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  1. We’ve caught up with this over the last week. If it wasn’t for Chernobyl this would be programme of the year. I think RTD must have had a massive list of every bad thing going, and slowly ticked them all off as he wrote the script. I’m struggling to think of anything he’s missed.
  2. I downloaded this today more in hope than expectation and was delighted to find it has loads of really good single player modes including my holy grail, a quest mode. It’s not as good as the old VF4Evo quest mode benchmark but it’s excellent nevertheless. I can see myself spending hours slowly grinding through all those quests. Am I right in thinking all the costumes etc. are unlockable, but the only way to get more characters is to pay for them?
  3. They are the best set during the original trilogy, although it’s worth reading the main Star Wars series in parallel, at least for the first six issues where they tie together very closely. The other Vader series (Dark Lord of the Sith) is also excellent and focuses on Vader’s formative experiences in the aftermath of Revenge of the Sith. Equally good is the Poe Dameron series set before, during and after the new films. Stick with those and you can’t go wrong!
  4. I'm another in the "really like what I've heard, which is basically their three hits" camp. But now I have Spotify there's no excuse for such ignorance. I must investigate further.
  5. Is that Dark Visions? That's a pity, Vader is about the only character Marvel have got consistently right (up to now). Edit: that's a bit unfair, they handled Poe and his team extremely well in his series. I meant out of the "original" characters.
  6. I'm a very casual gamer these days and this has been increasingly the case for a few years now. Anything involving quick reflexes and lots of different buttons is a real challenge now - it's not that I couldn't learn and improve through practice, just that I don't have the time for it that the kids do. Well I say kids, this particular daughter is 20 now .
  7. This reminded me I never actually finished the original. I did all the divine beasts and then went wandering around looking for shrines, and eventually got out of the habit of playing before ever approaching the castle. So I thought I'd better put that right. But my Zelda-mad daughter insisted that I should take the opportunity to start again and do it all from scratch, and promised to help out with hints and taking over for tricky bosses (she had to with one of the divine beast bosses last time, I wonder how many I'll need her for this time?), so for her benefit I started it all over again last night. I'd forgotten all the controls and my reflexes are worse than ever, but that sense of freedom in that massive world, there's nothing like it. During the direct last night she screamed "Demise!!!" at one point, then went into a monologue about the lore and Skyward Sword and all sorts of stuff, so I think it's fair to say she's beyond excited for this.
  8. I read Immortal Hulk volume 3 last week (issues 11-15 I think) - "Hulk in Hell." And dare I say it, I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous ones. I can't put my finger on why but it seemed to rely more on knowledge of other stories than it did before. It was still very good of course, just not quite as amazing for me. I'll stick with it though.
  9. This is the first collection from Marvel's "Age of..." series and I have to say it's not a great start. To be fair they're handicapped from the off by the fact that the prequel era villains are mostly rubbish, with the exception of Darth Maul, whose story is the best one here, but even that's nothing special. I don't want to write it off completely until I've read the corresponding "Heroes" collection which may link in to this one in some way, but that doesn't seem likely based on these stories, which are all forgettable, inconsequential, stand-alone one-offs with no common thread or theme. What a shame.
  10. 10. God Emperor of Dune - Frank Herbert This is a strange one. I read it when I was about 13 but I can't remember what I thought of it. The thing that strikes me this time is how little actually happens in this story. It's mostly chapter after chapter of scenes with two or three characters declaiming aphorisms at one another. Having said that, what little story there is is a good one, and I read it in less than a week, so it obviously held my interest. But it's nowhere near as good as the brilliant original Dune. Previously:
  11. I’ve never tried any of the posh Jack Daniels variants - I might give that a go this weekend.
  12. I loved that version! I saw it on the "film" version at the pictures, and IIRC it had Wilma acting all Bond-girl-ish which made a significant and fundamental impression on 11 year old me. Actually come to think of it, that might be the only reason I liked it.
  13. This is probably heresy in this thread, but last weekend, on a whim because it was cheap in Tesco (£15 for 70cl), I bought a bottle of Famous Grouse Bourbon Cask. And it's lovely. For reference my favourite single malt is Aberlour 12 and I'm also partial to a good bourbon too. This is a relatively inexpensive way of hitting my sweet spot square on.
  14. I look forward to the theme tune being a slow, breathy, ukulele based version of this.
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