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    Rugby, Boxing and laughing at other peoples misfortune whilst cursing my own.

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  1. Great race so far, looking forward to see what happens next.
  2. Anyone think Lando has a good chance of taking Leclerc here?
  3. Hoping Lando can push for a podium.
  4. The Roses are so good I'd swap half the England mens team out for them, Emily Scarratt is easily the best English player out there at the moment through the entire sport.
  5. Didn't that scene happen in that shit Kevin Smith movie with his daughter with some nazi sausages?
  6. There's someone in Hertfordshire that lives across the road from my other halfs parents that has a load of big cats.
  7. Yeah the Welsh regions had a terrible day yesterday.
  8. Yeah I went through it in a few days and really enjoyed it, the 2 biggest problems it has is a huge cast that takes a long while to settle into and it just ends, feels like it has no real ending. I really like Marchion Ro though.
  9. I loved that, thought it was great and it looks amazing
  10. Another great GBR podcast with Wayne Pivac especially the bits where he talks about how centralised contracts and getting the clubs to share info with each other and the WRU on S&C and style of playing at club level to filter into the national team (Somethign NZ have been doing for decades) and how it could really benefit France and England.
  11. Da iawn Yr Alban a diolch yn fawr iawn, fi cari ti.
  12. Come on Scotland, give them a massive dicking. 32-19 to Scotland.
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