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  1. Bit of a specific question. Can anyone give a pointer to a OS or theme that shows a list of recently played ROMs? Don't want to have to scroll through a huge list each time I want to contribute my game? Cheers, I'm sure that this is an obvious question.
  2. Me and the wife have started watching the Marvel films in chronological order as per the most further up thread, done Captain America: First Avenger and just watched Captain Marvel, what a great film that is and glad we watched it in context of the rest of the films, a really pleasant surprise as I hadn't heard much about it prior to watching. Brie Larson was great and it raised several chuckles throughout.
  3. Also bought! Cheers for the heads up!
  4. Just popped by, really early in the game so was able to grab some useful recipes from your shop. Also took a loaf of fruit from by the airport. Thanks!
  5. Great episode. Really good exercise in building tension.
  6. Nice, love the piano intro to The Little House I Used To Live In.
  7. We thought it was great all the way through tonight!
  8. Really enjoyed this episode, definite Sleuth vibes.
  9. Adore both albums in their entirety, but Spilt Milk is in my top 10 albums of all time. Absolutely perfect and picked up both albums reissued on vinyl a couple of years ago and they sound incredible.
  10. I'm currently re-reading The Stand for the first time in 20 years, as it seemed oddly prescient. Still my favourite, and even moreso on this reading. Just past the Lincoln Tunnel bit, so barely made a dent, happy for it to last forever.
  11. That was a bit meh. Can't win them all though!
  12. Very excited for the return of this tonight!
  13. keineboom


    Graham comes across delightfully in that. Also watched the interviewer do the same thing with Roger Manning from Jellyfish, he's pretty good and clearly an enthusiast.
  14. Echoing the recommendation of Stories Untold. An absolutely ingenious and engaging narrative experience, one of the best I've played for sure. To say anymore would spoil things.
  15. keineboom

    vinyl lovers

    Yeah all vinyl. All my cds went to music magpie years ago.
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