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  1. Nice Claudia Gray “trilogy” in the middle of that lot. I think I might be about to break my promise to read every new canon book. I’m finding Shadow Fall completely uninteresting, to the point that reading it is starting to feel like a chore. Life’s too short I think. I might have to abandon it half way.
  2. What confused me about calls was that the boons that give you them always have an explanation that includes something like "if you have such a boon," so I assumed this was a power up for something else that I didn't have, and so always declined them. Eventually I wondered why I kept being offered these apparently useless power-up boons but never the ones they were supposed to power up, took a chance on one and realised that by taking it, I now did have such a boon! Now I always take them and use them as often as possible, although I usually try to wait for the full gauge version un
  3. It’s not included (unless you buy via All Access) but I’ve already got my bargain basement 3 year GPU set up and ready to go. Never actually buying anything is indeed the plan although no doubt I’ll break that “rule” sooner or later.
  4. Also they definitely won’t seem aged to me - I can’t remember what the last FPS I played was but it was absolutely ages ago. Timesplitters 2 on the GC maybe. So everyone else’s ancient relic will still be my great leap forward.
  5. As discussed in the Series thread it was going to be Halo CE but that’s on the back burner now as it’s getting its next gen upgrade a week later. So now I don’t know. Probably something that won’t take hours to download. Spiritfarer maybe?
  6. I can’t play any games on any Xbox already as I’ve never owned one. That’s the beauty of this for me, everything is brand new!
  7. But I am concerned AND worried about this! And it can be anything. It doesn't have to be a Halo game. I just want it to be a good one. It will forever be remembered in my "first game played on a machine from..." hall of fame which is already home to such illustrious titles as: Sony - Ico (PS2) Sega - Crazy Taxi (DC) Nintendo - Terminator 2 (GB) () (basically I don't want to make this sort of mistake again)
  8. I would promise to be bound by the majority decision, but then you'd all suggest Conker's Bad Fur Day or something.
  9. I hereby call an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of the Xbox Series X | S - Power Your DreamsTM thread. Agenda (one item) 1. What should Darren play first? I was planning to pop my Xbox cherry on November 10th in a frantic fumble with the OG Halo. But it seems silly to do that if there's going to be an improved version out a week later. As a Nintendo fan I'm already fully conditioned to endure and even enjoy a bit of delayed gratification so that doesn't bother me, but what should I play instead? I want my first time to be, you know, sp
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