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  1. Why don't you make the fruit half a watermelon: then you can have loads of black dots randomly scattered with only two of them being the actual eyes.
  2. Darren

    Cricket Thread

    It was a bit of a one-sided match last night, but still very entertaining, especially the almost double run out. And The Big Moon are always good to hear. The most important thing though is the on screen graphics are exactly the same as last year, so I'm happy.
  3. Darren

    Cricket Thread

    Very much so. Last year it hooked me in, and turned me from a very casual cricket fan to someone who goes to matches, and subscribes to Now/Sky to watch as much as I can get away with. Is it sad that one of the things I'm looking forward to is seeing how/if they've tweaked the on-screen graphics, which I honestly thought was the best innovation of the whole tournament? The visual depiction of runs v balls down the sides of the screen made it really clear at a glance how each game was going. I hope they've not messed it up!
  4. I might just buy Ikaruga for the nth time and continue to fail to reach the end.
  5. I bought SFIV Arcade plus the Ultra DLC for just over £6, paid for with credit from cashing in rewards points, so basically free. Now I've got about £3.50 left to spend in the next 90 days. Decisions, decisions.
  6. Yes, it’s not pinging for me for playing a Game Pass game.
  7. Ooh, depending on exactly when this is set then given it's going to include then we might also get another glimpse of This is a really good era to set a story in. The Empire in grip-tightening mode, and systems slipping through its fingers.
  8. Concept: Rogue Group, use your harpoons and tow cables. Go for the legs! The Empire Strikes Back (Atari, 1982) Shadows of the Empire (N64, 1996) Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (everything, 2022)
  9. Darren

    Women's EURO 2022

    All I want now is Edith’s verdict.
  10. Darren

    Women's EURO 2022

    I look forward to seeing this photo on Football Focus in about 15 years.
  11. This is my first FH DLC and I really like it. I’m up to the S1 races and the sense of speed on some of the tracks, as well as their impossible twisty turny-ness, makes it look and feel like a sequel to F-Zero X.
  12. I wonder if there are Shakespeare fans up in arms every time one of his plays is set in Nazi Germany or 1930s Chicago or whatever.
  13. It does! I’m in the mood for a bit of Reg and Blipvert action.
  14. I’d settle for a repeat of 20 Minutes Into The Future on C4HD to be honest.
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