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  1. Dark Souls 3

    Summon? I might have a character I can help with in 10 mins...
  2. Vanquish

  3. Bloodborne

    Rom is down (ignore the spiders) and I’m doing some chalices to get more gems. The bosses there are beginning to be a problem only three chalices in though.
  4. Bloodborne

    Paarl is down. I've had Amygdala down to next to nothing but that final stage is brutal. Logarious and Rom have proved equally challenging. We may be nearing the closer of this run but I've not done any chalices yet, so could squeeze some more damage from gems there. It's been good fun though.
  5. Bloodborne

    Shadows down on BL4, guys. I'm back loving this wonderful game again.
  6. Gaming Podcasts

    Thanks but I've made a mistake somewhere as it won't let me pay with Prime - it's just asks for a dollar amount. This is it guys - you're (I'm) old when you can't do something simple on a website.
  7. Gaming Podcasts

    I've been trying to sort this out tonight but have found myself going around in circles. Could @murray put an idiots guide in here? I'd PM but thought it might be of interest to others. I'll try and stay on top of it then. Cheers
  8. Xbox One Console Thread

    They appear to be immaculate but I guess I don't know how many times they've been skimmed.
  9. Bloodborne

    I’ll be home later and will help if you like. The AI summon is a waste of space on that fight because of the minions.
  10. Xbox One Console Thread

    I've gone offline several times to try and force it to install as much from the disc before downloading the patch, but I get the same dirty disc error. The discs both look fine to me.
  11. Xbox One Console Thread

    I have two discs and was trying them both, which did edge me a little further towards the full install but ultimately wouldn't go the whole hog. What is your solution, please?
  12. Bloodborne

    You’ll do it. If you don’t, summon. The game is too good to not see because of some fucker.
  13. Dark Souls 3

    Harder than Nameless King?
  14. Really looking forward to S2 and glad it's got a third. Has anyone, or their kids, read the books? Are they good and what for what age please?

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