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  1. Empire asked Greedo's original actor Paul Blake what he thinks of the new version of the scene: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/features/star-wars-greedo-maclunkey-disney-plus-exclusive-interview/ The best bit is the revelation that Greedo and Bib Fortuna send texts to each other:
  2. Three Colours Blue Three Colours White Three Colours Red Three Colours & Knuckles
  3. The thing I love about the way this was announced is that the image he posted to confirm his involvement... ...is almost identical to one he posted in March, when the design had leaked on posters but the first trailer hadn't come out yet:
  4. Regarding the paragraph in bold: Reading reviews, I've seen a few people dismissing it as just a dumber remix of Taxi Driver, King of Comedy and (for me possibly the biggest point of comparison) Network. I don't want to dismiss it like that - I think it's fine for the film to exist as an explicit response/tribute to those! ... but those repeated re-enactments of the Taxi Driver gunshot mime were tediously on the nose.
  5. I finally belatedly saw this today. I'd been putting off seeing it because I knew I'd be mainly seeing it so that I could have an Opinion on the Discourse, rather than because I was particularly interested in seeing an Elseworlds story of a Joker without his Batman. I thought that Logan, Super and Unbreakable pushed the "adult superhero realism" thing about as far as I was interested in going. Turned out I liked it more than I expected, with two really great elements: Phoenix's performance, and the score. But though I'm glad it was made, I can't call it one of my favourite Batman-related films as I still prefer traditional takes on superheroes and villains to those that re-imagine them with a serious, realistic twist. For example, I'm always going to prefer Joker stories that make him genuinely funny and entertaining alongside being threatening, but this film was aiming to do something fundamentally incompatible with that: it's too sad, tense and uncomfortable to ever embrace that element of the character. I thought that certain moments undermined claims of the film's grounded realism: Also on the ending: How commonplace were VCRs in America in 1981? (According to Wikipedia that's when it was set.) The one on top of his TV stuck out to me, because of the film's use of that Bob Monkhouse joke and the bit of trivia that Monkhouse was one of the first people in Britain to get one.
  6. I agree, I'd prefer that they try to let each performer try their own thing, rather than aiming for an impression of Arleen Sorkin and getting it not-quite-right, like Tara Strong did in the Arkham games. I think they have struggled to get the right balance of derangement and endearingness (is that a word?) ever since Arleen Sorkin stopped voicing her. I remember the version in Assault on Arkham, where she was voiced by Hynden Walch, crossing the line into just being annoying. (Hynden Walch, I found out the other day, had a live-action role in Groundhog Day as the woman marrying Michael Shannon's character! General Zod and Starfire, together at last...)
  7. Logan Lucky - 3.5/5 What if Steven Soderbergh remade his Ocean's heist films with Coen Brothers characters? Wonder Woman: Bloodlines - 2.5/5 The latest straight-to-DVD animated DC feature begins with yet another run through through Diana's origin story (though fortunately this one is over and done with quite quickly). That's followed by adaptations of several comics storylines crammed together, none of which are given enough time to do them justice. DC Showcase: Death - 3/5 This short based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman/Death comics is a bonus feature on the Bloodlines Blu-Ray (and it's also on YouTube... for now). Although it's an original story written by J.M. DeMatteis, it's highly reminiscent of two stories in the Dream Country collection ("Calliope" from Sandman #17 and "Facade" from Sandman #20), and so it won't hold any surprises to anyone familiar with the way that Sandman stories involving Death tend to go. But it's atmospheric, and it's nice to finally get an official on-screen version of something involving the Endless. Groundhog Day - 4.5/5 First time I've rewatched it in nearly 20 years, but I remembered it well. Still great.
  8. Jim Carrey's Me, Myself & Irene & Knuckles
  9. https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/sonic-fans-now-drunk-with-power-demand-big-the-cat-be-added-to-the-film/
  10. Here's a comparison of all the different versions: The moral of the story:
  11. Bah! In September, Todd Vaziri of ILM did a thread complaining about the removal of 4:3 and commentary options in an updated version of the FXX app for Apple TV: A few weeks ago he updated the thread with two reports from different people that Disney+ would have the 4:3 versions: But now it looks like the cropping is worse than the versions on FXX:
  12. Nick R

    Unable to kill

    Here's what you end up with if you apply the /v/ "nothing matters except Objective Rational Deep Possibility Space Vidya Game Design" viewpoint to this subject: https://ask.fm/Evilagram/answers/146172448021 "Stealth games keep making knocking people out a moral choice rather than an interesting one."
  13. Tee Lopes and his sister did a version of Sonic R's "Can You Feel The Sunshine". As Black Squirrel on Sonic Retro said: "I think it's faithful to the original. It captures that acute sense of wanting to turn the vocals off because they're horrible." Richard Jacques was not happy about it, in tweets he's since deleted. The video description on YouTube now credits him (not sure if it did originally). This prompted Bentley Jones, composer of the main theme of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, to say that Jacques bullied him when he was hired to do that game.
  14. Which version did you go back and play? I loved the PS2 version, and only stopped playing it at a point very far into the game, when I encountered a bug that meant CJ couldn't use gyms any more. I don't think it was a game-breaker that stopped me progressing, but it was annoying enough to put me off playing. I bought the Xbox 360 version a few years ago, and couldn't get into it at all. It's a port of the iOS version, and I was put off by the different feel of the controls, and miscellaneous minor bugs (mostly audio problems, like music momentarily cutting out).
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