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  1. The op is correct! That's exactly what happened and i was guilty of the mispronunciation too.
  2. GTi Club+

    please add me too! Most nights 10pm onwards... PSN : krypton_thistle
  3. League 1 - Dressing Room

    Hi Guys, I have just found out that I am going to be sent away to Mumbai for 2 weeks with work. So unfortunately I am going to have to drop out this league... And annoyingly, I am being sent away when my new 360 will arrive! Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. League 1 - Dressing Room

    Hi guys. I bet you were quaking in your boots when you saw I was in your league.
  5. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    With 6 games to go you can still win it! (i think)
  6. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    - that's how I felt after robbo (the hustler) played me.
  7. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    Confirmed. Two very enjoyable games - and credit to cubeadvance - he was 1-0 up in the first game when it crashed and agreed to restart at 0-0 - fair play award to cubeadvance. Was there much lag in the second game cubeadvance? (i just got a wireless bridge instead of 20m cable) The end of thistle's first season. Finished bottom - which is what i expected. Midway through the season I thought I wouldn't continue into next season but I feel things have got better and I've enjoyed my games and I will definitely play on. I wonder what the other leagues are like but in this one there are some very contrasting play styles which make every game quite different tactically. The first game with robbo was a shock - i thought i was ok but he ripped me apart, condition, chris and daley all played fantasic football - in particular i found daley and condition very hard to play against and they sensed my weaknesses and exploited them. Neemo had a very different style with emphasis on technical crosses. I was hopeful against Soong who was just above me but he played a consistent tight game. Cheers guys - good season!
  8. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    Those were two tough games - first game was a little laggy (not that it makes much difference for my performances). Sparta's defence is absolute mince - i will definitely not be choosing them again - though that not an excuse for my season's performance - i am quite literally appalling. I think there has been some improvement though - maybe Robbo we can arrange a friendly in the close season....
  9. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    And there goes my chance of finishing second bottom. Well, at least I'll be in the top 8.
  10. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    Terrible games - and a little bit dirty.
  11. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    Confirmed, Thistle 2 - 1 Neemo Neemo 2 - 0 Thistle Yes, I got absolutely hammered both games especially the last. I think I just managed to sort out the defence a bit better today and those few chances I got i took. I didn't even get a shot on target in the second game - Neemo's midfield controlled the game completely. I was very very lucky! You had some incredible misses!
  12. Official Cup Thread - Season 5

    Horredous performance from thistle. Now I can concentrate on league matters... Cheers for the game - though you had some shocking misses!
  13. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    Thistle 0 - Chris303 4 Chris303 3 - 1 Thistle 2 good games - I scored a goal so I'm chuffed. Cheers for the games. Gary
  14. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    Thanks. That makes me feel better.
  15. The Conference - Official Dressing Room

    Cheers c0nditi0n. Things can only get better.....

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