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  1. We have two threads on this already! Admittedly one of them is just a single post...
  2. I watched it a few weeks ago and liked it more than you did. I enjoyed those macro shots of the typesetters and printing presses in action, and there's some fun Competence Porn in watching them sort through files. But how much you enjoy it depends on how much you can tolerate its lack of subtlety. It was filled with moments that shouted "DID YOU NOTICE THAT THESE ISSUES ARE APPLICABLE TODAY, IN THIS ERA OF DONALD TRUMP?" The Reception section of the film's Wikipedia article links to this retrospective RogerEbert.com post by Matt Zoller Seitz, where he describes The Post
  3. Quiz shows often reveal people's movie blind spots:
  4. I noticed that Disney Plus/Star has the Futurama straight-to-DVD movies ("season 6") in their TV broadcast format (split into four parts), whereas on Amazon Prime they're in their original feature-length form.
  5. I have seen The Hours but I've forgotten almost everything about it, including which actress played which character, so when I read @Loik V credern's post I misremembered Streep as the one who played Woolf. Maybe I was getting mixed up with Adaptation, another 2002 film in which Streep did play a real author. (Well, sort of real. Adaptation is kind of weird when it comes to deciding which bits can be described as "real" or "fictional".)
  6. Film Crit Hulk agrees: https://www.polygon.com/2019/5/14/18564383/avengers-endgame-hulk-movie-mcu-film-crit
  7. I haven't rewatched it since before Age of Ultron came out, but I remember liking The Dark World. Not because of the plot or the villain - I mainly enjoyed it thanks to the jokes involving Thor doing mundane things (Thor riding the Tube!* Thor hanging Mjolnir on a coat hook!). However jokes like those have since become a dime a dozen in the MCU so they probably wouldn't stand out to me now. I really disagree about the action being boring; I thought the portals and gravity warping in the finale were great fun. Black hole grenades are cool. I also liked the imprisoned Lok
  8. Most (maybe all?) of the Sega Vintage Collection titles that were released for Xbox 360 should be backwards-compatible with the Xbox Series S/X. In particular, the Streets of Rage one is really thorough (JP/EU/US versions of each game; lots of display options; various bonus modes).
  9. What's the one at the bottom-left, and why is it illustrated with an image that looks like it's ripping off inspired by Ico/Giorgio de Chirico?
  10. That's true, but I do think that a lot of the vitriol that's been aimed at the film over the years can be characterised as boys saying: "Ewww, romance! That's for girls and they have cooties!" The same goes for Twilight. No matter how many legitimate reasons to criticise the books and films there are (and I've heard there are a lot), part of the reason it disproportionately received complaints online was because it became symbolic of everything teenage girls are looked down on for liking. Lindsay Ellis did a video about this (it's been a while since I watched it so I can't remembe
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