through his macrobinoculars one day, he witnesses a Jedi Master being thrown to his death from the Supreme Chancellor's office. They could call it The Day Mace Got Defenestrated.
  2. Also, there are no zips in the Star Wars universe. TRUFAX
  3. I’d be amazed if it’s set on Scarif. It’s much more likely that this will be about his missions before R1 as a rebel agent/spy, doing some of the “terrible things” for the rebellion he referred to. That seems like much more fertile ground for a series, rather than the five minute window between him falling off the tower’o’tapes and reappearing at the top to shoot Krennic.
  4. Everyone who complained about The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker needs to watch the Maggie Simpson crossover to see just how bad Star Wars spin offs can really get.
  5. Volume 2 of the post-Empire Strikes Back series is, if anything, even better than the first. The main thing it's getting right is the characters - Leia and Lando in particular are very well portrayed in this, and in Lando's case the story does a great job of keeping his relationship with the Rebels at the mutual benefit/mutual distrust stage. There's also a new Imperial antagonist (pictured on the cover) who has a very personal grudge against the Rebels in general and Leia in particular - there are echoes of Lost Stars here, and that's praise indeed in this thread. There are even callbacks to
  6. Darren


    I liked the fact that Murphy used his speech as an opportunity to audition for a commentary job. Him and Virgo are going to have each other in stitches.
  7. We’ve watched this over the last few weeks. I thought both series were excellent, the second was probably a bit better than the first but there wasn’t much in it. We missed Pogo and Mom (and Hazel and Cha Cha) but now everything’s gone even more wibbly wobbly timey wimey they might all be back next series. I was slightly surprised that Five didn’t resurrect Lila with the rest of the gang, and then surprised again when she didn’t seem to be one of the Sparrows either. Unless I missed something!
  8. It was only when I watched the Schitt's Creek documentary that popped up at the end that I realised it was Canadian.
  9. We finished Schitt’s Creek last night - what a lovely, feelgood series, absolutely bursting with positivity without ever being cheesy, and extremely funny throughout. I think it just loses out to The Good Place for my favourite Netflix comedy as that was just so clever and bonkers as well, but I’m so glad people here persuaded me to stick with it after the first few episodes. I don’t know how they managed to turn such initially hateful characters into such sympathetic ones but somehow they did and that character development all felt very natural. A masterpiece. Now we need another
  10. As a long-time lapsed football fan (I last had a Forest season ticket around the time this forum started and have almost completely lost interest since then) I've found this fascinating over the last few days. From what I can tell it's the early 90s Premier League breakaway all over again, but at European scale and managed with a staggering lack of competence. It or something like it was probably eventually inevitable, but the real surprise is the way they've cocked it up so comprehensively. It would be nice to think that this could be the turning point that ultimately delivers the
  11. Correct, but as a previous Gamepass subscriber it will cost you £11.99 to convert, rather than £1. It's still worth it obviously, but just be aware it won't be a quid!
  12. For some reason I always love things like this, like the first time seeing (and hearing!) the SEGA splash screen on a Gamecube game, or Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny appearing together in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It probably dates back to when Tiswas used to poke fun at (and therefore acknowledge the existence of) Multi-Coloured Swap Shop.
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