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  1. Batman Arkham Asylum. Yes, you can criticise it for having dumbed-down combat compared to dedicated third person action games, for giving you no reason not to play the whole thing in Detective Mode, a horrible final boss fight, and for giving us that Harley Quinn redesign along with a bunch of Unreal Engine meathead characters. But the slickness and impact of its combat animation, the relatively fast-paced stealth sections, the Asylum as an environment, the Riddler trophy replay value, the Scarecrow hallucinations, and the polished fan-servicey presentation (the returni
  2. A new Ujico*/Snail's House video this week sent me back to rewatch all the old ones: This is the new one:
  3. I watched this recent AI and Games interview with the developers: One of the developers says that the game was inspired by watching two videos on Doom 2016 in one day (one was the Noclip documentary, the other was AI and Games' video about it), followed by seeing his friend playing Crypt of the Necrodancer and Binding of Isaac.
  4. Is this 360 console one you used to use, or one that's new to you? If you need to re-download everything you've bought in the past: Settings > Account > Download History should list everything that's ever been associated with your profile (both paid purchases and free demo downloads).
  5. I played the Saturn version of Olympic Soccer - its commentary quotes were memorable enough that I posted about them when this thread was first made, and they were the first ones that came to mind when it was bumped today. Do you remember these phrases?
  6. Sonic Adventure was the first game I remember playing that had any sort of recap/reminder of recent events and current goals upon loading a save:
  7. Marcus Lehto, Jaime Griesemer, Marty O'Donnell, Paul Bertone and Paul Russel comment on GarishGoblin's Legendary speedrun (on the PC Master Chief Collection): 4:00 - "A successful mission design skill to make a mission that you can speedrun like this without the scripting just horribly breaking..." 6:35 - "I spoke too soon."
  8. I recently watched a Mario 64 speedrun from GDQ 2018, and there were a few times where they mentioned that the Hori pad's analogue directions are slightly off compared to a real stick.
  9. I don't think he is a hack. When it comes to film critics, a hack would be one who presents opinions that are not genuine - whether that's in service of studios' publicity departments, or to be contrarian to stir up controversy, or just going along with the consensus. Hacks also put the minimum possible effort into their written and spoken reviews. I don't think that applies to Mark Kermode; his enthusiasm and dislike usually seem genuine. If his original review of Blue Velvet was a lie just for the sake of being contrarian, and then he revised that opinion when he realised how out
  10. Twitch is currently cracking down on record labels' DMCA takedown requests. Deleting stuff en masse, without warning, and not telling people exactly which old videos need to be removed or muted: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/10/twitch-blasts-streamers-with-vague-unhelpful-dmca-takedown-emails/ https://kotaku.com/twitch-deletes-thousands-of-streamers-videos-and-issues-1845429294
  11. Also the one about Pirates of the Caribbean 3:
  12. It does acknowledge it, briefly.
  13. I was just about to post that, you beat me to it! I saw it via Drew McWeeny (AICN's Moriarty): I saw that $200m figure too, in this rough estimate:
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