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  1. Could you grab a set for me and I’ll get the kettle and fridge. Or you can just come to my island and I’ll give you both then you can post to me.
  2. There’s an extra page for wallpapers and flooring, press zr.
  3. @CovisGod, I have a dartboard.
  4. What colour is the fortune teller set? I can get you a film projector, yellow espresso machine, pink stand mixer, black mini fridge, gold or dark green stovetop kettles.
  5. That’s good to know, started doing them one at a time and gave up.
  6. There’s no edging along the left hand side or bottom doing it this way though. I did originally plan on planting flowers to hide it but I’ve put the fence in now. edit: not sure why that’s rotated
  7. I’ve been messing around on the editor tonight and now I need a sun lounger or something for my new house.
  8. Coming for that flamingo to go with my others
  9. Similarly, I have C.J. on my island who pays 50% extra for fish. Can also open up later on.
  10. I got 1 large star fragment, 4 Aries and 7 standard fragments from last night. Am I best to keep the large fragment and make a bamboo wand rather than the star wand?
  11. Put my switch on charge when I landed from Donut’s island earlier, I’ve just come out of the airport and Celeste is here along with my own meteor shower.
  12. Thanks, @Lyrical Donut Your island looks great.
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