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  1. Nothing tilts me as much as this game at the moment.
  2. Jonster

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    Also up for that.
  3. Jonster

    Puyo Puyo Champions - May 7th

    http://puyo.guide https://puyonexus.com/wiki/How_to_Play_Puyo_Puyo https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOZoV2nQ_k1A1msj_EBrBIYpqKmBjIwDZ The first one I’ve found better recently as it’s been a bit more focused and has advice on when to move on. The second one was pretty much recommended reading but hard to take in in one go, split it into sections. The third one is good if you like videos. I’d highly recommend getting PuyoSim as well, on both Android and iPhone. The pieces don’t fall so you can really think about where to place the piece when practicing. iPuyolator for iPhone (not sure about Android for this one, sorry) is also really good for just drawing setups without worrying about random pieces. GTR is an amazing tool but don’t be too reliant on it, and don’t rush to learning it. I learnt it too early and don’t know what to do now if I can’t set it up!
  4. Jonster

    Puyo Puyo Champions - May 7th

    Yup, and it even carried over my progress from Puyo Puyo ESports. Well all my losses! But I finally got a win online and did a 9 chain while doing so. Finally starting to get my head round Puyoing. I’m also triple dipping for this price so will have it on PS4 and PC as well.
  5. Jonster

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    With or without Shopkeeper?
  6. Jonster

    Puyo Puyo Champions - May 7th

    Tbh I don’t care about Fever mode, I was just listing something it has that PPT doesn’t. If Tetris doesn’t interest you it’s cheaper than PPT, in case you don’t already own that. Speaking generally here btw, not specifically to you. Personally I’ve used PPE when I wanted to play Puyo, if I go on PPT the temptation to just play Tetris is too strong.
  7. Jonster

    Puyo Puyo Champions - May 7th

    Online, in Versus, you choose Puyo or Tetris on the character select screen. So because there’s no selection before searching there’s no filter for it. That said everyone gets a title depending on their rank and the balance between Puyo and Tetris played (ie mostly Puyo, mostly Tetris, or fairly even) so you get an idea what your opponent will pick before the match starts.
  8. Jonster

    Puyo Puyo Champions - May 7th

    It has fever mode, and if you're playing randoms you know you're going to get Puyo vs Puyo matches instead of your opponent potentially choosing Tetris.
  9. Jonster

    Puyo Puyo Champions - May 7th

    I'd say you're wrong, but I respect your opinion. They're different enough to be hard comparison though. I think I don't like it as much because I can't visualise how the Puyos are going to fall.
  10. Jonster

    Puyo Puyo Champions - May 7th

    Already have PuyoPuyo eSports but will get this so I can actually read the menus
  11. Jonster

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Has a hairy chest?
  12. I jumped on a couple of times over the weekend and reached 830something points. Fingers crossed for this time.
  13. I’m busy both Saturday and Sunday so I’m no competition to anyone for this one! Also my TGM addiction is running wild atm.
  14. Same, let me know your friend code and I’ll add, then just give a shout if you see me online. I can switch across pretty easily.

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