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  1. Thanks. That’s recent enough for me.
  2. My Gamepass lapsed yesterday. Before I jump in again, Does anyone know if the Xbox live gold trick / exchange still works?
  3. Great in Homicide: Life On The Street too
  4. Ok, cheers. I know it got lots of love following release.
  5. Ok, thanks. I’d like to give one of them a go, haven’t played a Fallout since 3. So, 4 or New Vegas?
  6. Is Fallout 76 worth a 90gig punt?
  7. I'm presuming that The Curry Guy Bible is an essential purchase? I've got Rick Stein's India book which has served me well but i'd like another set of recipes
  8. In the last few Months I've finished (amongst others): The Shield. Really enjoyed it but I thought some of the middle series could have been tighter. Some excellent characters (i thought the friendship between Dutch and Wyms was great) and episodes and I like how Vic ended up. By the end of it though I was a tad bored Vic's schtick, a little too much Jack Bauer without the hair. Love A really enjoyable Netflix series, 3 and done. Lots of good writing, a nightmare of a main character and some excellent situations and characters. Thought provoking, cringey and funny. Was
  9. Ok. Thanks. I must of missed it in the first page of the thread. I’ll let it expire in April and try again.
  10. Has anyone tried the XB live gold to GP ultimate trick recently? I’ve just tried and the MS site only offered me 4mths of GP. have I done something wrong?
  11. Series S here. All set up in a breeze from an account not used for a couple of months. Downloaded some smaller games - Tetris effect is great. All fab so far, quiet, cool and the controller feels like an upgrade in quality. A quick question about plugging it into an AV amp. I’ve an old Yamaha amp that’s pre HDMI 2, my S won’t work so I’m plugging direct to TV. Is something wrong or will the S not work with the yamaha because of HDMI 2? cheers
  12. Arrived, yay Good luck to everyone else who hasn’t received theirs yet.
  13. Glad you got one sorted. If anyone would like the code, let me know.
  14. I have a code that I won't use, send me a message.
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