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  1. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone upgraded their microsd card and ran into problems like it just not working at all?! I ran through the official Nintendo instructions as well as some that said to “copy and paste” rather than drag and drop to get around an issue with the Switch fw but nope. Every time I get a message saying the microsd card is from another system. I’m just redownloading the whole shebang. edit: looks like I’ve picked up a schnidey microsd card. Bah.
  2. Looking pretty fresh in my pink poncho.
  3. Has anyone checked to see if the Mantis is in the shot of all the ships from the latest RoS trailer?
  4. Ah that’s a shame. Have you tried just holding block and waiting for a window? I don’t party all that much, except for deflecting blaster shots back at enemies (which is badass, especially point blank *evil cackle*). I haven’t found the standard enemies all that much of a problem yet. And you do get some handy powers later on (force push is a good one for a little bit of crowd control). I’m still really enjoying this. Love the convos between stormtroopers. Reloads/respawns are far too long like. Hope that can be patched.
  5. Lower the difficulty level?
  6. I like how your dude is constantly surprised by BD-1 jumping into crates. Agree that it deffo feels like it’s just a little underdeveloped, so close to being AAA. Would have liked to have a choice of character maybe (seems odd that there’s no female option given the US ad for it has a young girl pretending to be a Jedi). Not talking about full character customisation, but the story seems generic enough that you could swap a different character in easy enough. It is very enjoyable as is though.
  7. geldra

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Has a Terry B Amiibo been announced?
  8. Digging this so far. Deffo feels like a mix of Uncharted and maybe Souls but a lot easier, the combat certainly doesn’t feel like it has the depth of Souls et al. But then again, it’s a SW game so it was never gonna be I suppose. Theres a very blatant nod (rip off) to Uncharted 2 early on. Production values are off the charts, it looks class. It’s nice to see
  9. Fingers crossed they were the ones responsible for the TF2 campaign.
  10. This is by the peeps who made Titanfall 2 aye? I’m in for that alone.
  11. I’m having a stinker of a run on this over the past couple of nights. Can’t buy a win. Has Orisa been nerfed? *scours patch notes hopefully*
  12. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve taken a punt on the Genki Covert dock, but I won’t get it until Feb. It sounds like a great solution in theory, hopefully it’ll live up to expectations. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/humanthings/genki-covert-dock
  13. Super sad. Thoughts with his family and friends.
  14. Yes. Mostly because my form tutor/art teacher Ms Lewis let us play it on the school’s Acorn Archimedes on lunch breaks. Still love the music from it. Pac-Man.
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