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  1. That was my interpretation, yes.
  2. Cam was great, really enjoyed it.
  3. DC


    I prefer the timing on the pistol. Failing that @rafaqat I (and I’m sure others) would be happy to help open up some shortcuts. That opening but is probably one of the hardest bits in the game.
  4. DC


    I spent so much time on DS before this, tried this in the midst of a hangover and died over and over on the opening street. It’ll come, try learning either parrying or dashing on your next run.
  5. I think it’s Dolby Vision making ‘Haunting..’ look shit on the app through my tv.
  6. DC

    Amazon Prime Video

    I'm glad it's not just me getting old being the reason I struggle with this fucking UI.
  7. I thought this ended extremely poorly. My favourite BBC series was ‘Extreme Measures’ with Trevor Eve.
  8. DC

    Bottom : An Appreciation

    A wonderful programme and still great today. My daughter loves it.
  9. DC

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I had a lot of gin and dreamt that Amazon didn’t deliver my copy. It wasn’t a dream, it was real and now I have a hangover.
  10. DC

    Gameboy Cart Fake?

    Anyone else read this as Gameboy Fart Cake?
  11. I lost 12k. I am near the end. Does money stop mattering at a point?
  12. DC

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    If we tell Tim Langdell he may threaten legal action to have it changed.
  13. DC


    The best game, the best DLC.
  14. I'm just on the last ep of s2 so haven't read the thread, but this is one of the best things on Netflix for me.

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