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  1. Meh


    That's going over the top. It has its faults, but it's still Evangelion. In HD.
  2. They ran out of time and money, AFAIK. They barely have any animation. I vaguely remember a scene where a character was running to school or something, and that was the only finished-looking scene in the entirety of two episodes Still, don't let that put you off. It's fantastic - and there's End of Evangelion to watch afterwards, which is pretty fucked up and amazing. Netflix Japan is the only region that has the Fly Me To The Moon end-credits scenes, though, weirdly. Dicks.
  3. Meh


    They got rid of Fly Me To The Moon? What on EARTH, Netflix... I had a quick look at it just now. The series appears to be a great HD transfer, but End of Evangelion seems to suffer a bit. Still a massive improvement over the DVD, from what I can tell. FMTTM not being there is just... wrong...
  4. Now you've got another amazing arc to go through. It's SO GOOD.
  5. Season 3 is where you finally understand who the greatest character in the show is.
  6. That's because it ends another book, apparently.
  7. I dunno - IFF is probably my favourite episode of the season... but, yeah, it's consistently "holy shit".
  8. Season 3 truly does not fuck about. It's probably the best season of television I've ever watched. I can't wait for your thoughts by the end.
  9. Amos is the best lunatic ever. Like, without Naomi, you could see him being way too successful at being a bad guy.
  10. scottcr, not particularly spoilers as such, but: Back half of season 2 regarding assavaralalaa:
  11. Once you see her eat sandwiches, you'll understand.
  12. Yes - the person we're to believe is Jessica's best friend, despite the fact Jessica always looks like she can't stand her.
  13. Half of the focus is on Trish and her desire to become a superhero. The other half is Jessica finds her mother alive and a bit of a lunatic. It’s absolutely boring as fuck, and in hindsight I had more fun with Iron Fist S1 than that utter waste of a season.
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