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  1. Got my first Ironman victory... It's a shame the negative points are a lot less spoiler-y to talk about than the positive ones at this stage of the release. Really looking forward to hearing a load more impressions when the Steam release comes out. There is a whole heap of new content and ideas though and everything I've seen so far has been very cool and a real joy to discover and play around with. There's more of an emphasis on character and a general community vibe too which really rounds out the Spelunky experience in an unexpected way. Some of the slight tweaks to the
  2. It's a tough one. I really do think this one is more unfair, and it feels like it revels in it. In Spelunky 1, I think *totally* unfair deaths are actually incredibly rare. Even when it's very hard, 99.9% it somehow managed to keep its chaos balanced and juuust on the right side of fairness. There was always something you felt that you could have done better that wasn't impossible. Whereas here not only to the very unfair deaths happen more often, I think even in generation of the levels and the potential positions of traps and mobs it skirts the borders of unfairness in a way that the first d
  3. Ah that's a shame, but yeah this one is more frustrating that the first one, as others have said. Anyway, got my first win today! Using the final shortcut...
  4. Ok guys. Time to play a fun game of "What Happens Next: Spelunky Edition" (excuse the poor mic quality) (short videos contain minor world 4 & trap spoilers and I guess a minor shortcut opening spoiler too) Did you spot it? Because I sure as hell didn't:
  5. Farthest I've got is 4-3 after about 100 deaths. This feels absolutely NAILS hard. I guess it's hard to compare with the first as it's been so long since I was 100 deaths in, but it feels like it asks a lot more of you. Feels like there are more enemies, and the traps blend into the background more. I'm still at the stage where I'm focusing on the single ultra-hard thing I have to do and something comes from the other side of the screen and blats me. Still very fun and massively compelling! But damn I'm feeling the difficulty and then some.
  6. Cheers! Quick google and apparently I have to go into Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings and tell the PS4 to enlarge the screen, bit strange. Only affects some games. Just in case anyone else is having the same problem.
  7. Couple of quick non-spoiler questions.. is everyone else playing with black borders around the screen and experiencing pretty bad occasional frame rate drops? I'm playing on a regular PS4... guess these things might not be an issue on the Pro?
  8. Damn that is quick progress! I managed to reach the first boss today for the first time:
  9. So had a good solid couple of hours. It's so good. So, so good. There's so much to discover. It seems very, very hard but it's so nice to be appreciating Spelunky again without knowing what enemies do and what all the secrets are. It's been so many years that I'd sort of forgotten just how damn *fun* it is just to be bouncing around the early levels discovering everything without worrying about things like losing a good hell run, or feeling that I shouldn't have made this error or that error. I had one quite major bit of slowdown, which is the only slight complaint, but I'
  10. Lasted 42 seconds on my first go. It was amazing!
  11. Anyone know if it's possible to just buy a one-off copy of Edge online?
  12. John0

    Formula One - 2020

    Admit I got a bit sentimental over that one. Talk about redemption arcs!
  13. John0

    Formula One - 2020

    This is pure drama and I absolutely LOVE it. Sainz to take the win from here for me, looked like he had a little edge over the rest of the midfield.
  14. Yes! I pronounced it properly once to my friend Dave and he said it sounded like I was saying "Dave sex". Never pronounced it properly again.
  15. Well, finally finally did it (plus like 300 deaths on xBox back in the day) after many trips to Hell and many VERY frustrating mistakes as I got more and more nervous towards the end of runs. Wanted to achieve a Yama win before Splelunky 2 and very tempted to keep going for other achievements but also don't want to get burnt out by launch day so will try and take a couple of weeks break to let the hype build up again.. roll on September 15th!!
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