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  1. DC

    Xbox Game Pass

    Loads of us did this thanks to a Mr Tony thread in bargains. I topped up to three years before converting.
  2. I’m already looking forward to it. How long have you been painting by the way?
  3. These look incredible. Have you ordered the Bloodborne game with minis that was on Kickstarter?
  4. I didn’t use the it (or many of the prosthetics) either. For him in particular I think you can revert to running / dodging like in the other games. It was straightforward once I had his patterns down, but that took a LONG time.
  5. DC

    Xbox Game Pass

    The UI is all kinds of anus but this three year Gamepass thing has ensured I haven’t turned on the PS4 in ages.
  6. I thought that would be around the amount. I don’t use eBay anymore and am not signing up for any more forums, so am happy to give them away on here. Ive been exclusively buying the 2 for £30 ones in HMV. Got some great films and they look incredible.
  7. I’m interested as you’ve walked everything else.
  8. Got a Logan code in For Free if anyone wants it.
  9. Streets of Rage 2, artist is Shinkiro I think.
  10. Is this good? I promised two colleagues I’d get it (and destroy them). I’d rather not buy an actual shit game.
  11. Make heal triangle and item up on the dpad, which I think is basically BB buttons. I was also dodging and dying a lot at first. You need to substitute parry / block for dodge in this game.
  12. Everything I post is ‘in my opinion’. My username is nothing to do with comics.
  13. The worst Marvel “shitfest” I’ve seen is a much better film than this, regardless of how oversaturated they’ve become. I think the CGI looked worse than effects in much older films.
  14. I watched it for the 1st time and it thought it was anus. The CGI was constant and of a low quality.
  15. Agreed. I need to try Kubrick’s version again. The book is one of my favourites though, so it had a lot to live up to. Anyone know if the follow up book is any good? Wrong thread / folder I know.
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