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  1. Early combos may put them in different places but a longer combo will put them together as you’ll be sending multiple lines per clear.
  2. Today I found out the gap in the garbage that is sent depends on where the person sending the garbage completed their line(s). Makes sense, just hadn’t realised before now.
  3. I came across what I'm calling the "Targeting Paradox" last night. I was set to target attackers, and I had a large number of people targeting me. As soon as I changed my target priority all but one stopped targeting me, I'm guessing they had also changed to target attackers at some point, and so we were only targeting each other in defence
  4. Sweet, I should be about at some point tomorrow (well today) if you like? I won't be going into it assuming easy wins btw
  5. Gimme a shout sometime, I've PPT on PS4 and Switch (and Steam but I don't really like playing that one), so whichever is easiest Had fun streaming tonight, despite playing really badly, so will do it again soon! EDIT: I spent far too much time cheating death, but the best one was probably this one:
  6. I wasn’t feeling calm that’s for sure. That was quite a bit of luck, and I was lucky not to be attacked further while I was recovering. Going to be going live again in a minute, I’m extremely tired but feel like doing some more.
  7. Had to cut it short, sorry. Give the first game a watch if the vod is up though, there was some insanity in that!
  8. Streaming some Tetris 99. Come see the sucky bits, not just the highlights! https://www.twitch.tv/jonsteruk
  9. And they both do different types of targeting. It it should be customisable though.
  10. It’s kind of what I was alluding to with the difficult to clear garbage, but that’s a much better way of putting it.
  11. Four wide is a building strategy that leaves a gap of 4 empty spaces at either side or, preferable, in the middle. Once built you can send an incredible amount of garbage to other players by making a large combo, one line at a time. As alluded to in my last post, going for the middle as where the gap is is fairly safe from attack too. This is a pretty good introduction to it if you want to find out more:
  12. Yes and no, it’s not an immediately deadly problem. You only get a game over when the piece can’t spawn without overlapping one that’s already placed (well there is another way but it’s incredibly niche). With a centre four wide the spawn piece won’t overlap so going for the combo always remains an option. The issue is that if you get garbage while the towers at each side are there it can be difficult to clear, and thus limits your play space for future combos.
  13. Was pleased by this one (and meant to post it here earlier). Watching back it looks like the player who came forth had no kills, and I don’t think I would’ve won so quickly if one of the others got the kill on the fifth place player.
  14. This is true. I was badge leader in a game this morning and was targeted by 5 people for what seemed like a long time. I managed to KO all of them (I had KO’s 12-8) when I was back under control. Keep a gap open ready for a Tetris but instead of making it when the I piece turns up, Hold the I piece and use it when you have garbage incoming. It’s possible to keep a Tetris ready in reserve and still make Tetrises offensively if you build high enough.

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