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  1. And if you average an hour a day you'll only get just over a year before it's expected to fail. If you play four hours a day it will only last three months! 400 hours can't be right (I've not watched the video).
  2. It’s neither alt nor indie, just straight up rock, but The Pretty Reckless’ new album Death By Rock & Roll is absolutely brilliant.
  3. I meant to post this yesterday. It’s on a lot of “best of 2020” lists but I’m not convinced, as most of their songs start off well but then repeat the same thing over and over again until you’re quite sick of it. One song doing that for effect would be fine, a whole album of it and it’s just tedious and annoying, which perhaps makes it the perfect 2020 album.
  4. Listen to it ASAP and report back with your findings. You may well find it terrible but to me it’s the epitome of what a rock album can be.
  5. That is my all time favourite album, and the only reason I don’t have my own vinyl copy is that one of my lads has one and it seems excessive to have two in the house. But perhaps these powerful feelings of envy that picture is eliciting are telling me that I need one all to myself after all!
  6. Poor old Excitebike.
  7. The “open the game pass app” daily quest is back. I wonder why it had a week off?
  8. Yes, I found I enjoyed it less after my first go, when I knew I was close to the target and specifically trying to get over it. It works much better as a walking simulator in spectacular settings than a score attack. Having achieved it, I think that quest target would have been better being a distance to walk, or a number of different species to track, rather than the actual kills which are much more difficult.
  9. Well I eventually hit the weekly quest target in Hunter Call of the Wild, after ages tracking various elusive bears, deers and mooses (meese?) and eventually just shooting a rabbit to push me over the required total. Perhaps I need to work up towards the bigger creatures...
  10. I get that, but for me it's not really about the points or the real money equivalent. It's just a way of picking some games out that I wouldn't normally play, and giving them a go. I forgot that I also tried Planet Coaster but I wasn't tempted to stick with it - Two Point Hospital is scratching that Theme Place itch for me right now. But this week that means I've tried four new games that I wasn't particularly interested in, and found one of them to be quite addictive. That's a good result I think.
  11. Oh sure, for the last two months (the first full months since I got an Xbox) I've got the 1000 points just from the daily quests plus generally playing games and getting achievements. I think this is the first time I've consciously gone after any game-specific quests, more as an excuse to try out different games than for the points.
  12. I noticed they've changed some of the "game pass quests" this month. There's no longer a daily quest for logging into the app, and so the corresponding targets for the number of daily quests is lower in the weekly and monthly quests that ask you to complete other quests, if that makes sense. I think the only material impact on points is you lose the easy 5 points/day, as you still get the same reward for the higher level quests. Anyway, I thought this month I'd have a go at doing the game-specific quests too, and so downloaded all the relevant games. I got a bunch of points for wan
  13. You're basically at the end. After you've done the bit you're on, there's maybe another 15-20 minutes to go.
  14. Thank you both @therearerules @pinholestar! That explains so much including things that I noticed along the way but had forgotten by the end, as well as plenty I didn't notice at all. I think if they're going to tell a story that convoluted, with its own rules about interactions with the spirit world, in a non-linear way (all good things as far as I'm concerned) then they've got to make sure they take you along with the journey. I suspect there were quite a few important pieces of information that were mentioned once and never again, or were hidden on pieces of paper you might not
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