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  1. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    There's also Stellaris, which is a magnificent time sink I have over 700 hours in so far.
  2. Stop trying to make Ivar a thing, Vikings. Nobody likes him.
  3. Meh

    Doctor Who

    Have they gotten rid of the most bland music person in the universe yet? Last season had me yearning for more Murray Gold. I thought I'd gone mad.
  4. DKC was quite heavy feeling, but the dude's a gorilla. In this you're a weird lizard thing. That weighs as much as a gorilla. It's not just that, either. Enemy variety is massively lacking, and the level design is often absolutely useless. There's so many times where invincible spiders will block your path, with you having to wait until they decide to go back up their web string so you can jump past. That's not always a problem, of course - you can jump past them or roll under - but it's incredibly over-used. There's the whole Tonics thing, too. Why bother? They just seem to make sure you get less feathers, which means you have less to spend on things like keys to open parts of the map - which is another shit decision.
  5. A crash is not going to happen, especially considering how much great stuff is available. The market caters to all tastes, and personally I’m buying more games than ever.
  6. I bloody hate it. There's far too much weight to the platforming, and the secret coins are a bit of a joke to get, since they're often so reliant on stuff like jumping on an enemy's head to jump higher - which is fine, but there'll be like one of them, and if you miss, then fuck you better die and go back. Or they'll - in the case of Gasping Glades - Grown - be something there's very little chance you'll make the jump for first time, and if you don't, then you better restart that level entirely, because the previous coin will be locked behind a gate that you can't get the G object for anymore. I like the overworld, and that's about it.
  7. I heard beforehand that the fourth book is generally regarded as a bit shit, so I didn't expect to have my mind blown. And... yeah. It was alright. Definitely the weakest season by far, but I still enjoyed it enough. Bobbie was wasted, though. What a shite storyline she had this year.
  8. I can't fault Titanfall 2's quality, but... I miss cool indie games on Plus
  9. I reckon it's going to be a slow burn, otherwise it just turns into a fruitless effort to continuously top what happened before. It's like season 3 was the end of a big storyline, and s4 will be the start of something new.
  10. I'll watch until it has nailed the coffin of TV Trek well and truly fucking shut forever. I need to see how utterly stupid it can get - and you're right, they really do seem to genuinely think they're writing some incredible shit, which makes it all the more depressing...ly addictive.
  11. Holy fuck, I thought it was a parody at first. OH MY GOD.
  12. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    My favourite time with the PC GP app is when i decided to uninstall a game that hadn't quite fully downloaded, and the hilarity of wondering why my disc space hadn't been recovered. Oh, and your saves deleting whenever you uninstall a game. And no cloud saves. Or anything. Jesus.
  13. Expect heroes and maps locked behind OW2. It's pretty much what I said it would be, though.
  14. Yeah, the story stuff doesn't interest me that much - I didn't even bother with the last event story mode. They aren't great. But still, I'll get it.
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