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  1. Gaming Magazines

    Yeah, considering how long the magazine has lasted, the fact they've been unable to sustain any given iteration of the website for more than a few years is crazy. As I recall the changes went something like this: Losing the original forum (leading the the founding of Rllmuk) Reviving the website as a blog with a bland grey-and-pink scheme: https://web.archive.org/web/20060204085100/http://www.edge-online.co.uk:80 - I think they brought back the forum around this time too. Republishing some of the print mag's features on Next-Gen.biz Rebranding the Next-Gen website as Edge Getting rid of the Edge website and bringing it all under GamesRadar (and losing the website archive in the process) Publishing some Edge articles on Kotaku UK (but they seem to have stopped doing that now): http://www.kotaku.co.uk/author/edge/
  2. Can't agree with this. But it seems churlish to complain about post-credit scenes. Especially since they're never going to improve on the one from Spider-Man: Homecoming anyway.
  3. Justice League

    I'm not sure it's really a fair comparison. The person who did the deep fake version was working from the CGI'd shots from the released film that already had the facial hair removed, not from the raw plates from the reshoots. OK, the video does include some clips where it was applied to his promotional interviews. But they look odd to me too (though that's mainly because of the lip sync). Still, the quality is good enough to suggest that the next time a studio needs to make some last-minute changes like this, instead of throwing more people and money at the problem as they did, they could see what a professional VFX studio can do with this technology.
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    I haven't, but I do know one person who regularly made use of the old Ultraviolent service:
  5. A movie watchers blog

    "Generational arrested adolescence" sums up the comments that Pegg made a few years ago about geek pop culture/nostalgia: https://news.avclub.com/simon-pegg-is-worried-that-our-obsession-with-nerd-cult-1798279763 http://simonpegg.net/2015/05/19/big-mouth-strikes-again/ On a completely unrelated subject, I have learned from the sidebar of that blog that Simon Pegg is in Ready Player One.
  6. Agreed, but I suppose mentioning Halo's player/Flood/Covenant/Sentinels system would be redundant because the Far Cry example (player/factions/wildlife) is a more modern and complex illustration of the same thing.
  7. Incredibles 2

    That trailer certainly follows the lead of the teaser and the posters in focusing a lot more on Bob staying at home parenting than on the action. I wonder what the balance will be in the final film? If they stick to that focus, it'll a be novel: in the dozens of superhero films we've had since the first Incredibles, the only two main heroes I can think of who are parents are Hawkeye and Ant-Man. Also, the gag about him being unable to understand his son's maths homework... It's probably just a joke about how that happens with every generation of kids and parents and school teaching methods, but given the '60s setting, it could be a comment on the New Math that American kids (including, probably, Brad Bird) were taught then. EDIT: OK just rewatched the trailer. Turns out that the title of the book explicitly shows that this is the reference!
  8. A movie watchers blog

    That would be saying quite a lot, considering how good Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz still are even after catching the second half of a zillion ITV2 broadcasts. The sci-fi stuff is real in the movie's setting. Yeah, it's possible to interpret it as one character's delusion. It would even be possible to insert a Sucker Punch/Fight Club-esque ending that flashes back to events in the film and reveals how each one was just Gary's mind's warped interpretation of the mundane reality. The most recent series of Sherlock had an episode that looked like it might be doing something like that (then didn't). But IIRC (not having seen it since its release) there's nothing in the film that invites that reading. Yes, some of the film's events and action sequences can be interpreted as metaphors for different aspects of alcoholism, but you can say that without invoking a "gotcha, it was all a dream!" twist. In that sense the robots in The World's End are both real in the context of the story, and metaphorical in what they can be interpreted to represent, in the same way that Buffy the Vampire Slayer used supernatural demons as metaphors for real-life evils.
  9. POLL: Favourite Rare N64 game

    I HAVE FOUND A KINDRED SPIRIT. (My avatar on this forum used to be a GoldenEye CCTV camera for precisely this reason. Best game sound effect and animation combination ever!)
  10. Pixar's Coco

    The US release had Olaf's Frozen Adventure shown before it. But it was cut from the international releases because it's over 20 minutes long: lots of parents complained that their kids were getting restless by the end of Coco.
  11. Axiom Verge - PS4/Vita

    Matthewmatosis compares Axiom Verge to Environmental Station Alpha. Spoilers for both games!
  12. It has the Devil's Anus though, which is close enough to being a sky portal of doom. (But not, unfortunately, a sky portal of Doom's.)

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