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  1. Well that was amazing and it looks so good and those end Credits were wonderful, might watch it again. Dave Filoni didn't disappoint on his live action directorial debut
  2. Extremely nerdy but some guy hat's an expert on medieval weapons and sword fighting has made videos picking apart some fight scenes from Star Wars
  3. For thre first time in my life and believe me it really hurts to say this but. Come on England
  4. The reason it looks so bad this season is because the big Crisis event coming up must be costing a bomb, the cast they're pulling in alone must be a pretty penny.
  5. Wales only have themselves to blame, a poor kicking strategy and next to no attack, they were playing to stay in the game and didn't seem bothered about trying to win it. Oh well it's all change for almost every team the next 6 nations, don't know if that'll be a good or bad thing for Wales, I don't think much of Wayne Pivac.
  6. If Wales win tomorrow we'll have a final where the 2 best refs in the world will take no part.
  7. I was never in doubt I said last week they'd beat them and it'll be an England v Wales final with Wales winning by 5.
  8. That's surprising, it's been pretty awful so far.
  9. Matt Defis


    Is it just me or does Katie Cassidy look really ill, I was struggling to understand how she was standing up, her legs were literally stick thin.
  10. Also have the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consulars Defender class light Corvetter from SWTOR as well I just noticed, just above and behind the Falcon and a Thranta class Corvette from KOTOR.
  11. Expansion 6.0 Onslaught goes live today for subs but F2P you also get a huge boost doubling the amount of dungeons, PVP (ground and space) and whole other bunch of stuff getting added including the Rise Of The Hutt Cartel and Shadow Of Revan expansions. Excited right now but I'll probably be here next week whining about something but at least I know it'll never be as bad as the dark times, the Ben Irving times.
  12. The ghost is Hera Syndullas ship from star wars rebels now most likely piloted by her and Kanans son Jason. The colossus is the ship from star wars resistance cartoon.
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