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  1. I’ve enjoyed this but now I’m at the end it’s throwing some hot bullshit at me and I just don’t think I have the will to carry on. An impressive game overall though.
  2. Hmm I’ve opened it all now. I also cannot be fucked with eBay anymore. I shall leave each piece to someone in my will, so they can remember me.
  3. I got the rest of my Dark Souls game today. Shit my pants as I had an email saying I had a delivery but couldn’t recall ordering anything. There’s fucking loads of it! I’ve still not attempted to play it - it’s a bit poop isn’t it? I have zero experience with proper board games. My wife has asked if it is accessible, also a novice.
  4. Got this for a tenner from Game and it’s great. Does some really interesting stuff.
  5. Following up on this, Deaths Gambit is excellent and £10 at Game.
  6. The UB40 version has been played at two family funerals, which is UB40, who I dont really like at all, but that song is fucking wrenching. That Jimmy Cliff version is the best but Annie Lennox does a nice version on YouTube.
  7. Edit: won’t work for me, I can’t even sign in for some reason.
  8. I’ve got Get Out, Moon and Blade Runner 2049 up in trading if anyone is interested. £10 each, posted.
  9. You did watch the 4K disc instead of the 1080p one, yeah?
  10. I thought Mad Max was one of the best UHDs I’ve seen.
  11. Not much chat about this then? I see Death’s Gambit is £10 at Game but this is on sale digitally for £16. I fancied the latter much more than the former but I guess it’s not all that, based on the lack of discussion?
  12. I really like this but I have two boss cells / am playing on Very Hard and it feels borderline impossible to even get past the 2nd boss now. I used to roll with high melee builds but I think going with a bow of choice, freeze spells and two high level traps is the way forward. I’ve also never seriously tried a shield in my runs either.
  13. Too Old To Die Young was amazing. Really looking forward to this.
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